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What I DO in my small corner of the world

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*my post today is part of Mandy Thompson’s September campaign to DO Something*


We’re nearing the end of Mandy’s month of DOing. As I’ve been reading along with the rest of you, I’ve read some amazing stories. Some have been on a grand scale, while others have been on a smaller (although equally as important) scale. My story, stays right here at home.

At this time in my life, God has made me a mother of three beautiful and energenic little boys. He has made me the wife of an even bigger boy that loves having a wife to take care of him and cook for him. Just tonight he was very excited I did his laundry. πŸ˜‰ Β For this season, I know God is calling me to DO better with what I have, with where I’m at. There have been times in my life as a mom and wife where I’ve wished I could DO more with charities or missions, or volunteer at schools and churches. I’ve missed the feeling I used to get when I would go to Mexico on a church mission trip to build houses for people that lived in a shack smaller than my walk in closet. I miss my time working with teenagers, teaching them about abstinence education so they could then go on to teach 6th graders the benefits of abstinence. I still have a great passion for teaching abstinence because of my time with the S.T.A.R.S. Foundation (students today aren’t ready for sex), and it’s something I hope to do again one day. Both of those times were AMAZING times of DOing in my life.

As I was reflecting on what it is that I DO or have done, I was talking to God and asking him to help me out here. As a mom it’s easy to feel like you’re strapped for time to make a difference. I was feeling defeated…. “I can’t DO anything. I don’t have time. I don’t have the extra energy.”Β  That is when God spoke these words to me. “Never underestimate the power of where you’re at in your life, Brandy.”Β  It took a while for that to sink in for me.

I can’t underestimate the power of where I am NOW, as a mom, as a wife. Even if you’re not a mom or a wife, you have so much power in your everyday life to DO something, anything. Small things make such a big difference. Since that night I heard God speak that to me, I have kept it to myself until now. Instead I’ve been focusing on my life here at home. How can I make a difference EVERYDAY here, right now. I made a list of things that I want to DO everyday, to make a difference in their lives. Things that they will remember. Things they will carry with them their whole lives. It has made me pour more into my boys. With every conversation I have with them I am thinking “How can I add THEM to God’s kingdom? How can I further enrich THEIR life? How can I DO more?” all with the hope that it will have that ripple effect. They are a long term project in my attempt to DO something. With my older boy (*cough* husband) I am trying to be a more attentive wife, trying to take better care of him, trying to be the wife God wants me to be.

I have that “edge of your seat” excitement about my life right now. Moving to a new area, joining a new church, joining a mothers group….. all those hold great opportunities for DOing. My hope is that we will DO as a family, because it all started here at home.

I know this all sounds so simple and not far reaching in an attempt to DO something in my community.Β  I feel that if I don’t start at home and teach my family to DO something, then I have underestimated the power of where God has placed me for this season in my life.

Amen and Hallelujah. πŸ˜‰


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  1. WOW WOW WOW….

    This is awesome. I love this sentence:

    I can’t underestimate the power of where I am NOW..

    Brandy this speaks VOLUMES, yes right now you are at home, But your boys little and large need you and want you and love you.

    God knew that.
    He put the best person for them right there……

    You DO SOMETHING SO POWERFUL… You inspire me…

  2. I always correct cashiers when they accidentally give me too much change. I remind myself, in times of disputes, “it doesn’t matter who is right. What matters is what is right.” And when someone hurts me for some unknown reason, my heart goes out to that person because I’ve learned hurt people hurt people.

    I blame all this on my mom. God used her to make me me.

    And then there’s Patti who has this uncanny ability to make all the bad go away just by putting her head on my shoulder. Or just by smiling. Or by simply doing exactly the right thing.

    You go Bran.

  3. Such a great post! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for encouraging me today.

  4. YOU nailed it! Our first ministry as mothers and wives is to our family. What a precious gift they are to us from our Father! I sooo love you, and love how you love your family!

  5. You are SO right. There are days that I start to feel like I’m not DOing anything. But then I look around me at my two little ones and realize that I’m doing the most important job in the world. Right here in my home.

  6. There isn’t a more improtant job than teaching the young. They represent the future. They are the ones will carry forward the faith to build a better world.

    The world needs more teachers like you.

  7. This whole month has been about doing !! i think the normal routine acts we do through each day are acts of doing – if we have the right attitude. They should be acts of love!

    There has been quite a stir on the news lately about Nebraska’s law that allows you to abandon your children under the age of 19 without fear of penalty of the law.

    You have 3 boys – well alright 4, and you are “doing” most of your time! Love you Little one!!

  8. Brandy: I know I’ve said this already this month, but I think good parenting is some of the most important DOing we can do!! Thank you for sharing your heart for this – for your little boys and for your big boy. You are awesome!

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  10. you are amazing! you know i have always thought and said you are one of the wisest, grounded woman know.

    you are DOing something now that will affect your boys futures. what you pour into them now – they will give out into the community. their school, their friends, their jobs. what you are DOing now…no one else can do for them. you are purposed for their benefit!

    and i cant believe you had no idea what to right til the last minute. wow.

  11. Amen is right Brandy:)

    Great job!

