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I read a letter on a post that sort of stuck with me today. Go HERE to read it. I would repost it, but I thought I’d just send you there instead. Not being one to want to spread false stories, (and with politics what they are these day, one needs to make sure) I checked it out on HERE. I was happy to find out that it was indeed true (the LETTER was truly written by this guy). The letter is reposted on snopes and the author talks about his letter towards the bottom of the page. I am glad I looked it up because I liked what he had to say about his letter. Be sure to read that too.

Now, I am not a political person, but one can’t help being bombarded by political “stuff” these days. I do not talk politics nor do I understand a lot of political mumbo jumbo. But this letter, I understood. Go on over and read it.

Then come back here and tell me what you thought. **I am not looking for political debating. At all. That’s like, soooo not my blog. 😆 I’m just curious. 😉  **


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  1. I am so glad someone else feels the same way I do. I’m not a fan of politics at all and don’t plan on voting (because I don’t think my vote counts anyways). It’s nice to hear that a black man feels this way too. His points were excellent!

  2. Hey you’re the lone ranger who wanted to go ahead and reply to this! 😆 HAHA! After I posted it I thought “ummm maybe I should delete it” but of course I didn’t.

    Jake and I just filled out our absentee forms today and will be voting that way, since we want to vote in Oregon. I’m excited/nervous to vote. 😉

  3. thanks for sending me there because that letter put words to lots of my thoughts.

    We should ALL vote! Because your vote does count. If everyone thought “my vote doesn’t count” what would happen then? It’s a priviledge to live here so get involved and don’t take it for granted. What if you lived somewhere that you REALLY had no say? Then what…

  4. Nichole, I noticed you added it to your blog as well. 😉 Good stuff! I think everyone who is REGISTERED should for sure vote.

    Faith, are you even registered? Did you vote in the last election? 😉


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