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Not sure I should post this….

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……but in an effort to be real….here goes….

Dylan: When I get bigger can I say bad words? (he had just said dang it and got a LOOK from me)

Me: What? No. Why do you want to say bad words?

Dylan: Because you do.     😯

Me: Yeah, sometimes mommy says things she shouldn’t huh? Do you not like it when Mommy does that?

Dylan: Nope, because sometimes it makes ME say bad words.

Me:    😦    😳

My heart hurts a little.


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  1. I have had that happen with my girls. It makes me stop and really think about what I say.

  2. Braidan is really starting to use his words and he repeats everything you say! Then when you tell him not to say that he thinks its funny and it is all down hill from there! Love the little guy!

  3. Awwww…little Bwan…nothing all of us haven’t done…ahem…still do… :blush: Man, kids really keep us humble, and on our toes don’t they??? Love you!!!

  4. Hey…my blush didn’t work 😦 dang..oops I mean dag nab it…

  5. Children are our mirrors…. They definitely point out all of our flaws…

    I too have done these same things and it’s great when my kids say them too. :blush

  6. I should confess. I’ve been lurking for about a week now, and have failed to comment like a good blogger should. I’m a friend of Alece, and she says very kind things about you.

    sorry your heart hurts.
    I can count on one hand the number of times I heard my parents swear. I’ve never heard my mom, and I’ve heard my dad twice in my entire life. And I don’t think they just kept their mouths shut around me.

  7. thank you for being real.

    and… nothin’ like a good dose of Holy Spirit conviction via the mouth of your child to jumpstart your day, eh?

  8. Im not supposed to be laughing right now am I?
    ha ha ha!!!!

    OOps. hee hee

    AWWw nothing like a kid to keep it real huh?

  9. Gosh, gotta watch that tongue girl. 😉

    F.A.T. is still on for today. Spread the word. 😛

  10. Kids copy parents. Both good stuff and not so good. So the good news is this keepin’-it-real post will be copied as well.

  11. What a conversation – bless his heart – don’t worry, in a few short years – like the rest of your life – he will watch his mother. Just think, if he is watching & listening, do you think Jesus is paying attention? How about the Holy Spirit who is in you? Thanks for posting Little One – makes papa think about my words.

  12. I am super humbled by all of you. And even encouraged to know you’ve “been there done that.” Thank you. I hesitated posting it at all, but then thought, “why shield everyone from my faults and only tell them the fun stuff???” So, I posted it. 😉

    I want to clarify though, the “bad words” Dylan is talking about are things like “crap” which we all know I’m notorious for! 😆 I guess mostly the “slang” words, which was discussed on Tam’s blog a while back. We don’t let the boys say those words at all, and apparently we shouldn’t be saying them anymore either. :blush: My mom, if she’s reading (HI MOM!) will be nodding her head saying “I told you so” right now. hahaha!!

    When Owen was born and Jake’s brother and his wife (TcH) came to stay, she (TcH) kept saying words and Dylan kept correcting her “we can’t say that word, it’s naughty!” haha! She said “well what CAN I say then?!” HAHA!! too funny.

    Alece, you are so right dear, a good dose of Holy Spirit through the mouth of my baby. *sigh*

    Lisa, humbling isn’t it? 😉

    Rachele, I can’t believe how old he is!!

    Deb, dag nab it! hahaha!! That made me laugh. 😀

    Anna, haven’t we all? :blush: obviously! haha!

    Becca, thanks for coming out of hiding! 😀 I see you over at A’s blog a lot too! I should stop by soon! 🙂 My heart does hurt, only b/c I feel like I let him down by being a bad example. *sigh* Live and learn?

    T, as yes, keepin it real! haha! I do believe Kambrie has “kept it real” before? hahaha!!

    Total, I’m on it!! 😉

    Ric, thank you friend. 😀

    Papa, I feel embarrassed for some reason that you read this, like I will feel when my mom reads it! 😳 You always find such good lessons in everyday life. I am always blessed by them. I know one thing is for sure, I will be on my toes from here on out!

    It is true, your babies do make you a better person. *sigh*

  13. SO…

    This is where you hang out.. And now I hear you use bad words.. I dunno..

    Aren’t kids awesome!!!

    Did you get those heels ordered for Alece??

    Lol 🙂

  14. Levi called some kids freaking idiots at our disciple now weekend. I have NO idea where he heard that…

  15. Selena….hahaha!! No idea huh? 😆

    Heidi! I’m good! I promise!!

    Well I can’t order them until she gives me her address! I started to and then realized it would be much faster to put her address in instead…… but she’s holding out on me!

    Did you get that trenchcoat for her?? 😆 he he he

  16. Little One – Do not be embarassed that papa reads this stuff. by the way your grounded for a week and papa will give you a spanking when he sees you! lol Brandy – be sure of one thing – papa loves you – very much. I had a good prayer time about you today – had a very long train at the tracks! :o) Papa thinks you are so very special!!

  17. OH man you bring such a SMILE to my face!! haha!! I am cracking up over the grounding and spank!! Or as Dylan calls them psanks. 😆

    I feel your prayers, I really do. And it’s so comforting to know there is someone who prays regularly for you. 😀

    Love you!!

  18. Trust me I’m trying!!

  19. hahahaha!!! She is trying to be sneaky and avoid the subject! ha!!

    She gave me her shoe size….. but OOPS forgot the address. 😆

    Alece?! Are you there?! We’re on to you!! 😆

  20. Out of the mouth of babes….

    We all hope we influence our kids and be only GOOD role models for them.

    TRUTH is… they see ALL we do mostly without judgement (up to a ‘certain’ age) 😉 and use all of it for the basis of who they eventualy become, mixed in with a fair bit of other adults, kids and things like TV and the Internet 😯

    If we were perfect then maybe our kids would all turn out that way too.

    I don’t see that happening any time ‘soon’ 😉

    I think it helps you have a two way interaction with your men though B – sometimes they can teach us a better way of looking at things – if we let them 🙂

    Except ye be as little children….

    ♥ you


  21. we are all overlooking something – “dang it” isn’t a bad word – you are in the clear brandi!

    thanks for being open about this. It’s fun to read about adventures in parenting. Great training ground for my future.

  22. Bran that happened to me with Lacey, and then I started to tame my tongue, I felt horrible that she was getting punished for something I did without much thought, if any at all…this is a hard lesson..I know you love those boys!! Hey I love you too!

  23. seriously. i’ve been thinking about this. some of the mamas in my seminary bible study have shared similar worries/experiences in raising yunguns.
    i don’t think i’m ready for that.
    i say crap and dang it WAY too often…

    drew recently put a sign up in our apartment building that says “no crap zone” because people always leave their junk there. anyway, one of my bffs lives in the apartment next to the sign. her son is like 7, and he started saying no crap zone.
    drew was in big trouble for the sign.
    but he had an alibi – one of our other buddies dared him to make a sign that said “crap” on it! dang!!!


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