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Memory Lane: 2nd Edition

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If you want to read the 1st Edition, go HERE.

I just have a few that I want to post tonight. Two cutesy ones, and one dark one. Very dark. I hesitated while making the decision to put it on here, but I feel like it completely captured how I felt at the time. Sometimes I still feel that way. The first one is about my Grandpa. We had to make acrostic poems (remember, these were all written about 10 years ago in highschool) and I had about a hundred of them, but I especially love this one.

Great big hands

Reaching out to hold me

Always there with his arms open wide

Never giving the cold shoulder

Deep soothing voice

Praising my every

Attempt at life.


This next one I have no idea why I wrote it, but I thought it was cute. 😉

Love is white like a rose 

and sounds like  a waterfall.

It rushes through my soul.

It makes me feel like I can go against all odds.

It makes me want to live.

(go ahead, snicker. I did rereading some of these! 😆  )


Okay, now this next one is kinda dark and deep, but remember, I was an angry teenager. kthx. 😉

Dear Daddy,

I wish you were dead. No, just gone. I have so much energy and hatred toward you. I could rip your heart out the way you did mine. Do you get a high from hurting me daddy? How do you tick? What goes on in your head? Do you really truly love me daddy? I don’t feel it, see it, hear it, or believe it. You’re a thorn in my side. I could pluck you out and flush you down a dark pit (Brandy here….can you in fact FLUSH someone down a pit?) without a rope to climb out with. (the ending bugs me. I’m not sure where I was going or why I painted that picture. It doesn’t make sense to me)


Okay, this next piece is NOT something I wrote, nor is it poetry of any kind. It was however in the same folder that I kept all writings that meant something to me. When I read this letter the other night I was choking back tears. It was a recommendation letter for college scholarships.

To Whom It May Concern,

My wife and I have known Brandy for 3 years and we have watched her grow up and mature before our eyes. She has taken steps and made decisions that my wife and I have been very impressed by.

She is a person who works hard and always does more than she is asked to do. Brandy has always been honest with us and she has never been afraid to speak up when she felt something needed to be better. Brandy has a supportive family and a lot of great friends that wish to see her succeed. Brandy has a love for doing what is right even when those around her want to take a different step, and Brandy always makes a decision based on integrity instead of pressure.

I believe that Brandy would have no problem succeeding in anything that she wishes to put her mind to. Brandy knows the commitments that need to be made to allow her dreams and goals to become reality, and she does not break commitments that would discourage or hurt those around her. I believe that Brandy will achieve many things through school and her future career choices.

Best Regards…..

Brent Hodge

Well B, I’m sorry I never finished college, but your letter DID help get me some good scholarships. 😉 That letter means so much more to me now though, than it did then. 😉

Okay friends, that’s enough of second edition. 😆

p.s. ya’ll got me writing again and you’ll be glad to know (because of your adamant persuasion) I’ve written three more. Can’t promise you’ll ever see them though. 😉


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  1. I actually remember that letter. I still mean every word of it Bran.

    And remind me never to get on your bad side. I hate pits…and rope 🙂

  2. Wow… different sides of Brandy 🙂

    Remind me not to get you mad either!!

    The 2nd one is REALLY good ya know!!

  3. Yeah, when it came to writing about my dad I got pretty sinister. 😯 😆

    thanks B! 😉

    thanks Heidi!

  4. There’s some good work ‘on’ you – right there 🙂

    You know what i’m talking about 🙂

    (‘Whachu talkin ’bout Willis?’)

    You have real talent! Share it!

    Love ya, Muffin 🙂


  5. i love the grandpa one! so sweet. thanks for sharing, i hope hurts have healed for you.

  6. Yeah, ditto on the Grandpa one. Its like you know me already! HAHA

    (the ending bugs me. I’m not sure where I was going or why I painted that picture. It doesn’t make sense to me)

    Intense anger and hate are not suppose to make sense. Writing this probably helped you face these strong emotions better.

    When I read B’s letter, I’m like, “Well yeah, that makes sense. yep. ok…”

    Thanks for sharing again. And post at least one of the new ones!

  7. I like the grandpa one – however, I wish I could have been your dad —-

    I love you Little One!

  8. I like the imagination shown in the line “Love is white like a rose and sounds like a waterfall”. I never thought of love as a color.

    I can relate to the angry “Daddy” letter. What I enjoy most about your writing is that it comes from your heart. Love and hate both come from the heart. Sometimes they are different sides of the same coin.

  9. Thanks for sharing your heart. That is a scary thing to do. I know.

  10. I can’t wait until your Papa comes in to see if he remembers the poem. Grandpa’s are like that, love is like that, and hate can be felt that way.
    If only we could all express ourselves that way!

  11. Alice, I never showed him that poem. 😉 I wrote it in highschool. I actually wrote a lot about him then and never showed him any of it. 😦 I should dig up some more.

  12. You are strong.

  13. how fun that you found that letter brent had written for you. and i am so thrilled to hear that you’re writing again. (i’d love to see some in my inbox!)

    i’m sorry for how much your dad hurt your heart…

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