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So I FINALLY took some time this weekend to do some blog work. 😆 Finally replied to everyones comments. Yesterday (or was it Friday?) I finally put all of my blogs into a feed reader. I cannot tell you how RELIEVED I feel after doing this. Keeping up with everyone doesn’t feel so daunting now. Whew! I might even feel like checking out some new blogs! Imagine that! The google feed reader is amazing. I am so happy I finally got on board with that. Makes blogging so nice. Makes commenting so nice. Makes keeping up with all of you dang bloggers SO NICE! 😆

Friday Jake got off work at noon. That was really nice considering he worked 12’s all week, and somedays even longer than that. AND he has tomorrow OFF! 😀 Friday night I made a new recipe that my neighbor gave me. Cream of Potato Soup. Yeah yeah. I know. Easy. Right. I know. But I’d never made it before, nor had I ever eaten it before. 😯 And dang it was good. Man oh man was it good. We still have some left. The recipe made SO MUCH. I can’t wait to make it again! The boys all ate it and loved it too, which is amazing b/c they NEVER love soup. 🙄 Friday was rainy and cold so it was perfect soup weather. haha!

Saturday we rolled out of bed fairly early for a weekend. Dang kids. 😆 I guess that’s what we get for putting them to bed at 7. I love 7 bedtime though. Gives Jake and I some GOOD quiet time at night. Much needed quiet time. Saturday afternoon Jake went to the shooting range with some guys from work. I was glad that he went. I’ve been trying to encourage him to get out some more and hang out with guys from work. I was even BEGGING him to invite some over for Sunday afternoon football. Still working on that one. While he was gone shooting the boys all laid down for nap and I putted around here for about an hour and then went to take a nap myself. When Jake got home he threw some frozen pizzas in the oven and we all had that for dinner. I had to get ready to go to a jewelry party and a “friends” house. I say “friend” b/c I really don’t even know her. I just met her a few weeks ago at my first MOPS meeting. This last meeting on Thursday she and I talked and joked for a bit and then she pulled out an invite for her jewelry party. I kinda didn’t want to go b/c this jewelry is a bit too expensive for my wallet, but I figured I’d get to hang out with a bunch of women and meet some new people. Jake gave me the “all clear” to “stay out as long as I wanted” 😆 heehee I thought that was funny and sweet of him. It made me happy that he didn’t put pressure on me to come home right away. Even still I was only gone two hours. 🙄 I didn’t know anyone there and while it was fun and we had some fun conversation, it wasn’t a situation where I would have stayed all night. I ordered a decently priced pair of earrings. I can’t wait to get them. They are SO pretty and dangly and with my new short hair they will look good. 😉 Saturday night Jake and I rented “You don’t mess with the Zohan” with Adam Sandler. Okay, I have mixed reviews about this movie. It was funny but way cheesy and kinda gross all at the same time. I don’t think I’d ever watch it again and I would be careful who I recommended it to b/c it could be offensive. Lots of naked Adam Sandler butt which I don’t care to ever see again. :lo:  😯

Today we skipped church b/c I was SERIOUSLY exhausted and didn’t think I could manage getting up at 7 and making to church by 9:45 (it takes almost half an hour to get there *sigh*) and then visiting with his Aunt and her husband right after that. I’d rather do the visiting part and be well rested. 😉 Jake agreed to let me sleep in today and I’ll let him sleep in tomorrow. I was SO HAPPY when I woke up b/c the boys were already dressed and ready to go so all I had to do was get myself ready. That was such a treat for me. I was so happy. 😀 I couldn’t stop saying “mommy is just SO HAPPY to see you guys all dressed and ready. This is more special to mommy than FLOWERS!”  😆 We went into town and met Aunt Jo and Phil at about 11:30. Aunt Jo had this gift basket for us that all kinds of goodies in it. 😀 A thank you card set with an “H” on it and a notepad also with an “H” on it, some wine (yeah!), a candle, potpourri (which smells yummy!), homemade jams, and goodies for the kids. They loved their presents. 😀 They treated us to lunch at this restaurant that I’ve been wanting to go to for a long time, Grizzly’s. It’s like a steakhouse with a cabin set up. LOTS of heads of animals all over the place. 😆 After lunch we browsed through Old Navy for like, two seconds. Hard to do that here b/c they don’t have carts to put the kids in and I didn’t like carrying Owen around. Dylan and Aidan sat outside with Phil and Jo, but dang Owen is heavy. After that we all came back to our house and visited for the rest of the day. The boys were WIRED and TIRED. No naps and the excitement of the day was taking it’s toll on them. 😆 Around 6 I ordered pizza (forgetting that we had just had it the night before!) and pasta from Pizza Hut and we all had dinner. The boys were just thrilled to have company and they loved being little show offs. 😆  ♥  It took Owen a while to warm up but when he did he couldn’t stop climbing all over Jo and Phil. It was SO CUTE. After dinner Jo and Phil left and tomorrow they are headed to Bismarck. 

