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4 days and counting….

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But then I woke up and realized Jake comes home in four days, but really I only have three days to get this house spic and span. Not that it was spic and span before, but I’d like him to come home to a clean house. I stupidly decided to rearrange, reorganize, and redecorate a *few* things and then never finished ANY of it. It looks like we just moved in. Again. Not to mention the obscene amounts of laundry. 😯

So, I guess….






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  1. i love you and your “vintage” womanryness.

  2. I just LOVE Anne Taintor. There were a few I wanted to use but were a little too *x* rated for the blog. hahahaha!!!

  3. You can do it girlie… just get your butt off the computer!

    *Wait… don’t do that… who will I twitter???


  4. 4 days to do it – you can make it happen! Have a great rest of the week!

  5. WOW! I mean I knew the house probably looked like a small bomb zone but you can’t STILL be cleaning can you?? 😛

    BTW, I’ve called you several times today and the damn phone is busy. Get freaking call waiting already! LOL!

    Off to attempt Twitter as that seems to be the place to get you…

  6. You sound alot like me!

    He’ll be home in 2 more days!


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