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I love me an apron! Especially this one!

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Here’s a pic of me wearing the awesome apron from Dear Sweet Alece. I absolutely LOVE it! Right after this picture was taken I quick made some meat muffins for the fam and then headed out to a Mom’s Christmas party. 😆 Aprons make me happy. 😀 heehee  (pictures courtesy of Dylan)




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  1. what in the HECK are meat muffins?!


  3. here you go…. I guess I should link to that in this post….and to you!

  4. In the first picture the dog is thinking “Where is my apron?” haha!

  5. ditto to Alece’s question!! what the heck????…..nah, I looked at the recipe. 😉 They sounds yummy. But it’s the first I’ve heard of them. Love the apron and you are so pretty. Love your shiny, sassy do!

  6. A great looking apron on a great looking gal. Is that the barefoot look? Aren’t you toes a tad cold? 🙂

    I think Peanut is looking at the apron and wonder where the food is.

  7. Tracie, poor Peanut…Jake won’t let me buy him doggy clothes! 😆

    Rachel, you are too kind! I’ve got nothin’ on you girl! 😉

    Ed, thank you! 😳 I didn’t have shoes on b/c I WANTED to wear my black heels but the snow outside wouldn’t allow it…. so I had to go with snow boots (taken off at the party of course) and I don’t wear those in the house. But yes, normally my toes are cold…I have nice fuzzy purple slippers for those. 😆

  8. Oh my chickens. That apron is so awesome. : )
    And I had the same reaction as Alece at first…meat muffins? I’m not too sure how I feel about those.

  9. You said “oh my chickens” and I thought “does she know alece?” 😆

    The apron IS awesome! I do believe this is the first time you’ve been here? Welcome! 😀

  10. Hey ! That photographer did a great job! He will be a natural! Of course he had a great subject to work with! 😀

  11. You’re so beautiful!!!
    That apron looks awesome..

    Meat muffins?? Okay.. i think I can make this….

    Awesome pics!!!!

  12. Heidi 😳 thank you sweetness. 😉 I think I will just call you that from now on. 😉 😆

    You can TOTALLY make this. so super easy!

  13. Love the apron! I’ve never donned one… probably because I’m so unskilled in the kitchen. Alece always makes the best finds though… so cute!!

  14. i wore an apron once. but i cant tell that story. this is a family friendly blog.

    yah. so your dog… looks stuck up. hes making me laugh!

  15. Merry Christmas Brandolyn 🙂 ( love that name!)

    You are Rockin’ in that Apron! 😉


  16. TAMMY! 😯 hahaha!! And yes, Peanut is a little stuck up. haha!

    Love, Merry Christmas to you too friend!! ♥

  17. Girlie, you are seriously the cutest thing ever.

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  19. Hi Brandy-many days later I am back to respond. I think it is a good boundary. Entering to world of dressing your pets is dangerous territory I think 😉


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