  12. Heidi, thank you so much. And thanks for “proofing” this for me last night. πŸ˜‰

    Ric, what you said about your mom made me tear up and think “I want them to say that about me one day.” Patty sounds wonderful too. πŸ˜‰ I hope Jake can say the same about me.

    Faith, thanks for reading! πŸ˜€

    Darla, On one hand I love that my objective as a mom/wife is so clear right now (considering they are all so young still) but on the other hand I find myself yearning to be doing other things as well. I need to remind myself that this time is precious and it won’t last forever, and this is the work God has given me NOW. There will be something else later.

    Rachel, isn’t it like having a little revelation at home every day? I love when I look at them and realize something BIG. πŸ˜€

    Ed, AMEN! I love ya Ed!

    Papa, that stuff about Nebraska makes me sad. *sigh* Thank you for your LOVING words. You DO so much as well. I just love you and Mama. πŸ˜€

    Mandy, thanks for encouraging me to do this. I was biting my nails all month. πŸ˜‰

    Tammy, you thinking of me as wise always makes me shake my head in amazement. Good amazement. πŸ˜‰ Thank you.

    Angie, thank you! πŸ˜€

  13. Brandy,
    You are doing so much. Imagine when your little men are grown up men of God with Godly wives raising their children to follow the Lord. That is the most amazing generational gift you can give. Can you even begin to count the number of people they will come into contact with in school, college, workplace where their peace with life, their beliefs are going to affect those around them. I would almost like to come back to this in 25 years and figure out how many people were saved, helped, found when they were lost because of the way you are raising your men.

    Way to go….amazing!!

  14. Theresa, your comment almost echoes my mother in laws email about this post….word for word!

    I was thinking of reprinting her email here in the comments b/c it was so sweet.

    Thank you so much. πŸ˜€

  15. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I often feel the same way (I have 4 children and one big boy husband.) And I have struggled about wanting to make a “difference” in this world, but God spoke something very simialr to me also. I am to build the kingdom starting w/in my own home and to do it with joy as if I am doing it for the Lord.

  16. Crystal: YES! Start within our own homes. We can’t forget about our first and foremost call as moms and wives. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your input and for stopping by. I hope you come around again. πŸ™‚

  17. I do child abuse/neglect and dependency investigations. Everyday I see what happens when parents are not “doing” something at home to make a difference for their children. It is quite sad. Never, ever underestimate the power of where you are right now. I believe that being a wife a mom are two of the highest callings God has for us as women! πŸ™‚

  18. It has been said that raising a child is like dropping a pebble in pond: the effect soon ripples out into the whole world.

  19. Hey Hun πŸ™‚

    Before Mandy shared DO-Something with the world she was commenting on her blog about wanting to ‘do’ more – to reach out and help in far off areas of the world. This is indeed ‘noble’ and those who do so are to be praised.

    However in my comment to her (which it seems she took very much to heart) i pointed out that often we are called upon to make a difference much closer to ‘home’, where we can make an IMMEDIATE difference without ‘much’ effort ( preparing for a long overseas trip eg)

    If we all focus on helping out other countries we run the risk of letting our home fall and crumble for lack of due care and attention to our ‘foundation’ – our family/brotherhood/base.

    SO very happy He managed to ‘get through’ to you and you know how to DO, at Home.

    When your four boys are able to take care of themselves a little more you might see if you can find something a little further out to do – should you feel a need still. But i think you probably have your hands more than ‘full’ the way things are now πŸ™‚

    Don’t forget!!!.. that you can DO something even closer than at home… sometimes we NEED to do something on ourselves ( holiday/rejuvenation/spiritual work ) if we are giving out TOO much ALL the time.

    Take good care of you Mom! SO you can take real good care of them!

    Doing can sometimes mean finding some help also – none of us are perfect on our own. πŸ™‚


  20. Love, I totally loved your post at Mandy’s and kept thinking “so right, so right!” because I knew what my topic was going to be when I did this. Not all of us are equipped or ABLE to DO outside of the home at certain seasons of life. However, that does not mean that we shouldn’t try to focus on DOing closer to home, even within our homes. πŸ˜‰ Love you!

    April, I couldn’t agree more!

    Nor, I love that saying. πŸ˜‰

  21. That “edge of your seat” excitement about life…

    Oh…that feels good.

    Keep it, Brandy! Those boys (all four) need you!!

    Love you. πŸ˜‰

  22. So good, Brandy! I love that you posted on marriage. It is ,i>such a ministry. It really is. Men tend to chafe at that part of it many times (after all God did tell them, “Dude … you need help”), but it really is so essential, and so consuming. Being a mom too. I’m not there yet, but I know the power of a good Mom is SO underrated. Thanks for this post!

  23. you are an incredible mom. that much i know for sure!

    and you know? i’ve heard that the only person billy graham’s mom led to Christ was her son.

    don’t underestimate the power of a wonderful mom. (i’m blessed to call you my friend.)

  24. Alece, that bit of info is so awesome and very encouraging!! Sometimes I miss doing missions and being in Africa, but I wouldn’t trade being a mom and wife to my boys for anything. I’m just glad God still uses us moms!!


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