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Meet My Man: Part DOO (heh heh heh)

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Okie dokie peeps, are you ready for more of Jake? Jakey-poo? Jakester? Jake the snake? Ummm….yeah, anyway. So if you didn’t catch the first interview with my guy, go check it out and get all caught up.

Now, here are his answers to YOUR questions, my loverly readers. 😉 Well, a few of you anyway. 😆


What would your hair look like if you weren’t in the military? The same!  (he started losing his hair at about 17 )

Do you wanna “keep trying” till you have a little girl? NO. (He had a vasectomy! 😯 )

Tell me one embarrassing thing about Brandy that you figure she hasn’t told any of us in blogland about. (ALECE!! 😯 ) *He laughs*  *HE IS LAUGHING A LOT!*  When you’re going to the bathroom and I walk in on you and you just give me this wierd smile. It’s a wierd flat smile.  (Okay, for the record-b/c I should be able to defend myself here-I smile b/c I’m trying to maintain SOME sort of “properness” while he’s standing there when I’m doin’ my business. I can’t let him see my bathroom face. THAT would be embarrassing. Okay, actually, this is now embarrassing. SORRY MANDY! I really really am! Alece asked it! Everything is now officially her fault! 😆 )


So when Brandy calls you all hysterical about the boys and you have to come home, what do you tell the people you work with? You know, like after the 3rd time in the same week for instance? I don’t know? “my wife’s crazy?” It hasn’t really happened. (I did that ONE time Ric, and I almost cut off my babies ear for crying out loud! 😆 )


If he could do any job in the world besides the one he’s doing right now, what would it be? hmmm *lots and lots of thinking* I’d probably want to do criminal investigations with the FBI. (And Mark, he’s totally totally serious. Serious. 😯  )


Q: what’s one thing he appreciates about you as his wife. One thing I appreciate about you basically? (yes dear) You’re a good dinner maker.  (we’re BOTH laughing a lot right now) I mean, when I come home and I ask “what’s for dinner?” you don’t say “Well YOU make dinner.” Sometimes you say “I dunno” but then you always come up wtith something good.
Q: his top 3 favorite things about you. (no mention of body parts necessary, k. thx!) Top three favorite things? *laughs*  1)That you’re a very good mom. That *why you gotta ask me these fricken questions?* 2)That I think you love me more than I know. (awwww!) *He’s laughing*  3) You’re funny. I am so NOT funny!  Yes you are, like at random times when I’m not expecting it. *He laughs some more*
Q: least favorite meal that you cook. spaghetti….it tastes good, I just don’t care to eat it. It’s not my favorite thing to eat. You do a good job with it, I just don’t care for it.

[jake – you know that if you start your own blog, she won’t harass you with all these questions!] I’M NOT BLOGGING. I’M NOT A BLOGGER. I DON’T BLOGGITY BLOG. *he laughs some more*


Now, my question, if you had to go one-on-one with any wild animal in the world, which one would you choose to face? One on one with any animal out in the wild? Ummm, hmmm…. like in a fight or something? Ummmm….. hmmmm….. let me think…. I’d say…a…. it’s hard to say…. I’d say a deer. Because I could shoot it. *He laughs* I could blast it. Kill it. *He laughs some more*


1. Who drives you more crazy, three very active children or a wife who keeps asking you what you did on your first date and when did you decide you wanted to marry her, etc.etc. It’s a toss up. (He took about half a second to answer this question!!! haha!!)

2. What song can you belch out the best.? I can’t belch any song. ha!!

3. Who in your family does the best armpit frats? Nobody. We don’t do that sort of thing. (awww I HAVE raised him well!)

4. Do you get to blow stuff up, or shoot really, really big guns as part of your training? I get to shoot guns. I don’t get to blow stuff up. But I work with the stuff that blows other stuff up.

Okay people! There ya go! This was quite interesting and funny…. we had a good laugh about some of this stuff. 😉

Next, he gets to interview me. I’ll even let him *gasp* do the post himself. I’ll win him over to blogging yet! *evil laughter* So, ask away people! Ask away!


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  1. HAHAHA!!!!

    this was AWESOME!
    can’t wait to hear what he asks you. wow

  2. You two are so cute!

  3. I guess I forgot to ask a question. Whoops.

  4. Yes Total, yes you did! 😆
    Anna, thank you 🙂
    Mandy, I dread what he will ask me! 😯 hehehe

  5. there is no way it’s all my fault now. no way. it’s always mandy’s. c’mon!!!

    and… you’ve got a good man there!

  6. “It’s a wierd flat smile.”

    Maybe Jake can get a picture of this and then you can crop it and make it your avatar?? I’ve never seen a FLAT smile.

    Thanks for doing this Jake (Bran) … although I can’t help but wonder if Brandy made up the answer to my question.

  7. Ric! I did NO SUCH THING!! Honestly, I don’t call him at work here. I called him at work SEVERAL times a day when he was recruiting and then he’d say “I can’t talk what do you want?” 😆 He was so kind. 🙄 haha!!
    Alece, I know! 😀

  8. SO funny. This was great – I feel like I got to know the both of you better! 😀 Huge smiles.

  9. Getting to meet people on a personal level is so cool! thanks for sharing – I just did ‘mama’s story” on my blog. Jake has been a good sport through all of this!

  10. Questions for Brandy:

    1) What clothes were your husband wearing on your first date?

    2) Why do you make your poor, hard working, husband spend soooo much of his time on constantly redecorating your house? When will you be satisfied with how it looks?

    3) Do you ever interrupted your husband before he has a chance to finish talking?

    4) What activates do you want your husband to give up so that he has the time to blog?

    5) What is the best date you can remember having with your husband?

  11. I should try this with Jer….I doubt he’d do it LOL

    Flat smile…you smile at all???? You are the woman!

  12. this is funny. My husband would never go for a blog interview. hehe


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