Jake escorted them off base and I got the kids into a QUICK bath and then jams and we sat on the couch and watched the end of Nanny McPhee on tv to wind down. Jake got home, I prayed with them on the couch, and then Jake put them to bed. Whew! Owen stayed up b/c he never goes down when they go. He sat up with me while I watched Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Jake made me a Pina Colada and woooweee did it make me all rubbery feeling. I’m not sure how much alcohol he put in it but I’m not complaining! 😆 Now I’m sipping on the wine Aunt Jo and Phil gave us. 😉 heehee I’m gonna be groggy tomorrow. 😐 Tomorrow is Jakes day to sleep in so that means I have early morning duty. *sigh* Oh well, it’ll be a typical Monday for me then. 😉

Since Jake has tomorrow off I’m not sure what the plan is. It depends on if it snows or not. Oh yes, that is another thing. It snowed all weekend off and on. 😯 CRAZY! We woke up this morning to a blanket of white covering EVERYTHING. All night long I heard tapping on my window from the hail too. Seriously nuts that winter is already in full swing here. I am SO not prepared. *sigh*

How was your weekend? Anything special happen?

Aunt Jo and Phil with the boys!

Aunt Jo and Phil with the boys!


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  1. Godd morning Bran. Windter ALREADY? Yuck. It will be 83 and sunny for the next 3 days here in Maryland. hehe.

    This past weeken we helped to throw a surprise 50th birthday party for a good friend. We had a really good time. Sunday I replaced the starter in my old 93 honda civic. Fun times.

  2. I loved the update B. Thanks. I have to say I also loved the smiley faces. I think I counted 17. I feel very smiled at now, thanks to you. Great way to start my day. :0)


  3. Roxx, I’m kind of a smiley face whore, if I can say so. 😆 hehehehe

    Ric, I am SO jealous of your weather right now. So jealous!! Your weekend sounds fun!

  4. Snow?? You are so joshing me.. It’s 75 degrees here. Although, snow sounds fun.

    Oh yea you said you had potato soupleft huh??

    Can I come over????

  5. I went to a girl’s night party and yesterday I exercised. I have not exercised since 2 months ago when I tried a spin class and it kicked my butt! 🙂

  6. My husband and I both had 3 day weekends. I have a Monday – Friday job but he does not so it was really nice to have all three of those days together. We went to a couple of birthday parties, watched my little brother’s football game, hung out with family, and spent the day today watching movies and just relaxing! 🙂

  7. Heidi, I wish I was joshing you!! Snowed off and on all weekend! 😯 Crazy huh? And come on over anytime for some soup! I’ll even make a fresh pot JUST FOR YOU! Now wouldn’t that be fun?! 😉 I miss our girl and AB. How about you?

    Tracie, sounds like you had a good weekend! I wish I could make it to the gym but the kiddos makes it hard.

    April, We have a 3 day weekend too! 😀 Isn’t it nice? I just wish my funk didn’t last all day today. We could have done something fun. Jake did do some stuff with the boys today so that was good. 😉 What movies did you watch?

  8. I so miss them… the red shoes are getting used though.

    I miss us talking too. WE need to change that. Hmmm..

    I can’t believe it’s snowing that’s so bizarre…

  9. we DO need to change that! 😉

    Unfortunately I’m logging off now though. 😉

    WE WILL catch up! WE WILL! 😀

  10. Sounds crazy there like always!

    Just wanted to say that DYLAN looks even more like you in that picture!! And OWEN looks HUGE! And AIDEN is just a doll!


  11. I don’t have kiddos and I barely make it. Need to more though. Hope you have a good week.

  12. Toni, thank you. 😀 heehee

    Tracie, thanks! 😀

  13. I was in a funk yesterday too. I want to be out of it. Hope you have a defunkified week. Hope that is the right way to say that. And when you have time come to my blog cause I wrote back. 🙂

  14. We watch a lot of movies around our house. My husband is a bit of a movie buff. Some movies we have seen recently are “The Visitor”, “Run, Fatboy, Run”, “The Happening”, “The Guardian” (I love this one!), and the new Indiana Jones movie.

  15. Tracie, don’t funks suck? 😕
    And, I’m on my way! 😉

    April, my husband is a movie buff too! It’s crazy. He seriously rents a movie almost EVERY night. 🙄 He just rented “The Happening” last night actually.

  16. That is funny! My husband and I rent movies just about every night, too. Thank goodness for the Blockbuster Movie pass! 🙂

  17. we used to have that and I loved it b/c it saved us money. But being on base now they don’t have that at all and the closest video story is Hollywood Video and they are about 15 miles away. 😉 Too far!

  18. glad you’re rockin’ the reader action now. so much better, eh!?


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