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G inspired me with her post “Today’s Praise Dance.”  I love that she dances to praise music. I love it b/c I love to do it but rarely get to anymore with the boys around. I try to “get my praise on” when they’re around, but it usually ends up that someone has poked someone’s eye out. Seriously.  😯 HA!! I love Casting Crowns and they are coming to our State Fair here next week. Jake and I really want to go see them. Today I was listening to their cd and one of my FAVORITE songs is “Praise you with the dance” so what more appropriate song to have for a Praise Dance post? 😀 Listen! Sing! Dance! Clap! Praise!


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  1. love love love this song.

    and why can’t you get your dance on with the kiddos around? what kinda dancin you do, girlfriend???

  2. I CAN get my dance on, but they get out of control and then it turns into a “he hit me!” or “hold me!” or “my turn!” “NO! MY TURN” “NO MYYYYY TURRRRRRN!”

    You get the picture. 😆

  3. I do some AMAZING break dancing. uh huh. Old school baby. Old school.

  4. aaaah… i see. i was just making sure…

  5. do you have a chat id?

  6. a chat id? for what? where?

    (i guess that means no–ha!)

  7. like, yahoo or aim or google?

    you commented when I was listening to this song again. HA!

  8. i use windows live messenger (formerly “msn messenger” and typically referred to by me as just plain ol’ “msn”). occasionally g-talk. email me your screennames…

  9. how do we email each other???? Is there a link on here for that kind of thing????

    I wanna chat too…………. WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in a whiny voice)


  10. Oh and I love this song also… and love to dance also… You girls are awesome!!!!!!!!

    And I can relate Brandy…. so my life!!!! I miss being alone…. sometimes!!!! 🙂

  11. When papa dances – people laugh! But I do get blessed often!

  12. yes. but we need a video of YOU dancing! hehehe!!!

  13. Mandy 😯 That requires a drink or two, and then I don’t think it qualifies as Praise Dancing anymore. HA!!!

    Spaf when you get notifications in your email of comments, there is an email address with it. I’ll email you though. 😉

    Papa, I’d dance with you!!

  14. Nice song. I don’t hear much of the band. Maybe if we got a Christian radio station out in these parts other than K-love.

  15. Don’t be hatin’ on KLOVE! 😆
    Do you have Air 1?? They play more rock Christian. But I thought KLOVE plays quite a bit of Casting Crowns…no? Bummer!

  16. I cant listen to K-love. I find those two hosts terribly annoying. You know, the ones who own the ranch and are ALWAYS talking about it.


  18. Awesome song…I haven’t heard it before

    Does everyone have K-love? I thought that was just Denver’s cross to bear

  19. That was a great dancing song. I am so sorry you can’t dance with the kids around.

    I love to dance around my condo, in public not so much. 🙂
    I am afraid my disco dancing night club days are over. We do have some dances at the senior center but it just not the same thing when half of us have to use walkers. 🙂

  20. The song is AWESOME!

    And they say hallelujahhhhhh 😉

    Praise God He used me to inspire you! I absolutely love to praise dance. It has got to be hands down the best way I am able to enter into worship with God.

    It has a very break-dance type personality. I like it! MWAH!

  21. What, make noise and move when we worship…really???? WOW!!!! 😉

    I REALLY want to see this in video bwan….pweeeeeseeee? 😆 I think it’s wonderful and I LOVE this song!!! You rock!


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