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Meet My Man

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This is Jake.  Wearing my sunglasses and a jacked up hat. 😆

He’s funny. And cute.

Alece told me the other day that she thinks Jake and I seem to have a lot of fun together.  And yeah, I guess we do. It took Dear Sweet Alece to tell me that for me to think about it a bit…. and yeah, we do have fun together most of the time. Yes, he makes me crazy. Yes, he drives me nuts. Yes, there are days where I can’t stand his face. 😆 Even though it’s a cute face. But we laugh a lot. Did I mention he’s funny?

So, I decided to do something fun, since we have fun together. 😉 I’ve seen it around the blogosphere where the blogging spouse interviews the non blogging spouse and I love it. It’s funny. And Jake, is very much a non blogger. He rolls his eyes at my blog talk or my blog time or my….. blog. 🙄  So, I’m going to break him in slowly.

Here’s a little slice of Jake for you. Enjoy!

When did you know you wanted to make me your woman?  Sometime while I was in basic training.

What made you decide that? *SIGH* Honey, I honestly don’t remember. (grumbling on my end)

What was your first impression of me? *He is giggling a lot* Do you want me to answer this? (Me: YES!) Okay you have to type this EXACTLY as I say it. (Me: OKAY) Bubbly, gibbidy gabby, hot ass, that’s all I got.  (Me: 😳 ) SUCH A MAN.

Do you remember our first date?  *He grins devilishly* I’m guessing it was when we went to that movie (10 Things I Hate About You).

He’s wrong btw, our first date was bowling. But that movie, was when I fell in love with a very handsome man. Heath Ledger. God rest his soul.

What’s your favorite meal that I make?  Spaghetti. He says sarcastically, b/c I always make spaghetti.

For real though, what is it. PICK ONE! Honey, you’re a good cook I don’t know. You’re making me hungry right now. Go make me some food. Chop. Chop. (we both laugh hysterically)

If you had to pick something RIGHT now what would it be? Jack Cheese Enchiladas.

What’s your favorite movie? MY FAVORITE MOVIE? Oh geeze you cannot have ME having a favorite movie. That’s like telling a monkey not to fling his poo, that’s impossible! (He’s a big movie buff)

Okay then, what’s your favorite comedy? *He is giggling again* I can’t. There’s too many!!

Favorite line from a movie? It’s gonna take me a while….  (insert elevator music here….) Um *sigh* uuuuhhh *sigh* hmmmmm *sigh* (Makes beat boxing noises while dancing like Britney Spears for a brief moment.) hmmmmm

Okay! Moving on….

How do you feel about having three kids? BOYS no less? *blank stare* Uhhh, fine. I’m ready for them to be more self sufficient. *giggles*

How would you feel if I told you I was pregnant? *LAUGHS* NOT GOOD.

What’s your favorite memory of our time before kids? favorite memory? well…. just of us hanging out together and not being so stressed out and worn out from the kids all the time.

What is one thing about me that you want my blogging peeps to know? I don’t know what they don’t know. (He’s so boring with his answers)

What is one thing about YOU that they should know? I like to watch movies (they know that!) Oh. (try again) Ummm……  I love my kids? (Okay that’s good, not sure why it ended like a question though.  😕  )

How do you feel about me blogging? *Shrugs his shoulders* Whatever helps you get away from the stressed out kids I guess.  (heehee)

BTW, the kids aren’t stressed out. I am stressed out.  😆

Do you want to start a blog? NO. (Imagine that!)

Okay peeps, now you know a little more about Jakey Poo. I’m not sure this was beneficial in any way, but it was funny for us. 😆

Ohhhh, I have a GREAT idea. I had a hard time thinking of questions for him, but you all are good at that stuff. So leave me questions you want me to ask him. Yes. Anything. Please do!


