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Aidan woke up this morning and threw up all over me.  😕


I think I need a nurse for hire instead of a nanny. What do you think?  😉


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  1. Man, what are you FEEDING those boys?

    Sorry ’bout all the illnesses.

    Just remember, nothin’ says love like getting puked on. Did I ever tell you about the time my baby daughter puked in my mouth?

  2. YES RIC. 😯 HAHA!!! And may I say, been there done that as well. hahaha!!

    OH my word, I don’t know how much more of sickness I can take. SERIOUSLY.

    I am *hoping* it is b/c he had grape juice first thing this morning on an empty stomach. He threw up grape juice all over my CREAM carpet. He was having a coughing jag, and then just spewed all over me. 😦

    It’s only 10a.m. and I’m already fried.

  3. That is one way to wake up in the morning.

  4. One way to wake up grumpy. 😆 HA!!

    What a wonderful monday morning eh?

  5. “What a wonderful monday morning eh?”

    Well you could have used that awesome movie line, “I hate Mondays.” See, there is always a silver lining.

  6. oh yes, awesome movie lines. HA!!

    I am married to the King of movie lines. 😕 I hear them CONSTANTLY.

  7. So sorry to hear about poor Aidan. Being a parent means becoming a expert on “puking”.

    What a way to start the day. I hope Aiden starts feeling better.

    Never having had kids I can offer no advice. I do like Ric’s comment:

    “nothin’ says love like getting puked on” 🙂

  8. one question for you….was it chunky?

  9. Gee thanks Judi, I am about to eat dinner!!!! HA!

  10. Judy! HAHAHA!!!

    No, it was just grape juice and some bile. 😯 ICK!

    He has been fine all day. Eaten breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks….and been fine.

    I’m thinking it was just all that acidic juice on an empty stomach. 😉 I have done the same thing before….but it was when I was pg…. 😕

  11. Judy 😯 LOL

    Bwan…I just realized I need to change ur blog adress…saawwrreeee…LOl

    Hope ur day is awesome and I wish I was closer to help!!!! Switch that, I wish YOU were closer so I could help 😆

  12. Ah, yes. The other part of being a mom. Baby spew-mixture isn’t my favorite brand of body wash!

    Is he feeling better?

  13. ya know, he didn’t throw up again at all….so I’m hoping it was just the violent coughing and juice on his empty tummy combined. Thank goodness!

    And this wasn’t baby spew. This was almost 3 year old spew. EW!

    I do feel like I should be expecting heads to start spinning though after the week we had last week and today! HA!!

    Deb, you’d like the scenery here! 😉

  14. didn’t I already say this? HAHA!! 😆

    Grape juice. Bile. That’s it. 😀 YUM YUM

  15. Yes, you did, i just wanted to hear it again.

    You know me 🙂

  16. In slow mo for the person above:

    Graaaaaaaaaaappppppe Juuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiicccccccceeeeee


    Yuuuuuuuuuuummmmm Yuuuuuuuuuummmm

  17. The smell of bile is like nothing else…

  18. the TASTE of bile is like nothing else. 😯

    Yes B, I know you, and I suspected. 😉

  19. thanks for speaking in Brent Speak Selena!

  20. noooooo proooooooooobbbbbb

  21. Hey, you should go over to Love’s place and come chat with all of us.

    (Love sweet love on my roll and go to “chat room” at the top)

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  23. What the heck am I missing???? I see my name but I dont know what the heck I am supposed to be doing. ha ha!!!!

  24. OOPs never mind. Wrong Teresa
    ha ha ha

    Im a dork.

    So anyway… back to what we were talking about.
    So sorry you got puked on. That sucks.
    But remember, the worst day at home with your kiddos is better than the BEST DAY at work away from them.

    I made that up. Pretty good huh??? 😉

  25. Have you considered adoption ??? Maybe foster placement for a couple of years?? :o)

  26. Sorry about the puke! I hate being puked on… The worst is when they are sick and they want to lay on you and so somehow you KEEP getting puked on… I have had days where I swear I was changing my clothes and doing a load of laundry every hour…. I hate puke! :):

  27. Teresa, you crack me up. 😆 But hey! You should go over there and check it out. It’s funny version of our little game. I.Y.C.F.I.O. that is. 😉 Also, I am laughing that you said “but remember” and then finished with “I just made that up” HAHAHA!! Oh my gosh! 😆

    Papa, you want to ADOPT ME?! 😀 heehee 😆

    Aspaf, I have soooo had days like that!

  28. oh shame!!!! so sorry, friend!

  29. yeah, it’s all good now. He never did it again all day! 😀

  30. no doubt! 😆

    wanna hear something gross…. Peanut, dumb dog, just opened up a dirty diaper that I JUST changed and took out the poop. Yes he did. And you can image what he did with it.

    He’s a quick little bugger. And gross.

  31. disGUSTing!!!!

    bad, peanut! BAD!

  32. VERY BAD.

    Jake and I were just saying how gross he is. HA!! Suddenly I’m thinking cats don’t sound so bad. HA!!

  33. peanut = gross
    cats = nowayinhell

  34. nowayinhell HAHAHAHA!!! Oh my! That made me bust with laughter. HA!!

    My neighbor friend just took in a stray and she is pregnant. “Ya wanna kitten?” she says to me today. 😯


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