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This is from my VERY FIRST blog post. Ever. It is from May of 06. I completely forgot that I even had it!! 😯 Totally forgot about it. I googled “Brandolynicole” to see what would come up and it was there. I was like “huh, what’s this?” and read all of it. I’m glad I found it. There are some cute stories about the boys on it. Here is part of my first post…. it made me laugh a great deal!

Okay, here I go…..

I’ve never been one to favor “blogging.” In fact, I kind of think that people who blog are odd in one way or another, but then someone prompted me to check it out. I checked out hers, and then I found myself spilling out blogs in my head for the next several days. That is when I realized that maybe an outlet would be healthy. My mind goes all day long, and sadly enough some of it turns into conversations with myself, my two year old, or my 6 month old. That same two year old just dumped out the entire box of Scooby snacks onto the kitchen floor….don’t judge me, but we put them back.


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  1. Brandy this is funny on so many levels! I often put Conrad’s spilled food back in the box! there still good! I’m glad you started blogging otherwise I don’t know how we would have met!

  2. oh and I have conversation in my head ALL the time, Im glad Im not alone!

  3. I think you must b my bio child or at least grand child! I love my conversations in my head – in fact I am so impressed at how intelligent they are! Love you Little One!

  4. “don’t judge me, but we put them back” — i love it! and yes, i’m so glad you started blogging!

  5. haha, I rememeber my first blog. It sounds kinda corny when I re-read it no. My writing has come a long way since then to say the least. And to think my first one was only around a year ago. Hard to believe.


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