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Cheating on this post

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Hey all, I fully intend on replying to comments in the other posts, but I’m beat tonight. In fact I’m so beat I’m going to copy/paste a few things from an email I sent my mother in law earlier. It packed a lot of info and then I thought “hey there’s a post for today.” A short post, but a post none the less. It was either that or I was going to skip alltogether. 😆  😉  Here goes…..

About the growing pains (in Dylan’s legs)….I thought so too (that it was growing pains) until he woke up last night saying they were itching really bad so then I started thinking RLS and I looked up RLS in kids and it sounded like what he was complaining about. But then tonight, he couldn’t walk b/c he said his knee was hurting really bad. He was crying just from taking three steps. I put him in a warm bath and then he was fine. A bit after I put him to bed he came downstairs to say his leg hurt again. *shrug* I have no idea. I’ll just be keeping a close eye on him for sure though. 😉

Today we were really busy…. MOPS playdate at the indoor playground until almost 1, then home for lunch and naps, then we went to the gym at four, stopped at the neighbors and chatted for a few b/c I BOUGHT THEIR SWING SET FOR $10!!! YEAH!! heehee Then we went to the BX and rented a movie, got some Taco Bell, came home and ate, watched SOME of the movie, then did baths and bed…..seperately. I found that doing them each individually goes much smoother than all at once. It takes 3x as long, but it goes so smoothly. Plus then they each get the undivided attention they want. I notice just after two nights it has made a big difference. 😉

[end email]

No big plans for tomorrow…well, a few. I want to take them to the indoor play area again and go to the gym. I think we’ll do the gym first though. They have  a family room there that you can workout in while the kids play so you can keep an eye on them. It’s seperated by a plexiglass half wall. They had a LOT of fun in there. However, there were two little bullies that happened to be brother and sister and their mom was paying NO ATTENTION at all. I got irritated and left. I figured 40 minutes was probably good enough. 😉

Okay, off to bed! I’m beat!


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  1. I hope things get better.

  2. two days down!!!!
    sounds smooth and fun
    see, getting out makes the day go fast!
    although I think of getting those kids in and out of the car and all those car seats to buckle!!! You have to be a pro by now. :- )

  3. I remember my mom ALWAYS saying “its just growing pains” to EVERYTHING, even after my growing days had long gone. Maybe he should see someone about it. I will be praying for him. Good job for getting a good night time routine down! I thought of you last night when I was going crazy at the end of my day waiting for Dan to come home. I said some prayers for you, hope it helped.

  4. what’s the status on dylan’s legs?


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