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Better Late Than Never!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN!!!!  I LOVE YOU MY BABY BOY!! Whenever I call Aidan my baby boy he yells at me “I’m NOT a baby MOMMY!” 😆 I say “you will ALWAYS be MY baby, even when you are a big boy.” His reply, “I AM A BIG BOY MOMMY!”  heehee

Today Dylan said to him “Aidan, you don’t look 2 anymore. I think you look older, like maybe 3.” 😆 HAHAHA!!!

Aidan @ 3 Months



Aidan @ 1 year


Aidan @ 2 years


Aidan @ 3 years



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  1. happy birthday, big A!

  2. Happy birthday young man! Daddy will be home soon – don’t let him see the truck!

  3. So handsom and sweet! Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday BIG boy!!! You ARE so big..

    and cute…. Watch it for those icky girls k?!!

  5. Woo Hoo. We are celebrating the twins bday ourselves. Guess we must have been busy at the same time, wink, wink. :0)


  6. Little One – praying the weather won’t hamper daddy getting home to birthday boy, brothers and mommy!

    Praying right now –

    Mama & papa

  7. Happy Birthday little guy!

  8. Happy Birthday Aidan!!!

    He’s so stinking cute!! I swear he was gonna be the red headed Jake…What HAPPPENED?? He’s super cute though!

    I want to squeeze him!


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