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I was just laying on the couch, nursing Owen, and talking to my mom on the phone. Peanut was playing with my feet and the older two boys were (still are!) outside. After I hung up with my mom I just layed there staring at Owen’s precious face thinking “I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to clean or do any laundry or make lunch or anything else other than lay here and look at him and talk to him.” I started thinking about what my day would be like if I had a maid and a cook. I’d be able to do what I REALLY want to do all day without feeling the guilt that comes along with either ignoring the dishes or shuffling my kids out of the way. Because either way, I feel guilt. I can’t be all things all the time. I got frustrated with the boys this morning b/c they kept coming in the house after I spent half an hour bundling them to play outside. Then I looked at the kitchen and said “forget it” and called my best friend and then my mom. I enjoy talking to them much more than doing dishes. For a few minutes I forgot about the dishes and the laundry and smiled thinking about how much I would LOVE my days if all of this other stuff, other responsibilities, didn’t get in the way of what I REALLY want to be doing. I’d rather play with the boys instead of feeling the internal stress of knowing there are chores to be done. Chores I hate doing. When I am doing those things I hate feeling that nagging that I am missing moments where they want my attention.

My ideal day would be a day where someone ELSE takes care of all the responsibilities and I just get to be with the boys, guilt free, and without a mess at the end of the day.

What is your ideal day? Details please. πŸ˜‰


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  1. Maybe you can use paper plates. We do!

    My idea day would be vacationing and seeing a new place with Skipper and Levi. It doesn’t include cleaning bathrooms and mopping! I want a cleaning lady for Christmas.

  2. We DO use paper plates! 😯 haha! Seriously, we use them for EVERYTHING. I need to make the switch to paper cups as well. πŸ˜‰ Your ideal day sounds SWEET!

  3. PAPER is EVIL!! LOL! You just need a routine now…I’m sure you’re not in one yet from moving and Jake’s crazy work schedule. YOU can DO IT!

    Anyway, I don’t think you should feel guilty about not doing the dishes EVER…seriously. Playing is much more important and as long as they are feed and your house isn’t a toxic pit enjoy them. Mine are already getting too big and I miss the ‘play days’ more and more…

    My ideal day is 12 hours of sleep, a shower alone without interruptions, and real actual cooked food brought to me whereever I happen to be. Yeah. and NO yelling or crying. I guess I’d be in my house alone with a cook and a maid! ha!


  4. ah that should be fed not feed. Dork…

  5. The word “routine” scares me. And I only have one kid!

  6. Don’t give your work routine so much time. Your house will still be dirty when the kids are all grown up and move out. You can (thoroughly) clean then!

    Just keep it neet enough that the cock roaches don’t move in.

    Have you ever thought of how clean the carpet will stay if the kids junk is strewn about the room? If you can’t get to the carpet you can’t get it dirty. πŸ™‚

  7. Lyrics to Watercolor Ponies :

    There are watercolour ponies
    On my refrigerater door
    And the shape of something
    I don’t really recognize
    Drawn by careful little fingers
    And put proudly on display
    A reminder to us all
    Of how time flies

    Seems an endless mound of laundry
    And a stairway laced with toys
    Gives a blow by blow
    Reminder of the war
    That we fight for their well-being
    For their greater understanding
    To impart a holy reverance
    For the Lord

    But, baby, what will we do
    When it comes back to me an you?
    They look a little less
    Like little boys every day
    Oh, the pleasure of watching
    The children growing
    Is mixed with a bitter cup
    Of knowing the watercolour ponies
    Will one day ride away

    And the vision can get so narrow
    As you view through your tiny world
    And little victories can go by
    With no applause
    But in the greater evaluation
    As they fly from your nest of love
    May they mount up with wings
    As eagles for His cause

  8. Cute verse. I’ve seen other versions of the same idea.

    And well routine is essential here…I have 4 kids and if we didn’t have some order, I’d be bald. And well I should say that ‘routine’ is loose. Not some super rigid this is what we do every day at this time always yk? LOL!

  9. Lie on the couch and look into his sweet face and forget the dishes.

    Oh…my perfect day includes a maid, a cook, and a gardener. I would draw or paint and blog. I was meant to live in Jane Austen’s England. Oh…they didn’t have computers back then. I would journal. πŸ™„

    Love you, Brandy! πŸ˜‰

  10. My ideal day:
    -lounging (in elastic, 100% cotton)
    -renting movies
    -yummy food
    -not having to go anywhere or watch the clock
    -napping in between movies
    -maybe ice cream when need to add sugar in to balance out salt from popcorn, of which I am eatting a lot of (thanks for your comment on popcorn – I knew you were cool, and for your son to love it as much as I makes him super cool!)

  11. Toni, paper isn’t evil…DISHES ARE EVIL. :angry:
    And I think you have about as much routine as I do. πŸ˜‰ Just with school added in. haha!

    Selena, I balk at routine as well, even though I know it would help. *sigh* Love that poem too.

    MSSC54, hello! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and for your input. πŸ˜‰ I am glad someone else sees the logic in the toys keeping the carpet cleaner! πŸ˜† haha!!

    Michelle, once again, we are so similar. πŸ˜‰ Love you too!

  12. Roxx, I saved you from SPAM! πŸ˜€ Not sure how you got there!

    From the sounds of your ideal day, you and my husband would get along fabulously! πŸ˜† hahahaha!!!!

  13. my ideal day would be coming to your house and taking lots of pics and vids of those boys!! andthe laughter we would share!

    my ideal..may sound dangerous 😯

  14. Mine would be the same as yours!!! Sometimes I clean everything at the beginning of the week so I will have very few things to do the rest of the week, but i only have one little one and he is not so messy.

  15. A rainy day or two with someone else wathing the kids and cleaning my house while I snuggled on the couch under a blanket with my man, a cup of steamin’ coffee, and a good movie. Free to dose a nap intermittantly all day long. THAT would be my ideal day. [sigh] if only.

  16. i tend to burden myself with guilt too much of the time as well. hmm…


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