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I am a Christian

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When I say…  ‘I am a Christian’ I’m not shouting ‘I’m clean livin’

 I’m whispering ‘I was lost,  Now I’m found and forgiven.’  
 When I say…  ‘I am a Christian’ I don’t speak of this with pride.
 I’m confessing that I  stumble and need Christ to be my guide.  
 When I say…  ‘I am a Christian’ I’m not trying to be strong.  
I’m professing that I’m  weak and need His strength to carry on.  
 When I say…  ‘I am a Christian’ I’m not bragging of success.  
I’m admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.  
 When I say…  ‘I am a Christian’ I’m not claiming to be perfect,  
My  flaws are far too visible but, God believes I am worth it.  
  When I say…  ‘I am a Christian’ I still feel the sting of pain..  
I have my share of  heartaches, so I call upon His name.  
 When I say…  ‘I am a Christian’ I’m not holier than thou,  
I’m just a  simple sinner Who received God’s good grace, somehow!  


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  1. When I say ‘I am a Christian’ it does not mean mama must follow me. It means we walk together hand in hand following Christ.

    I like this post Little One!

  2. Very well said Brandy, spoken from your heart, and you have a very big heart.

  3. Oh Ed, I didn’t write this. 😉 I wish I did! I have seen this quote many many times around online, and I got it in an email this morning. I thought I’d repost it. 😉
    Papa, I like your addition! 😀

  4. when i say i am the anti- blogger i dont mean i dilike you for blogging
    i just mean that i will never write an blog.

    when i say dude i dont mean man
    i simply let you know you made it into my friendship sircle..vert small one

    when i say ice cream
    i dont mean please walk and go get me some
    i mean run for crying out loud and bring the whole freakin tub

  5. my lizzard man rocks.

  6. you should see the moves that goes with his rockig out….

  7. i thought those moves were for my eyes only?

  8. dude i thought those were banned in the 52 states of america so i only do it in africa.. it is my african happy dance..

    american indians have the rain dance

    you know what i mean..
    you guys are smart

  9. you know i love me some african happy dancing!

  10. AB and DSA are HOTT tonight! 😆 you two are cracking me up!!!!! heehee
    Jake calls his *special* dance his “pimp dance” HAHA!! I’m pretty sure IT should be banned. 😯

  11. when i say dance i dont mean pimping my moves to get some
    when i say african dance i say
    happiness to all and to all a happy evening
    when i say african dance i mean
    the rithmic movement of hands and feet like the massaai mara ..
    that is what i say and mean

    We have a friend, who we were at our first base with, he used to do that dance everytime he drank. 😯 hahaha!!
    Soooo um, was that the “dancing” you were doing last night when I was talking to Alece? 😆

  13. (wait, wait, wait… a friend you went to first base with????!!!!)

  14. dude your story is much more interesting than mine but i might have danced like that , maybe , just more sexy , with um maybe a little less uh clothing or eagerness or something like that….

    dude i might have killed all of your readers and commentors on this blog of plan is working… but really sorry if i did

  15. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    no no no no no….not WENT TO first base with. hahaha! We were AT our first MILITARY base with him. heehee Oh man. haha!
    AB! STOP THAT! I don’t need to know that you were african dancing in the nude for Alece while we chatted on the phone. No sir. I do not need to know that. Although that would explain the giggling. 😆

  16. oh crap. My explanation did NOT clarify that AT ALL. 😯

  17. oh wait. Yes it did. Nevermind. 😳

  18. just so you know she kept talking so i do think you won over the dancing and that my friend is a very hard thing to do


  20. (brandy – i was totally teasing you up there!)

  21. OH.
    Now who’s dense? 😳

  22. well so about the drunk dancing dude . i think you should blog a video of you imitating it

  23. ME imitating it? No.
    JAKE imitating it? absoFREAKINGlutely! 😆

    Now if I only knew how to download a video…. hmmm…..

  24. I just showed Jake the video without telling him what it’s about and he started giggling. He knew instantly who it made me think of. 😆 HAHA!!

  25. Alece, your page STILL is not opening for me. I’m so bummed!

  26. it is because you talked right thru my dance and now the blogging gods are mad at you and wont let you on…..

  27. Goodnight you two! I’ve got a book callin my name, and a warm comfy bed. 😉

    Have fun in NEW YORK! tomorrow night! *winky*winky*

    Alece, don’t forget *the* shoes. 😆 hahaha!

  28. the shoes are packed and ready.

    locked and loaded.

    this hooker’s ready to fly!

    Those are gonna be some globe trotting shoes!!!

    Hey, I just commented back at Joel’s blog. 😆
    Yes, Jake and him looked A LOT alike. Mostly b/c of the eyes and hair. Oh the hair. It was insane! 😆

    Okay, fuh real yo. I’m outtie. 😆

  30. dang i am on the same flight

    night lady and enjoy your book

    i hate blogging and reading … know you can say you know me

  31. i’m a globe trotter!!!

    and… what book are you reading???

    A-B — aren’t you GLAD we’re on the same flight?!?!

  32. not only were i rejected for a phone chat the other night but then my conversation were rejected for a book….a book .. i am sending your computer a virus the moment figured out how to do it in thos lifetime….

    grit — we are on the same plane? so you are coming with ? sweet

  33. Well AB, you get many conversations with our girl. I’m sure that will be our only conversation for a looooong time, if ever again. 😦 SHAME. How often do you make it to the states? 😉
    And you can’t beat a good book. I mean, really. 😆 heehee Watching tv with Jake last night was rejected for a good book as well.
    AB, not only is Grit coming with, but she is coming with red heels on. 😯
    Have fun you two! Eat some double fisted brownies for me.


    Back to the poem…thanks, Brandy!!

    It’s one of my favorites!!

    Love you, Bran Muffin.

  35. love this too! went straight into my ‘keep’ box.

  36. Amen to this poem!!!

    I miss AB and Alece already, although there only in New York city. Thank God for hooker heels and internet!!!

  37. hahahahahaha!!! 😆
    oh yes, the hooker heels and internet…. a girls best friend. 😉
    And yes, I miss them too….strange huh? 😦

  38. too strange…

  39. Well this turned into an interesting conversation.

  40. I would like to be a Christian, I have tried. But it just doesn’t make any sense to me and doesn’t bring me any comfort either.

  41. Emma, welcome! I’m sorry to hear your experience hasn’t been a positive one. I hope you keep coming back and join in on our hysterical conversations that happen over time. Much like the one in this comments section! 😆


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