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My friend introduced me to this the other day. I resisted temptation until this afternoon. I broke down. I bought some. I had a bowl. A big bowl. It was sooooooo goooooood. Try some. You’ll LOVE it!


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  1. You ate THIS on Sunday ??? Today is the Lord’s day!! Eating “stuff” like this is almost sinful – especially on Sunday!! Shame!! Next time – invite papa – two people eating this would make it okay – now confess your shame!! LOL !!! Love you!!

  2. AHAHAHAHA!!! πŸ˜† Too funny Papa!!

    It was so good! Wait til you see what I’ve been up to all weekend… I’m posting pics later. πŸ˜‰ Love you!!

  3. First of all, I love Edy’s. Second of all, I love cake ice cream… I am going to buy some!

  4. I have been eying this for a while now. I will buy it tomorrow on my shopping trip! I have been doing weight watchers and this brand only has 3 points per half cup, the reg kind has 6! Just to let you know, the slow churned yogurt blends are really good too and only have 2 points. But who’s counting really? Oh wait I am!!
    I will let you know how I like it. I once had a mix at Cold Stone (the ice cream place) called birthday remix or something like that and it was so good. Oh you can read about my last trip down the ice cream isle on my blog! (note to self: remember the chocolate sauce tomorrow!)

  5. This is so yummy!!!
    I was having a pity party… yes I pity party and I ate a 1/4 gallon of this. Hmmm. I guess now that my PMS is over I can walkit off…. Tomorrow
    Always start things on Monday. πŸ™‚

    Awesome Ice cream!!!

  6. well being the pms specialist around here in new york i do get the benefits of being up till midnight and then 6 in the morning… every night so far i give alece her pain medicine and then myself a bowl of ice cream.. i am now on coffee with espresso beans in it and it is devine……

    cookie dough is still the ice cream of choice here and in heaven…. amen

    but then He did say taste and see that the Lord is good . that is why i love golden corals.

    also one of His guys said try everything and keep the good, guess i wil be trying your flavour soon as to be obedient to Him and his peeps….

  7. As a lactose-challenged individual, I find this post very disturbing. Why the mere sight of the Edy’s tub is causing Pavlovian gastrointestinal writhing.

  8. you got the anti-blogger to comment!!! wow, brandy. high-five from me.

    when A-B buys some, i’ll give it a taste!

  9. I like Blue Bell’s Key Lime Pie and it’s seasonal. Bummer.

  10. oh yum!! i am eating it right now!!

  11. It looks really good; does it taste a bit like superman or no? I love Edy’s Caramel. That is really good too. Hmm, now you have me thinking I want to go to the store….

  12. No. Nope. Not gonna do it.

    You already got me hooked on other stuff and I cannot afford to get hooked on this!

  13. Did you mention you were ‘stressed’??

    Recipe for home-made prozac:

    Take i container of Edy’s (Insert favourite flavour here), i pack of instant coookie dough and a large bar of dark chocolate…. (then go with you imagination) πŸ˜‰



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