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I have a few tidbits for you. I’ve tried to write down things in an actual notebook (shocking I know) when I’m not on here so that I can remember to add it to the blog. But wouldn’t you know….that notebook is upstairs in our room and Jake is asleep.Β  πŸ™„ HAHA! Some things I think I can pull from the dark corners of my memory. πŸ˜‰

Aidan has been running around with JUST a diaper or underwear on (whatever he prefers for the day) because he refuses to get dressed. I figure, “why not?” it’s not like we’re going anywhere. Well, he has developed an addiction to this small Elmo backpack (or “pack pack” as he calls it) that he has been wearing constantly. He has even been napping with it on. πŸ˜† Yesterday he was running around in a diaper, the Elmo backpack, and red ear protectors that we got them a long time ago for the car races. If you can imagine that image, add to it a vacuum attachment as his gun. 😯  πŸ˜† Seriously! It was so cute watching him run around. I finally had to take the “gun” away though b/c it’s so long he couldn’t control it well…almost scratched Daddy’s tv. 😯

Tonight Owen was in heaven because I put a rug in the living room where I want the tree to go. Plus these floors are FREEZING in the mornings so having some more cover on them will be nice. Anyway, he saw the rug, ran to it, and started spinning and laughing. So I started spinning too. Peanut decided to join in and was turning in circles between us. Owen was giggling so hard! πŸ˜† Jake came downstairs and was watching us and laughing. When we finally stopped Owen landing face down on the floor! haha! He tried to stand up again and landed on his bum. Over and over again he tried to stand up and couldn’t. It was SO FUNNY watching him. Jake and I just stood there laughing and everytime Owen fell he laughed too. The final straw though was when he almost fell through the glass on my curio cabinet! 😯 Not good.

Last Friday Jake’s squadron had their Thanksgiving lunch. Dylan looked at his plate and said “Mommy, when we have Thanksgiving next week at our house, I want ALL of this same food that’s on my plate okay?” I said “Why? Do you like it?” Then he said “yes. I like it alot.” and kept right on eating. He cleaned his plate! hahaha! It was so funny. He wanted to MAKE SURE we’d have the SAME EXACT food. And I can assure you, we are. πŸ˜‰

Oh oh oh! This is really funny…. a few days ago the boys were watching The Lion King and before the music started Dylan said “where is that song I like?” and I said “which one?” so he started singing it for me. It was SO CUTE how he got the words ALLLLLL wrong. That night at dinner I asked him to sing it for Jake. He got all embarrassed and said he couldn’t remember it. I reminded him how he sang it for me that morning and then he just sat there staring at us with his tongue hanging out of his mouth (what he does when he’s uncomfortable). Then he said “well, the words are in my head.” So I said “sing it for daddy.” Then, of course, he said “oh no! I lost them. They went out of my head.” 😯 Ummm, okay. πŸ˜† Out of nowhere he HITS his head and starts looking around frantically and said in a panicked voice “what?! where’d it go? where’d it go? Come back here! You get back here! Get back in my head!” and Jake and I bust out laughing SO HARD!! Dylan got out of his chair and looked behind his chair and under it and then shrugged and said “well, the words are gone.” πŸ˜† HAHAHAHA!! I thought I was going to pee my pants I was laughing so hard!

This is rich….. I got a call on Saturday morning from the church we “go to” (i say that lightly b/c we haven’t been in a month….b/c I didn’t have a license and couldn’t go while Jake was gone…anyway) because they had signed me up to work in the nursery. Well, a month ago I was supposed to meet with a deacon for an “interview” before they officially let me work. Well, I sat around before and after service that day and NO ONE showed up. I went home and never thought about it again. Until Saturday morning when this lady called to see if I was working the next day. I told her no b/c no one ever called me about a meeting yada yada yada and that we couldn’t go anyway b/c we were all sick. She said “so you’ve not had a meeting” and I said “no” and explained the whole story again. Then she said something that left such a bad taste in my mouth….she said “well yeah, you need to have that meeting so we can just prove you are a Christian.” WHA?!?! 😯 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I didn’t realize when I became a Christian that I also got a pin number and ID. Give me a freaking break people. I’m pretty sure you can’t PROVE whether or not I am a Christian and even moreso than that, I’m sure it’s ultimately up to God whether or not to judge whether I have made that decision. How on earth do you PROVE that someone is in fact a Christian? So, needless to say, it has me rethinking our choice of a church. 😦

