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Monthly Archives: July 2008

It’s no wonder my head hurts…

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My conversation with Dylan at lunch….

Me: You want another tortilla roll up?

D: Yes but a quesadilla

Me: so you want a quesadilla?

D: yeah a quesadilla roll up

Me: okay so you want a quesadilla roll up?

D: No, I just want a roll up. A quesadilla

Me: Okay whatever

D: naaaaaaahh, I want a roll up.

Me: Go play. 😯

(Don’t forget to meet My Man below!)


Meet My Man

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This is Jake.  Wearing my sunglasses and a jacked up hat. 😆

He’s funny. And cute.

Alece told me the other day that she thinks Jake and I seem to have a lot of fun together.  And yeah, I guess we do. It took Dear Sweet Alece to tell me that for me to think about it a bit…. and yeah, we do have fun together most of the time. Yes, he makes me crazy. Yes, he drives me nuts. Yes, there are days where I can’t stand his face. 😆 Even though it’s a cute face. But we laugh a lot. Did I mention he’s funny?

So, I decided to do something fun, since we have fun together. 😉 I’ve seen it around the blogosphere where the blogging spouse interviews the non blogging spouse and I love it. It’s funny. And Jake, is very much a non blogger. He rolls his eyes at my blog talk or my blog time or my….. blog. 🙄  So, I’m going to break him in slowly.

Here’s a little slice of Jake for you. Enjoy!

When did you know you wanted to make me your woman?  Sometime while I was in basic training.

What made you decide that? *SIGH* Honey, I honestly don’t remember. (grumbling on my end)

What was your first impression of me? *He is giggling a lot* Do you want me to answer this? (Me: YES!) Okay you have to type this EXACTLY as I say it. (Me: OKAY) Bubbly, gibbidy gabby, hot ass, that’s all I got.  (Me: 😳 ) SUCH A MAN.

Do you remember our first date?  *He grins devilishly* I’m guessing it was when we went to that movie (10 Things I Hate About You).

He’s wrong btw, our first date was bowling. But that movie, was when I fell in love with a very handsome man. Heath Ledger. God rest his soul.

What’s your favorite meal that I make?  Spaghetti. He says sarcastically, b/c I always make spaghetti.

For real though, what is it. PICK ONE! Honey, you’re a good cook I don’t know. You’re making me hungry right now. Go make me some food. Chop. Chop. (we both laugh hysterically)

If you had to pick something RIGHT now what would it be? Jack Cheese Enchiladas.

What’s your favorite movie? MY FAVORITE MOVIE? Oh geeze you cannot have ME having a favorite movie. That’s like telling a monkey not to fling his poo, that’s impossible! (He’s a big movie buff)

Okay then, what’s your favorite comedy? *He is giggling again* I can’t. There’s too many!!

Favorite line from a movie? It’s gonna take me a while….  (insert elevator music here….) Um *sigh* uuuuhhh *sigh* hmmmmm *sigh* (Makes beat boxing noises while dancing like Britney Spears for a brief moment.) hmmmmm

Okay! Moving on….

How do you feel about having three kids? BOYS no less? *blank stare* Uhhh, fine. I’m ready for them to be more self sufficient. *giggles*

How would you feel if I told you I was pregnant? *LAUGHS* NOT GOOD.

What’s your favorite memory of our time before kids? favorite memory? well…. just of us hanging out together and not being so stressed out and worn out from the kids all the time.

What is one thing about me that you want my blogging peeps to know? I don’t know what they don’t know. (He’s so boring with his answers)

What is one thing about YOU that they should know? I like to watch movies (they know that!) Oh. (try again) Ummm……  I love my kids? (Okay that’s good, not sure why it ended like a question though.  😕  )

How do you feel about me blogging? *Shrugs his shoulders* Whatever helps you get away from the stressed out kids I guess.  (heehee)

BTW, the kids aren’t stressed out. I am stressed out.  😆

Do you want to start a blog? NO. (Imagine that!)

