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It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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The miracle being this post of course.  However, this is going to be short and sweet folks. Maybe short. Definately sweet.  😉

The other night I had a HORRIBLE dream that Jake died and I was forced to remarry that same day. I had no choice in the matter. It was almost like an arranged marriage. Funny thing was this guy was also in the military, but judging from his outfit, I think it was Army. (no thanks!) The whole reason was because “you need someone to take care of you.” So, I remarried instantly. The guy in this dream was horribly boring. He was NOT FUNNY. His lack of humor made me miss Jake so much. There were points in my dream where a situation would arise that Jake and I had been in before, and Jake had somehow turned it into something funny….and this “new guy” found no humor in it at all. My whole dream went on like this. I woke up horribly sick to my stomach and an ache for Jake (“hey mommy I rhymed!” says Dylan). When he got home from work that morning (he’s working nights for training) I was so relieved to see him I almost cried. It was an awful dream. The kind where the feeling sticks with you all day.

Tonight we were supposed to go to Jake’s squadron Christmas Party. They were providing free childcare in the next room, and if you got their earlier enough you get score a free drink at the bar. I was excited to spend a night with ADULTS and enjoy a drink with dinner (just one… meds aren’t forgiving!) and possibly win some money at the drawing. Squadron Christmas Parties are always fun and full of contests and games and giveaways. I bought my “smart casual” outfit for it weeks ago. I hate when something is “smart casual” b/c I’d rather be dressy that “casual” at a work party. Anyway, I found something VERY cute that I was VERY excited to wear. Plaid straight leg low rise pants with a fitted mock turtle neck deep purple sweater and black heels. SO CUTE. I have been looking forward to this for weeks. Did I mention that? 😉 Anyway, this afternoon we went to have lunch at the BX and pick up some stuff and we ran into someone from work who told us the party was CANCELLED due to the blizzard.  🙄 geeze people, it’s *just* a blizzard! 😆 hahaha! Easy for me to say, I live one block from where the party was. So, Jake and I were totally bummed over this. We were desperate for a night out and instantly started devising plans to have a fun night out. After weighing all our options, we decided to stay home and have a “party” with the boys. We made cookies, had pizza, let them have a SODA! and watched Christmas stuff on tv. We introduced them to the Rockettes tonight. HAHA!! 😆

After the boys went to bed, I got started on wrapping presents. FIVE HOURS later, I crawled out from under the paper and ribbon and bows and climbed up on the couch to join Jake. We sat and watched old reruns of Fresh Prince and other old shows. I laughed more tonight with him than I have laughed in a long time. At one point tonight he recited the ENTIRE courtroom scene with Jack Nickelson in “A Few Good Men.” The whole scene. Word for word. He even switched characters at the appropriate time. I thought I would pee my pants I was laughing so hard. I was instantly remined of the dream I had.  I am so thankful to be married to someone who makes me laugh harder than anyone else. I am thankful that he and I “get” the same jokes and have our own inside jokes. I love that when I wink at him, he knows what I am saying without me saying it. I love that I can make fun of him when he watches movies (he talks to himself like there is someone sitting next to him watching the same thing….it’s hilarious really!) and he laughs at me making fun of him. I love that he and I both find this blizzard we are in absolutely hilarious because we’ve NEVER in our lives seen weather like this.

God knew I needed laughter in my life so he gave me Jake.

Jake proposed at Christmas time 8 years ago. What a wonderful present it has been.

Something I learned from my dream….. I would rather be single than married to someone who isn’t funny. Actually, I’d rather be single than be married to anyone other than Jake.  ♥  Obviously. 😆

p.s. I said it would MAYBE be short, and definatey sweet. 😉


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  1. Yes, I’m aware of the typos. I care enough to mention that I know, but not enough to go back and change them. 😆 HAHA!

  2. Always – always keep a heart that “aches for Jake”! Sounds like you had a great time at your party – you made memories Little One.

  3. I love your post and it reminds me of my heart towards my husband (most days that is). hehehe!

  4. i love how festive your blog looks!

    bummer about the canceled party. hopefully it’ll get rescheduled??? i spent the day wrapping, too. but not my own gifts (none from me this year… sad…). amy and i went over to her sister’s and helped her wrap. it ended with pizza and beer. good day indeed.

    niel proposed on christmas day 1999…

    love you.

  5. Anna, “most days” haha! I totally know that! thank you! 😀

    Alece, I love wrapping for other people. It’s fun, although my back always hurts after. This year I wrapped in brown packaging paper and used colorful ribbons. I did the ribbons in all kinds of different designs on the boxes. I even took pics of some b/c they turned out so neat. 😳 haha!

    Christmas Day 1999 huh? We are a year behind you guys. 😉 I love you too friend. ((hugs))

  6. Papa, I missed you! Your comment didn’t show up for me right away. Weird. “Ache for Jake” heehee I am so cheesy. We did make memories Papa. It was fun. 😀

  7. Dustin and I were “officially” engaged around christmas time also, Dustin took me to a place in the town we lived in that was all lit up with christmas lights and asked me if I would marry him and gave me my engagement ring. It was sweet, he was trying really hard, but we had already been planning our wedding for almost two months, lol. We were married in February right after the December of our “engagement”. We did it quickly…. I guess we have really loved this season, cause all of our kids were born in the winter too… hehehe (all their birthdays are December and January, no kidding)

  8. Wow… What a neat story to read…
    The whole courtroom scene?!!! WHOA AND WOW.
    I’m so glad that God you Jake, a priceless gift
    God’s awesome like that tho.

    Brandy Girl Love ya!!

  9. Y’all sound so fun. Glad it all worked out and you had a fun time.

  10. I married a guy that makes me laugh, too. It’s great to have so many good times together. We’re blessed, Brandy, truly blessed.

    Loving your Christmas theme!

    ♥ U!

  11. You got a new centuary and your man all around the same time. 🙂 Getting a marriage proposal is a great gift. My sister was married four times, so in her case it was the gift that keep on giving. 🙂

    I have been following the weather in ND and you guys definately win the Popsicle Award. You had better put down some wee-wee pads in your garage for Peanut. If you take him outside he may blow away.

    With all the snow and sub zero weather you get you should be able to spend a lot of time indoors with DAO. That can be a lot of fun if you can stay sane, well reasonable sane.

  12. It’s rare that you find someone with just that same sense of Humour.. but i have this weird feeling that even if you hadn’t found Jake… you’d still be laughing LOUD, no matter who was around 🙂

    It is nice though when someone else makes you feel like laughing – i get that a lot from you! 🙂

    Keep Warm and Snug, Bwan !


  13. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore you? I got so wrapped up in this post… you’re like my friend Susie who tells stories and never leaves out the smallest detail… it makes me feel like I’m right there with you in your moments.

    You and Jake are so lucky to have found each other… and so blessed that you take the time to realize it.


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