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now I’m sick. Super sick. Just when I get used to a new routine with the boys and am all excited about it and keeping it going for them, I get WHAMMED with sickies. πŸ˜• And I had to cancel my hair appt. and we aren’t going out on our date tonight. It’s our night for our “date swap” with my friend/neighbor. I watched her girls last weekend and tonight was our night to go out. I’m bummed. 😦 Β Oh well I guess huh.

I am all nasty and gross and my head is KILLING me. I am all sweaty and feel like I have a fever. My chest hurts and I’m coughing a little bit. I’m so bummed. Jake has a four day weekend and I get to spend it sick. Good and bad timing. Good b/c he’s home to (hopefully) help out with the boys and bad because our four day weekend will be wasted. 😦 Dylan is a little sick too, but not nearly like I am. Owen has the sniffles but he is also getting new teeth. Aidan though is fine. πŸ˜€

Jake is upstairs sleeping still (he got up at 8 with them and then I got up at 10 and he went back to bed) and the boys are doing play doh right now. They want to do a craft so bad but I don’t have the energy to supervise the glue and glitter and scissors and stapling. Or “stampling” as they call it. πŸ˜† ha ha ha!

I just want to go curl up in bed and sleeeeeeeep. 😦

Aidan is trying to turn on the DVD player and he is pressing the wrong button and he just threw up his hands in the air and said “This is a piece of JUNK!” hahaha!!!! πŸ˜† Oh man that is funny.

The other night Jake was reading books to the boys and in one book a kid had three slices of cake and Dylan said “wow! THAT is a lot of sugar there!” πŸ˜† hahaha! Jake said to me later “well I think you made am impression about sugar intake.” heehee I’m always on them about sugary stuff.

Owen has really been “listening” to us lately. He dumps out the dog food ALL THE TIME and Jake said “Owen pick up the dog food and put it back” and he was picking up the pieces and putting them back. It’s so cute and fun to ask him to do something and then watch him do it. I love that he is learning. πŸ˜€

Alright, off to drag about my day. πŸ˜‰


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  1. oh, oh, oh… friend. i wish we could curl up together for some simultaneous nappage. i’m sorry you’re so sick.

    i hope you get better supernaturally fast so you can enjoy this long weekend with your family.

    “this is a piece of JUNK!” cracked me up, by the way!

  2. I’m sure you’d be a better nap buddy than Aidan was. πŸ˜• And hour into it I moved him to his own bed, much to his hysterical disappointment. 😦 And yes “piece of junk” came out quite funny! To HEAR him say it was so funny! He is the ultimate Daddy impersonator. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Brandy. This is Travis, my mom is Sheree. I don’t know if you remember or not, but my mom says hi.

    God Bless

  4. Hey Travis!! I see you started a blog! πŸ˜‰ It’s addicting, be warned. πŸ˜† I look forward to reading it. How is your mom? I think of her from time to time and wonder how she’s doing. I always missed her.
    Thanks for commenting!!

  5. Your welcome. And we shall see how the addicting blogging is. Not so much right now, but I am just getting my feet wet right now. And my mom would love to talk with you, and a lot has happened since you last talked with my mom. Is there anyway that I could get your email? Or give you my mom’s email without posting it up here? She would love to talk to you, and would probably be better able to explain everything that is going on…she has gotten pretty sick over the past few years. But she would love to hear from you.

    God Bless


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