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Much Prayer Needed

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My friend G needs prayer. Lots of prayer. Here is her last blog post that explains everything.  Her father is missing, car crashed into a river. Please, go, read, pray.

G has become a very close friend of mine and recently my prayer partner. I love her dearly. Spend some time with her, reading her blog, most importantly her most recent one.

Thank you so much.


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  1. I am praying with you for her, our dear sister.

  2. Seeing how quickly our lives can change should make us all appreciate all that we have now. I think living in the moment is important because we have no clue what life will throw at us next.

    You are a great friend who is there to help when needed.

  3. Praying continuously, thank you for being you and posting this for our dear sister. Blessings bwan…:)

  4. Praying and put her on a prayer chain that I am part of..praying for you too… love ya Bwan, and your heart is beautiful!

  5. Thanks Bwan. Love you.

  6. Definitely praying – God is so faithful.


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