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Oh how I love them!

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So I promised a special someone I’d post about the boys, and who they are most like….me or Jake. Well, he didn’t ask for this post, he asked in a comment, and my comment ended up almost as long as a post so I scratched it and said “I’ll make it a post” and here I am. Making it a post. I wish I had saved the comment because I wasn’t in the writing mood all weekend, but I wanted to post something, and had nothing. And I don’t do the clever thing that Mandy and Alece do where you post date your posts or even save them for later viewing. I just can’t. I’ve tried. Once. I have this sick need to hit publish the minute I am done getting out these ideas or thoughts or what have you. Why? Because I need want your feedback usually. And if it sits in my folder, it bugs me.Β  So there.

Dylan. Oh Dylan. He is me. My mini me. My wee mee. Me if I had been a boy. Which I’m sure there might have been times my mother wished for a boy instead of an emotional girl, but I’m here to tell you, I have seen little girls with less emotion than Dylan. That poor kid is so stinkin emotional it’s crazy! He cries at the drop of a hat, thinks his world is over if you look at him cross, and loves to be cuddled and touched. Like I said, he is me. He is loud. LOUD beyond all comprehension. This especially makes me feel bad for my mom because according to her, I was even louder. Which I don’t think is possible. The kid is LOUD. He will make your ears bleed with his screams and laughter and crying and talking. Yes, he talks loud. Something I know nothing of. πŸ™„ Just kidding. I’mΒ a loud talker. Jake is always saying “you don’t need to yell” and I say “I’m not yelling, I’m just talking.” 😳 I’m loud. Dylan is also VERY smart. I can’t take credit for that because well, then I would look like I think I am super smart. While I’m not stupid, I’m not a genius either. But Dylan, being the firstborn, he is naturally a genius. But then again, all my boys are. πŸ˜‰Β  Anyway, he’s smart. I can’t even explain HOW he is smart, he just is. He can put thoughts and ideas together like you’ve never seen. He craves learning. Also don’t know where he got that from. He is always asking to do a craft or his workbooks or to help me cook or clean. Yes, I said cook or clean. He loves it. He loves to organize things and move things around. This he gets from me. While I am not an organized person, I do like to organize STUFF once in a while. In an obsessive way. And I am always moving furniture around. Which he is always trying to do as well. How is Dylan like Jake? He looks like him. And has his mannerisms as well. Jake paces when he talks on the phone. So does Dylan. Jake does this thing with his fingers all the time. So does Dylan. Dylan has so many of Jake’s mannerisms it’s funny. I love it. I love when I see Jake in him. πŸ˜€ Oh, also, he hates veggies, which he gets from Jake. Much to my chagrin. *sigh*

Aidan. Aidan is Jake. Funny how that worked huh? First boy is like me, who is also a firstborn. Secondborn is like Jake, who is a secondborn. Maybe this is more about birth order then?? πŸ˜• Naw. Actually, if I’m being honest here, we sometimes wonder where Aidan came from. He is shy like Jake was is. He looks EXACTLY like Jake’s dad, which leads me to assume he also looks like Jake. I mean, he DOES look like Jake, but more like Jake’s dad. But his personality and such, he is his own person FOR SURE. He is headstrong, independent, likes to be left alone, self assured. But he has my freckles. I love that he has my freckles. I love his freckles. I always say to him “oh! You got a new freckle! I need to kiss it!” and he laughs and says “NO!Β  don’t kiss me!” He really likes to follow Dylan around and try to be just as big. And really, the kid can hold his own. πŸ˜† I am excited to see how his personality changes as he gets older, because I really see him as being a very strong independent person. That makes me smile. πŸ˜€Β  He loves food. I love how this kid eats. From day one he has been a meat eater. When he was a baby and we gave him a bite of hamburger for the first time, he only ate the meat. He loves meat. That he gets from both of us. He will eat anything. That he gets from Jake. He eats veggies. That he gets from me. πŸ˜‰ ha!! Jake’s mom used to call Jake an enigma. The same can be said about Aidan. He won’t talk to you much about how he is feeling or even talk at all, but you can just SEE the wheels turning. That is like Jake. I think he is like Jake so much in that regard. I try to pull words out of him, but he can’t be swayed when he wants to remain silent. Same goes for Adian. πŸ˜† haha!

