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Last week when Dear Sweet Alece was getting cheech and chong removed, she had a contest for the 10,000th comment on her blog. With much effort on my part (read:obscene amounts of comments) I won! Today my prize arrived. I love prizes. 😀 Wanna see what I got? Click Here. Also, keep in mind that I had no makeup on, I was in my nightgown, and I am sick. K? Thanks. 😉

Love you Alece!


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  1. You are so beautiful!!!!

    So were they good???


    Prayin for ya!!! GET BETTER ALREADY!!!!

  2. oh Heidi they were delish! They’re half gone already! 😯 hahaha!!!

  3. haha! And you got this just by talking (virtually speaking)?? That just doesn’t seem fair!

  4. I always knew my “gibbidy gabbin” (as Jake calls it) would pay off someday! 😀

  5. YUM! what a great gift from Alece! And here we all thought she was sendin cheech and chong! Enjoy your goodies! Oh and you are such a great mom to share with all your boys!

  6. okay, i felt so bad after i read about your weekend of baking bliss… you made all those brownies, and here i had just sent you some. shamus kennedy.

    i hope they were tasty, even though not QUITE as good as your own homemade. fat witch is famous for yumminess, though, so i hope they lived up to their fame!

    i love love love the pictures. and your voice on my voicemail!! i’ll call you this weekend, k?!

  7. I’m SO GLAD you got that voice mail! 😀 I was so nervous! I was practically squeaking! 😆 And PUH-LEEEZE don’t feel bad, it was PERFECT! I wanted to make more brownies last night but felt so awful I just went to bed so this was AWESOME! I was thinking “oh how happy she must have been to know I like brownies!” haha!! Now stop feeling bad. I love you too much. 😉
    Faith, if I don’t share it would be hysteria! I’d have to eat them all after they went to bed and well, I just couldn’t wait. 😉

  8. p.s. I just got up from my nap and had more. I’m afraid the whole box will be gone by tonight. 😆 And while mine were good, these are unreal. I think I’m going to check out their website. 😉 oh yes. I see more fat witch in my future! 😀

  9. you make my heart squeal.

  10. I’m smiling big. 😀 big big!

  11. Are you feeling better??

  12. oh Heidi, no I’m not. 😦 I feel awful. If I wasn’t nursing I could take some meds, but while nursing you can’t a lot of stuff. 😦

    Brownie’s help though. 😆 And ice tea.

  13. that’s it. i’m never nursing. i like my drugs too much.

  14. i can multi-task – A-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    i love it – i love You!

    Wanna know the secret to a balanced diet?? – hold a brownie in each hand! 😉 oh wait – you already did!

    How wonderfully good is our Alece? 🙂


  15. Our Alece is very good Love!
    Alece, I’ve had to settle for 800mg ibuprofen. 😉 And the happy pills. 😆 hahaha!!

  16. You are beautiful!!!

    I will never NEVER show my face without makeup and in my PJs. That’s only for the forty and under (way under in your case) crowd!

    What a great gift! Very thoughtful.

  17. Michelle, I was totally thinking of you when I did that! 😆

  18. FYI the anti is also anti – peanutbutter….

    something you give people to punish them …like soup… it is worse than going to bed without food !!!!!

  19. That’s hilarious, Brandy!!

    You’re much braver than me and…like 20 years younger!! You can pull it off! 😀

    Wow, those blondies looked like the best of the bunch. Which were your favs?

    What does this anti-blogger know??? Hating peanut butter!?!? Must be from out of the country or something. 🙄

  20. How did I miss all of this? Sorry I’ve been so incognito.

    You are beautiful; make-up or not 🙂

    What a wonderful surprise/gift from Alece and they do look absolutely scrumptious.

    I’m with anti on the peanut butter tip; not a huge fan but give me chocolate anytime, anywhere.

    Love you. I hope you feel better. I am praying for you.


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