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Heelarious. Or not.

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THIS ARTICLE  is hilarious. That’s all I’m sayin’. Not funny haha but OMGOSH funny. I’m not sure I would do this if I had a girl or not. I’m thinking not.

Oh, and this blog  is funny haha hilarious. “A dad’s eye view of baby and toddler stuff.”  How do you think I found that article in the first place? Like I really read The New York Post??  HA! Riiiiiight. 😉

Would you put these on your baby girl?


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  1. Since I wouldn’t wear something like that on myself, NO, I wouldn’t put it on my baby either. We tend to like to dress babies and little girls as children, not grown women. Not that I think grown women should dress something like that either. They kinda look like hooker material to me… and to my Dh… Not that we have seen any other then movies. LOL!!!

  2. Hey! Yeah, I wear heels ALL.THE.TIME. so I love them for ME. Not for a little baby. I was thinking along those same lines….why rush them to wear HEELS. They make perfectly fine and adorable little girl shoes. I am also not a fan of two piece swimsuits on little girls either. Just not. There’s a “movement” I’ve seen around the blogospere called “Moms for Modesty: they grow up fast enough” and I love that. I don’t have girls, but I look around at some of the little girls I see today and it makes my heart sad. The 7 year old little girl next door to us wears booty shorts and halter tops, tons of perfume, and told me one day she thought she was HOT. 😦

    I know that these shoes are just cutesy and a novelty item, but I think it speaks to a bigger issue…. ya know?

    Plus, I think they look kind of hokey. 😆

  3. It is so hard to find appropriate clothing for a little girl. Honestly, Grace is 6 and wears a size 7/8 and I go into the girls section and just want to cry. Why should my little girl wear a ton of really tight, belly showing shirts… Or too short of shorts. Bathing suits that go way up on the sides, or *gasp* string bikinis or at leas that is what they look like to me. Yes, I am definitely pro modesty. Though I haven’t heard of that movement. My husband is even more so then me and I tell him then he can go shopping for her, cause it is not easy finding normal clothing for little girls.
    And Grace already has curves… What is the world coming to? I don’t want her showing her curves yet. I am honestly jealous of my little girls body… as mine is quite overweight and she is skinny with curves… wow… how sad! LOL!

  4. oh dear.

    by the way – i hate wearing heels. i think i walk like a dork in them.

  5. Spaf (I am calling you spaf now b/c it makes me giggle haha!) I so hear you on the clothes for little girls nowadays. I just said nowadays. 😯 They aren’t entirely appropriate I don’t think. 😦

    Alece, that made me laugh. “I walk like a dork in them” HA!! Oh geeze, I bet you are the only one who thinks so. 😉 How much reason is there to wear heels being a missionary in Africa though anyway? I think I have ruined myself with heels though…. I have a jacked up knee, a horrible lower back, and sometimes I can’t feel my big toe. 😯

  6. reason #642 NOT to wear heels!


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