Owen. We aren’t sure about him yet. haha! He is the perfect combination of Dylan and Aidan. I’m not even sure Jake and I had anything to do with him. Somehow he is all of his brothers. I knew the minute I saw him he was a combo of those two. Why? Because of his hair. While he looked exactly like Dylan in his face, I mean EERILY exact, his hair was different. Dylan was born with BLACK curly hair. Aidan was born with BLONDE fuzz. FUZZ. Not even really hair. Owen was born with black/brown hair and BLONDE TIPS and the tips were curled just a bit. BLONDE TIPS I TELL YOU!!! 😯 I am not even joking. It was amazing to see a baby with black/brown hair and blonde tips.Β  And since then, he has proven what I knew was true back then. He is just like them. Completely. Since we moved he has changed a lot and I keep telling my mom he is the perfect combination of Dylan and Aidan, especially in his looks. I don’t think she believed me. After she saw a picture of him she called me and said “HE IS THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF DYLAN AND AIDAN!” 😯 See, I told you. His temperment is proving to be a bit more like Aidan’s though. His tantrums are the same as Aidan’s were, are. It’s hard to say exactly how his personality is going to turn out. One hand he is still my cuddler like Dylan is, but that is because he is still nursing and that guarantees some cuddle time. And on the other hand, he is finding his independence now that he walks, runs.

So there is the long version of who they are most like. It’s a toss up in the end really. All I can hope for is that they become the best version of themselves. I love seeing their spirits come alive in who they are and it makes me smile when I get glimpses of who they will be. And if you have kids you know what I mean. Sometimes, if you look hard enough and let them be long enough, you will see a side of them they don’t regularly show you. I love that the most. πŸ˜€


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  1. “wee mee” made me laugh. well, the whole post did really.

    i can’t wait to meet your boys someday…

  2. the thought of that makes me smile so big! πŸ˜€

  3. kids are so wonderful.. this post made me smile and giggle… who’s toes are those up there^^^??

    Love you Miss Brandy…

    Prayin for you and your family today!!!

  4. Aidans toes from last summer. Aren’t they just precious? And I especially love how on his right foot (left when looking at it) his toes are all wrong. heehee Even now he wears them on the wrong feet b/c he likes it that way. πŸ˜•

  5. I love my kids – especially now they are almost each 40 years of age!! someday you will do a post on your grand kids – no rush!

  6. Brandy, I sounds like you have three amazing children.

    Dylan is the keeper since one who helps you with the cleaning. πŸ™‚

    It’s is also good to have one more unpredictable child in Owen.

    Aiden being headstrong might be quite the challenge when he gets into his teens, perhaps a black leather jacket and some tattoos. πŸ™‚

  7. Papa, no rush indeed! πŸ˜€
    Ed, I’m sure they’ll have tattoos. I’m already prepared for that b/c Daddy has a couple. πŸ˜‰ heehee

  8. Thanks for giving us a sneak peek at life with you precious boys. The “wee mee” was my fav. too!

  9. aidan has cute toes πŸ™‚

  10. Hey Gorgeous! πŸ™‚

    I think you just set the science of genetics back about a hundred years πŸ˜‰ That was awesome!

    i remain quite sure that we see most of what speaks most strongly to our own ‘Spirit’ – in ourselves and in others, like our family’s. Family spirit’s are the most closely connected, usually, to that of our own.

    That does not prevent someone half a world away (or even across ‘town’) from having some part of their spirit seemingly identical to some part of our own.

    ‘He’ can link us all in ways we can only find wonder in.

    love u πŸ™‚



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