Okay peeps, now you know a little more about Jakey Poo. I’m not sure this was beneficial in any way, but it was funny for us. 😆

Ohhhh, I have a GREAT idea. I had a hard time thinking of questions for him, but you all are good at that stuff. So leave me questions you want me to ask him. Yes. Anything. Please do!

One of *those* days, and it’s only 11am

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Today I want to cry from frustration….so I thought I’d laugh instead. B/c really, who has time to cry? 😆

It’s 2 in the morning….

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….and I’m still up. Obviously.

Why am I still up? Do you ever just NOT want to start the next day yet? Like, you want the quiet and the alone time to go on just little bit longer? For some reason you dread the thought of waking up in the morning, knowing full well what lays ahead??

I now understand why Jake would stay up until 3am for the four years he was recruiting.

Don’t misunderstand….I am not dreading my kids. Well, not entirely…. haha. 😆 I just miss peace and quiet sometimes.

Keepin it real…..

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This is how I start out….

And 12 hours later which included 3 fair rides, 2 hours of fair atmosphere, 2 hours of shopping, 3 kids screaming, 1 husband spazzing, and a baby falling down stairs… this is how I end up….


It aint pretty. 😆  Just keepin’ it real folks!!

Paid a pretty penny to wear this only once…

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 (I’m laughing b/c I drug Jake out of the shower to take this picture and while taking it, he said penis. Sorry. But he did. And it was funny.)

…..well, my MOM paid a pretty penny. And I think she’s still paying pretty pennies, 7 years later. 😯 I tried this on last night. It fit. IT FIT. IT FIT!!!  Nevermind I had to hold onto the door while Jake used every muscle in his arms.  Keep in mind this is his left arm, his weaker arm….

….and it took TWO of these to me back into this….and please keep in mind I have no makeup on…

It’s a two piece so to get the skirt on took the big guns. To tie the bodice in the back (open back, laced down) I had to hold my breath.

That’s my dirty dirty train puddled at my feet.  😕  The dress never got cleaned after our wedding.  😯 Bad. I know. I only had a month left at home before moving to Missouri to be with Jake (he left one week after our wedding) and I was busy saying goodbyes and packing and other important things. Then, it sat at my moms house for a few years….and well….I forgot about it.

Please, don’t notice those shorts at my feet. Wait, you already looked didn’t you? 😉 Okay, so didn’t notice them until AFTER this was done, and I can only figure that I drug them downstairs with the dress. You could hide a small colony under my dress. I meant to weigh myself with it on too. It’s heavy. I swear it’s at least 100 pounds. Seriously. Not kidding. It’s heavy.

On our wedding day it fit REALLY tightly. Almost too tight. Kinda tight like it did last night. Only, a week before the wedding we had it altered, so it fit nicely. Turns out, the seamstress messed up. Instead of letting it OUT two inches, she took it IN two inches. It was awful. I had bruises on my hips by the end of the night.  It was wonderful. I wish I could have worn the dress for days. I told Jake last night we should have had a weeklong wedding just so I could have worn it longer.

Why did I try it on? Because I was starting to think maybe I should sell it. I have no daughters. I doubt any future daughters in law will want to wear it. What good is it now? But then I thought “what if it still fits?” And I can’t get rid of it if it still fits.

Things look a little differently now, years later. Now, it’s dingy. It’s not as fluffy without a hoop skirt underneath. My hair is short. Then it was long…down to my elbows but I wore it up. My arms I noticed are about twice the size they were then.  I think I’m shorter. 😯 It looks like it anyway. On our wedding day I wore too much makeup. Here, I have none on, and I still can’t believe I posted a no makeup picture. But, I got it on. Buttoned up. Zipped up. Lace up.

So, the dress stays.

Much Prayer Needed

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My friend G needs prayer. Lots of prayer. Here is her last blog post that explains everything.  Her father is missing, car crashed into a river. Please, go, read, pray.

G has become a very close friend of mine and recently my prayer partner. I love her dearly. Spend some time with her, reading her blog, most importantly her most recent one.

Thank you so much.