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You don’t know how random I can be.

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My mind is so full of junk lately that I can’t seem to think straight. Ever felt super stressed and not know why? Yeah, that’s me right now. I mean, I know why, sort of, but not really. See. Stressed. πŸ˜†
I enjoyed doing the posts about the boys b/c that was easy. I only set out to do the one of Aidan but then felt bad (mom guilt is great) so I did the other two, and with each kid, I wrote more. Someone who shall remain nameless (nameless because I don’t want my mom to think I’m pointing fingers at her or anything. πŸ˜† Hi! Mom! heehee) pointed out to me that I didn’t have NEARLY as much to say about Aidan. Which was not intentional. So, I will amend that. Later.

Where was I? Oh yes, random.

Mosquitos I think are from the DEVIL. DEEEEVVVVIIIILLLL. When Jake’s parents were here, I got SEVEN bites on ONE foot. ONE FOOT! The other had five. 😯 I was in some serious pain. And my feet were swollen from scratching so much. I hate mosquitos. Hate them.

I feel better when I shower first thing in the morning. Go figure. (yes mom, I know πŸ˜† ) Problem is, it’s hard to get one in before the boys wake up (because I like to sleep) and it’s even harder for me to get one AFTER they wake up. I need to fix that.

I miss my blog friends. I feel like I’ve been on here less, which is good, but still, I miss them. You guys. All of you. All y’all.

Friends is by far one of the funniest comedies ever. Watching it right now so I thought I’d throw that in there. πŸ˜†

Oh! Oh! Oh! We finished our painting. It looks GOOD! And I rearranged the living room and it looks GREAT! My friend Michelle across the street helped me. It was nice to have a friend here helping me do stuff. It was fun. πŸ™‚

I’m addicted to sweet tea. Iced. Is there any other way really? πŸ˜† I’m out of it right now, so I’m kind of crabby in the morning. Sweet tea is my coffee. LOVE. IT. I made some of my own since I ran out of my Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea (oh my it’s so good, and I’m not a huge fan of bottled sweet tea) and I only had Splenda. Yeah, not so good.

oh! I’ve been a cookie making FOOL! I bought a cookie press from Pampered Chef and man oh man do I LOVE it! I’m experimenting with different recipes to see what kinds I can use with it. It’s so much fun. It’s one of those finds that you want to give to everyone at Christmas! πŸ˜† HAHA!!

Peanut is mad at us. πŸ˜• Yesterday he pooped and peed in the house and this morning he REFUSED to go outside so I figured he didn’t need to go so I gave up getting him outside. Then, he walked straight over to our rug runner and POOPED. He’s definately mad about something. Probably because we’ve decided not to let him on the furniture anymore. Which I’m having a hard time with, but Jake is insisting. 😦

I got my first sunburn of the summer. And summer here is winding down! HA!! On the radio they said “summers about winding down now” and I thought they were joking. I asked my friend and she said “oh yeah, it’s pretty much over.” πŸ˜† This weekend it’s going to be a high of 75. 😯

Ummmm, that’s about all the randomness I can think of for now. πŸ˜† Hope it was beneficial. hahaha!


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  1. niel bought us the boxed set of “friends” for us to open after my surgery… that way i have something to watch as i lay around and recover.

    now i’ll think of you when i watch…

  2. I love the way you share life 1! Praying for you!

  3. I cant think straight either!!!
    Oh and Friends is the best show ever!! I have seen all the seasons over and over again!

  4. Brandy, I love reading about your very active life, and with three kids I doubt you ever get inactive much.

    I am equal glad to not to have to share my home with anything that throws up or poops. πŸ™‚

  5. I took a few months out and went through all the Friends seasons. It was SO much fun. That show is hilarious.

    The cookie press sounds so awesome. Can I come and bake with you?

    I miss you too. I admire your discipline and that you’re getting things done but there’s definitely a void in blog world.

    I had a hard time with mosquitoes when I was in Pakistan. Everytime I went to my father’s graved, they attacked me. I have lil scars all over my arms and legs from scratching. EEK. It’s a horrible feeling; especially since it goes away and then will come back out of nowhere 5 days later.

    I haven’t gotten to the posts abotu the boys yet. I want to but things have just been a little out of the ordinary lately and I haven’t been able to spend as much time reading/commenting. I will get to it soon though.

    Your signature is kewel. How do you do that?

    Love you so much.


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