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My music choice for the day

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Lots of Josh Groban today. Love Josh Groban!

And in case you were wondering if he ever sang in english. I love this song. At the beginning he says “this is a song about not letting anybody take down your spirit. Love it!


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  1. love this man… he is so gorgeous!!!!

  2. yes yes yes!! He is! I have a slight crush on ‘ol Joshy Groban. 😆

  3. I have been a big Josh Groban fan for quite some time! I love to hear him sing!

  4. I’m not a big fan of him. Not that he isn’t a good singer its just that I don’t get into him.

  5. April, I am not surprised you like him too! 😀

    Amy, I have been a fan of his from day one. I’ve noticed with him, you’re either a huge fan or you’re not. People love him or hate him. haha!

  6. I listen to a wide, wide variety of music. 🙂

  7. Aw come on Brandy – I find it hard to believe that people HATE Josh! They might not like his style of music or the classical sound of his voice – but Josh himself!!! NO!
    I would defy anyone who has met Josh to say something remotely negative about him. He’s one of the kindest, caring, thoughtful, polite, humble people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet – more than once, in fact I’ve met him 5 times!
    Hate is such a strong word, It’s not one I care to use to describe anything – strong dislike maybe but not hate. Please accept this as an observation and not a criticism. Love Jerusha UK Grobie!

  8. Hey folks, I don’t know whether you’ve heard but there is a new exciting website- only just over a week old, where you can find Josh and other classical crossover artists too.
    Go take a look, the link is:
    Enjoy! Luv Jerusha xx


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