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  1. this was fun! (and thanks for the love up there.)

    jake seems a lot like my husband. i think they’d be friends in another life. or, ya know, if they took up blogging.

    so… jakester, i have a few questions for you:

    – what would your hair look like if you weren’t in the military?
    – do you wanna “keep trying” till you have a little girl?
    – tell me one embarrassing thing about brandy that you figure she hasn’t told any of us in blogland about.

  2. WHAT WOULD HIS HAIR LOOK LIKE?? ha ha ha!!! Sorry I am laughing so hard. Believe me Alece, that hair isn’t his choice. ha ha ha!!!!!!!

    This post SERIOUSLY made me giggle so hard. I had to cover my mouth so I dont wake K up. ha ha ha!!!!
    I can HEAR Jake answering these. I think that’s what makes me laugh even harder.

    Monkey flinging poo… ha ha ha!!!!!

    him liking your “hot” butt. OH MY!!!!

    chop chop get me some food.
    hee hee

    I might have to steal your idea for my blog. This was great!

    P.S. in the picture above, your missing one of your kids. Just thought you would want to know 😉

  3. ha ha! i wondered if it was a military crew or a … balding crew.

  4. You did awesome with this Bran.

    That is the most I’ve ever heard Jake talk 🙂

  5. Well done very informatuve – I hope he is your best friend! :o)

  6. Thanks Bandy (&Jake). BTW, good to meet you Jake.

    This was fun! I’ll have to see if Patti is up to an interview… hmmm.

    Question for Jake:

    So when Brandy calls you all hysterical about the boys and you have to come home, what do you tell the people you work with? You know, like after the 3rd time in the same week for instance?

  7. Seriously sounds like conversations Dustin and I have…. and it is so funny! I make spaghetti a lot too… it’s easy! 🙂

    I got a kick out of this blog!

  8. “Yes, he makes me crazy. Yes, he drives me nuts. Yes, there are days where I can’t stand his face”

    That is one of the benefits of being a husband. 😉 We are required by marital law to drive you crazy. The rules are specific, they range from leaving underwear on the floor to doing a poor job when it comes to washing dishes. It is complicate stuff being a man.

  9. He’s wrong btw, our first date was bowling. But that movie, was when I fell in love with a very handsome man. Heath Ledger. God rest his soul.

    ROTFL 😆 Not that Heath died, but that’s who you fell in love with!

  10. [Q] for Jake:
    If he could do any job in the world besides the one he’s doing right now, what would it be?

  11. OMGOSH!! You guys are hilarious!!! I was laying in bed last night and I said to Jake, “I can’t wait to check my blog tomorrow!” 😆

    Alece: Yeah, Jake and Niel can start the anti blogging coalition. 😆 Oh wait, Niel already did that, sort of. 😆 You MUST interview Niel! I would love it. I am cracking up that you called him Jakester! 😆

    T: I am dying and you laughing so hard!!! HAHAHA!! I can hear you! haha!!! 😆 Are you saying my butt isn’t “hot?” Are you? Huh?? heehee I have a feeling if you do this for Nate I will pee my pants laughing. He is quick and witty with answers. haha!! And yes, I know, Dylan is missing from that picture. I think he was playing in the street or something. *shrug*

    Brent: HAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah, you probably have never heard his voice. So funny! Who would’ve thought I’d marry the silent type??? 😯

    Papa: He IS my best friend. We actually talk about that a lot, how neat it is that we are friends, even with all the “marital” stuff to deal with. 😉

    Ric: I would love to read an interview with your wife! haha!! I think I’ll be trying to rope Jake in a bit more often. 😉

    Anna: Spaghetti is my “go-to” meal when I’m fried for ideas. And I always put a twist to it, chicken instead of hamburger, different noodles, different flavorings…. but to him, it’s always spaghetti! 😆

    Total: Men! 🙄 Actually, our roles are reversed…I am the one who leaves stuff on the floor and he loads the dishwasher better than me…. well, I disagree….he CRAMS the dishwasher so therefore is better than me. 😆

    Selena: I HEART Heath Ledger like no other!!! Seriously, he was my make believe boyfriend. Jake always said “hey, it’s your boyfriend.” He makes my heart go pitter pat. 😆

    Mark: I hope you know how loaded that question is!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  12. [better late than never, right?]

    that was just CUTE!
    and HE is CUTE!

    thank you for sharing…

    Q: what’s one thing he appreciates about you as his wife.
    Q: his top 3 favorite things about you. (no mention of body parts necessary, k. thx!)
    Q: least favorite meal that you cook.