**Hopping down off my soapbox**

So for Thanksgiving Jake invited three people over. It went from one to three, then down to two, now back up to three. Goodness. I’m making 5 pies….. but not 5 different pies. 2 pumpkin (b/c the can makes two) 2 sweet potato (again, b/c the can makes two) and 1 custard (b/c only Jake likes custard) πŸ˜† Yeah, a lot of pie. I’m going to have to mark the sweet potato and pumpkin pies because I don’t want a reply of Owen’s sweet potato allergy. 😯 What a Thanksgiving that would be. (sweet potato is a link and allergy is a seperate link)

Not much going on around here. Just trying to get to a place where I’m not feeling so much like crap so I can get stuff done for Thursday. Today was the first day I have somewhat normal since last Thursday. I actually showered and got dressed today! πŸ˜‰ Tomorrow will be my do or die day full of baking and cleaning. Going to get as much done tomorrow as I can. We are doing Thanksgiving here around 5 on Thursday. Lord willing! πŸ˜‰


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  1. WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????
    That lady from church that called you has me sitting here with my mouth hanging open. Oh my. I can thik of a LOT of responses that you could have fired back. But then she surely wouldn’t have thought good of you then. ha ha. πŸ™‚ WOW, just wow.

    No apple pie?? NO cherry?? I have never heard of sweet potato pie. I love pumpkin pie. I hate squash and sweet potatoes. Do you put whip cream on those???

  2. Believe me, I wanted to snap back, but she woke me up and the things in my head were not nice. πŸ˜†

    No apple. ICK. NO cherry. double ick. I have heard of sweet potato pie but never had any. I’m excited to try it. πŸ˜‰ Yes you put whip cream on them. πŸ˜‰ And I bought lots of whip cream! I had wanted to make the same sweet potatoes Aunt Cheri makes but she didn’t get off work in time for me to call her to get her recipe. So anyway…. pie it is!

  3. I love updates!!! and the spinning thing..I am sitting here laughing..I loved when my kids did that… too funny looking around for what fell our of his head! hahahaha that may be why we don’t find what fell out of our head..we don’t physically go and look for it! πŸ˜† happy thanksgiving Bwan!

  4. one more thing (it fell out of my head but was laying right here beside me thnx)

    That girl as fast as you can and I will pray that God gives you just the right one..

  5. Soooooo ? Did you get your Christian pin & ID # yet?
    Ya know you gotta have it – right? 😯

  6. I look forward to your updates, and with the adventures of DAO you have a lot to write about.

    Very happy to see you are feeling better in time to enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Princess! love you soooo much!

  8. How cute!

    I didn’t realize you weren’t feeling well.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing. πŸ˜‰

  9. “well yeah, you need to have that meeting so we can just prove you are a Christian.”

    BTW Yeah, you need a new church. Didn’t you feel like telling her to kiss your Christian butt?!?!


    I know, that not what Jesus would do 😳

  10. I’m in spam. I smell like spam.

  11. I saved you! I like spam too though. Fried. yummm.

    ANd yes, I totally felt like saying some very UNchristian like things to her. Instead I think I just “uuhhhh’d” my way through it. πŸ˜†

    Dumbfounded was more like it. πŸ™„

  12. the kiddo stories are great. you’ve got some unbelievably adorable boys. but you know that already.

    i wonder what that church o’ yours does, actually, to “prove” you’re a christian. hmmm…


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