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I’ve been pretty lame about the blogging

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So this week I’ve been pretty lame about the blogging huh? Posted quotes that weren’t mine, so that required little to no thinking on my part. Posted a video that took me about 5 minutes to find. Why have I been so lame you ask?

I’m still not feeling ALL that hot. These dang colds tends to linger. And then turn into major headaches, literally. Jake had to work swing this week (3pm-11pm) for a class he had to take. I kinda like that schedule b/c then he is home all day and the boys lay down when he goes to work. So really all I have to do by myself is the dinner/night routine. Not too bad, except that I don’t like doing the night/bed routine. πŸ˜† That’s ALLLL Jake. Today Jake is taking his test on the class he had this week. Hopefully he passes! πŸ˜‰

I cleaned out the garage the other day and man oh man does it look sweet! I rearranged/reorganized everything so the boys can play in there during the day instead of going outside….now that the cold weather has set in. Seriously, it’s cold already. The HIGH the other day was 55 and it got close to freezing at night. Perfect weather for me. I love it. πŸ˜‰ But with the wind, that makes it a bit chilly for the boys so I made the garage into a play area so they can ride their bikes and skate. I found an old small bait box of Jake’s when he was little that was full of little action figures…TONS of them. The boys have been in HEAVEN playing with those. Right up their little boy alley! πŸ˜† I have also been loving them hanging out in the garage! haha!! They play so good out there and stay out there for hours! Now if only I could find something to occupy Owen so he’s not clinging on me all day….. hmmm….

Speaking of Owen…. he has become territorial over my ummm, well, his umm… milk supply. πŸ˜‰ If you catch my drift. He is OFFENDED when I have a shirt on (which I always do, just to clarify) when he thinks he wants to nurse. He will either pull down or lift up my shirt and SCREAM. I’m thinking we need to break up. Or at least set some rules…. like only nursing at bedtimes.Β  😦 It kinda breaks my heart though to turn him away when I know he wants it, but I can’t be a dang milk bar all day long anymore. I don’t want to STOP nursing him altogether, but I can’t nurse him all day long either. Good grief.

I finally got to talk, on the PHONE, to Dear Sweet Alece. And yes I just keep calling her that b/c I never did find a nickname for her so that will do. πŸ˜† It was so so funny. I answered the phone thinking it was someone else, and then she said “it’s Alece” and I BURST out laughing. I could NOT stop laughing. I was giggling hysterically. It was such a great surprise and caught me totally off guard. We talked for a long time and it was a wonderful conversation. I asked her about Cathi and Mandy and she had the best things to say about them. I loved it! HEARING (not reading!) first hand about other bloggers I know and love was so great! And to talk to her, and hear her voice, I loved it. I love to hear the voices of my blog friends. It changes the way I read their posts. Oh, I ALSO heard the anti-blogger. Which was hilarious. I don’t know what his voice sounds like, but I’m sure if I heard him burp in a crowded room I could pick him out. πŸ˜† HAHAHA!!!!

Jake is going to be gone for two weeks at the end of October, until November 7. 😦 He’ll miss Aidan’s birthday (by one day) AND Halloween!!! 😯 I am SO bummed about him missing their first halloween here. 😦 I am excited though to make it special and fun for them. Dylan is going to be an Elephant, Owen is either going to be a giraffe or a clown…whichever outfit he’ll keep on. And Aidan, I’m not sure yet. I have a few outfits he could wear but my friend is going to also send me a lion outfit she made for her some last year. We’ll see what he wants to do. The best part? I don’t have to buy a SINGLE outfit this year. woohoo! πŸ˜€

There is not much else to tell on the homefront. We’ve been pretty quiet around here. Doesn’t help me being sick. Well, I don’t think I’m even SICK sick anymore….just worn out from being sick, if that makes any sense. πŸ˜†Β  And I LOOK worn out too. My neighbor said to me this morning (AFTER I showered no less!) “are you okay?” as she looked at me very worried. 😯 I take that as a sign I don’t look so good these days. πŸ˜†

It’s noon:30 here, and I can’t WAIT for Jake to get home. πŸ™‚

So does this post make up for me being lame about blogging?

OH WAIT! I forgot a funny from Dylan… he was in “trouble” for not picking up his toys in the garage and he was throwing a fit and I said “You need to pick these up and I want you to do it with a happy heart and a good attitude.” He started crying and yelled “BUT I DON’T WANT THE SUN TO SHINE!!!!!” HAHAHAHA! IΒ  could not contain myself. I burst out laughing and he cried even harder and said “don’t you laugh at me!” πŸ˜† hahaha! I mean seriously?! How could I not?! πŸ˜†


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  1. any lame blogger is a hero of mine

    you are my hero

    now stop blogging

    and i will vote for you as president

  2. he he he

    How was the flight?! You two settled? πŸ˜€

  3. I think you are excused! Don’t worry, we all have those weeks. It’s YOUR blog, you can blog when you get to it. πŸ™‚

  4. i love that you wrote about our phone conversation. i think you giggled the entire time we talked. i loved every minute of it!

    sorry to hear you’re still not feeling so hot. blech. maybe you need some more energy drinks from your neighbor-friend.

    i took a picture at fat witch for you.

    missing you.

  5. It is sweet Alece……

    This blog is so real… keep it that way. I love to read it and it makes me feel like home.

  6. Rachel, thanks for visiting! πŸ˜€ I’ve *seen* you around. I go through spurts with my blog, but I am ALWAYS checking on everyone else’s. πŸ˜‰
    Alece, I WAS giggling the whole time….I was so excited/nervous/happy! πŸ˜† But hey, I wasn’t alone in the giggling. πŸ˜‰ heehee
    Heidi, thank you for that. It made me smile and blush all at the same time. πŸ˜€ 😳


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