    [jake – you know that if you start your own blog, she won’t harass you with all these questions!]

  13. Mandy!! I would harass him with post ideas! 😆

    He IS cute! 😉 And I can tell you that his least favorite meal that I make is probably going to be spaghetti. 😆 HAHA!!! I like your questions….mostly b/c they all have to do with me. AHH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! heehee

  14. p.s. my friend went to OMSI yesterday and saw Michelle Williams and Heath’s daughter Matilda. I read that she was thinking of moving here to Portland! I wonder if she really will.
    if you want to read my friends post, go to my friends blog links, her name is Lisa.



  16. Okay I just went and read it….. *sigh* I am so jealous. SO SO jealous!

    I LOVE Dawson’s Creek and was a total addict. Seriously. It was bad.

    I would have DIED if that was me and I would have snuck a pic in somehow!!! I would have followed her around and made Dylan play with her and made Aidan flirt with her and made Owen lunge at her so she’d hold him. 😆

    Okay maybe I wouldn’t do any of that, but I’d want to. HAHAHAHA!!!!

  17. oh, Jake, it’s so nice to meet you!!!! I do have to say that it’s fun when the hubby contributes to the blog – brownie points for you, my new friend!
    Now, my question, if you had to go one-on-one with any wild animal in the world, which one would you choose to face?

  18. Cath!! He just sat through and read all of these himself. 😆 I think he’s in shock that he spent so much time reading a blog. hahaha!!!

    That is an EXCELLENT question for him b/c, I kid you not, he talks about that kind of stuff. You and Mark hit “Jake” on the head with your questions….two things he talks about. A lot.

    Do you already know him? Have you met before? Is there something I need to know?? 😆

  19. I think you did a great job of trying to embarrass him, especially with the first five question. If your girls want us to remember the first date we would need to a video recorder. Something important like the first baseball or football we went to sure, but first date?

    From the side Jake looks a little like the George Reeves, who played the first super-man on TV, very macho.

    Questions for Jake:

    1. Who drives you more crazy, three very active children or a wife who keeps asking you what you did on your first date and when did you decide you wanted to marry her, etc.etc.

    2. What song can you belch out the best.?

    3. Who in your family does the best armpit frats?

    4. Do you get to blow stuff up, or shoot really, really big guns as part of your training?

    I thought of this funny story from my days in the Army so I’ll share:

    During a weekend military exercise I was at the artillery corp was asked to shoot down a target tree. On the first shot they hit the tree. Unfortunately they decide to impress a General with their accuracy. They keep firing and blow away half the target range, and never hit another target they were aiming at. When they were trying to move the cannon, by helicopter, the line broke and the cannon went muzzle first straight into some mud. When I left, a day later, they were still trying to get that cannon out of the mud.

  20. Oh my goodness Ed you have me ROLLING with laughter!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!

    Jake is going to LOVE your questions!! 😯 haha!!! I love it!

    And Jake is VERY macho.

    Macho macho MACHO MAAAAAAAN!!! Ed thinks Jake is a maaaacho maaaan!!!! 😆

  21. Brandy, I married the silent type also…. He does yak my ears off at times though… usually about computers, games, and work… but when I ask him something about how church was or about our life and future, he has nothing to say… *Sigh* And I have learned to stop pushing him… thoguh I think it took about 8 years of marriage for me to learn when he doesn’t want to talk, he doesn’t want to talk. 😛


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