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Wow is about all I could say when I saw this. Now, maybe I am overreacting to this, but seriously….

I was looking through the annual Toys ‘R’ Us big book that they send out “just in time for the holidays” and I noticed a big difference between the girl toys and the boy toys. Boy toys were all about building and racing and…. building. πŸ˜‰ Girl stuff was all about being a little mommy and dressing up. All fine. In fact, I love all that girl stuff. But then, there was a WHOLE PAGE devoted to pink ATM’s and cash registers.

Not sure why, but this completely annoyed me. Anyone else?


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  1. Seems kinda sexist. A pink ATM! Bite me, pink ATM toy inventor!!

  2. To be fair, when I looked online for this picture, there was also a silver one, but in the flier thingy they only had the pink ones. My whole point is the “money spending” stuff seems to be geared more towards girls. And even if it wasn’t, why would we want to be giving our kids play ATM’s? And play credit cards? πŸ™„ y/k?

  3. But ya know… it’s really clever..

    Do you know how many people have thought the same way and the product gains popularity girl.

    WE just need pink shovels, fire trucks too πŸ˜‰

  4. and my boys need blue kitchens and cabins instead of doll houses! πŸ˜† HAHA!

  5. Oh my – play ATM machines! The real ones are bad enough!! Mama is good – but papa has to be careful! (smile)

  6. its like they are training little girls to want to spend money!! ya and why is all the kitchen/cooking stuff always in pink!! my nephew is turning 3 and he wants play food, they all come with something pink like pot holders or something! poor kid, i think hes to young to understand though.

  7. Faith, I will email you some links to great kitchens for boys. They are hard to find, but they’re out there. πŸ˜‰

  8. Thanks! I tagged you in my blog please check it out when you have a few min.

  9. LOL! I’ll tell ya the same thing here…The kids REALLY do not care what color it is. Just the parents do. The whole magazine is geared to parents anyway. Truly. And also there is way more *things* parents are OK letting their girls do as opposed to boys. There are some fabulous gender neutral items out there you just have to hunt them up. We have Haba Food and Target has some very smilar things too!

    Anyway, I’m still calling it teaching them to be fiscally responsible! LOL! It is important just probably not at 5 yk?

    I think there was a similar conversation when Remote Controls came out and MP3 players. It’s all about technology.


  10. use the opportunity to teach them about credit cards and ATM’s and how to use them responsibly.

    I personally would not buy an ATM, but if my kid wanted to play with CC’s and stuff, and pretend I wouldn’t think it a big deal.

    I always used to play “bank” when I was younger
    :- )

    They have a cute red/silver kitchen at Costco right now. Very boy or girl. Cute!

  11. a toy ATM?! as if kids need any more help in thinking that money just grows in a machine!


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