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The Party Must Go On!

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So, I woke up today and thought “just saying happy birthday isn’t going to cut it.” It just doesn’t feel right to NOT honor O’s birthday in some way. The party must go on!!

When everyone is feeling better, and the gifts from the gparents have arrived (or, the money they sent to go purchase appointed gifts) we will have a little party. I’ll do the whole thing too. Same as I did for Dylan and Aidan. The cute plates, the hats, the balloons (if I can find a balloon place here), the homemade cake, the bazillion pictures of him opening cutely wrapped presents. I’m going to do it all.

I feel much happier now that I have decided to do it anyway. Even if it’s not ON his birthday. It will still be celebrated!

And hopefully we’ll be able to take the band aid off his ear by then. 😆



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  1. ya wanna come? 😉 heehee

  2. i would love to! you know how much i love little ones!!!

  3. Hop on the next flight! 😆

    *sigh* If only! 😉

  4. i wish i were flying to you tomorrow morning instead of to florida to be with my dying grandma…

    i’d help you care for sick kiddos and throw a kickin’ party.

  5. 😦 I wish you weren’t going to Florida to see your dying grandma either. I wish you were going to see her just because.

  6. Hey!
    that is a great idea! Im glad you decided too
    and it’s OK that it isn’t on his actual bday. I mean K has never had a party on HER actual bday b/c we always do it on a weekend. Im glad you made that decision! I think that will be awesome

    And maybe I can get O’s present sent by then. And I can send D’s with it. IM A LOSER!!
    and then of course I will send A something b/c how horrible would it be for D and O to have something and nothing for A???

    I SUCK!!!! I seriously get the WORST AUNT award!!!!

  7. HA!! NO! You don’t!! Don’t worry…. everyone is having a hard time with the timing this year! My mom just sent his present and my gpa just called to say it snuck up on him too so he’s sending money for me to pick him out something. My plan is to get the stuff with the money they send (my mom is sending money for an appointed gift from Target…easier that way) and wrap it up and take lots of pics of him “opening” them. 😉 Might be next weekend, as long as everyone is healthy by then!

  8. There is a Party America in a strip mall just west of Target. Plenty of balloons etc. there.

  9. KDS, I’m guessing you live here?? 😉

  10. yep, wrote you once a long time ago, before you made the move. I check back now and then to see how you like our town. Looks like you are enjoying our community.

  11. hmmmm, I think I do remember that now that you mention it! I’ll have to go back and check it out again. 😉

    Yes, I am loving it here so far. This climate is perfect! I am loving the summer here. I’m nervous about what is in store for winter, but so far I am just loving the summer weather.

    We went camping up at Metigoshe before the 4th. Absolutely loved it! Sakakawea is our next camping stop. 😉

    Do you have a blog?

  12. Nope, I’m not a blogger. I’m afraid having one would comume all my time and I have too much to do as it is. I stumbled across yours way back when because I have a Google Alert set up for “Minot”. When you wrote about moving to Minot, it hit my Google alert. You sounded a bit concerned about moving here, so I wrote to encourage you to enjoy the community and state. I check back occasionaly to see if you took my advice. I’m glad you have.

    Too many times people listen to the negative things about Minot. When I was in the service many, many years ago, I got a lot of grief about being from Minot. (One guy in my basic training flight actually thought I had to ride a stage coach to the Airport, but he was from New York and you know how they are!!) I love my community, everyone I’m related to (Immedidiate family) lives within 35 Miles and I get a little defensive when people run it down, but have no idea what it is really like. Enlightened people like yourself get off the base, experience the state, and learn some of our best kept secrets. (Be Sure to get to Medora, and the Heritage Center on the State Capitol Grounds in Bismarck. While in Bismarck, get to Fort Lincoln. That’s where Geroge Custer was stationed when he left on his ill fated journey to the little big horn.

    Don’t worry about the winter. It will be what it is. We adapt, just like people in Phoenix adapt to 115 -125 degree heat. (I lived there once) and people in NW Washington adapt to 200+ cloudy days a year. July will have good weather, but we will have some thunderstorms. August here will be hot but mostly dry. In September it begins to cool down a little but the days will still be nice. Make sure the kids Halloween costumes will fit over snow suits. Watch the Base paper for a used snowblower now, they are hard to come by the day after a blizzard. Here we truly have four seasons. Enjoy all of them. Maybe your family will choose to settle here when your finished with the Air Force. Many, many others have. We Welcome you.


  13. KDS, thank you so much for all of that good advice!!

    One bummer I have noticed, and I see you warned me about it in your first comment, was that living on base doesn’t allow you to come into town all that much. We only make it in about once a week….mostly b/c of gas prices right now. We drive a big truck. 😕 We have commented before on how it would be nice to live in town so we could be in the middle of it all.

    We truly like the town a lot. It’s been a pleasant surprise. 😉

    I met a lady at Walmart once who was born and raised here and she was SO nice and we chatted while in line about the area and life with three boys. She had five!! 😯

    You are right, blogging would consume you! HA!! It has been nice to have this outlet though and a way for our families back home to keep up on us.

    Where abouts in town do you live? We are still finding areas as we drive around. We finally found where Oak Park is and the splash pad. All this time I was thinking there wasn’t one. What is the parks name that is right by the zoo with Teddy Roosevelt and his horse? I really liked that area a lot. So pretty.

    Also, our vet here told us about a swimming day area south or southeast of Minot….I cannot remember the name of it but she said it was pretty popular.

    My husband (Jake) and I laugh a little when people say it’s a dry heat here b/c we feel like it’s humid! haha! I’m sure next summer we will think it’s dry. I will say though, it’s not as humid as Missouri! That’s for sure.

    So, you raised your family here and they all stayed? That is really nice. 😀 When did you serve in the Air Force?

  14. Also, we are still looking for a church here….any advice? 😉

  15. I served in the Air Force from March 1971 through July 1978 (Yep I’m Old!) The last three years I lived on Base on Pembrook Lane. Gas was cheap then, but it still turned out much more practical to live on base. At that time they had a base shuttle bus that made quite a few trips every day. Are you an activist? With gas prices as they are, and efforts at conservation, maybe it is time to get a bus service going between minot and the base. It could meet with the Minot City bus for connections to various location in town. With 1100 more airmen comming to Minot AFB next year, it just might get legs. Possibly the business community (possibly with help from the Chamber of Commerce), would get behind the idea. So don’t be bummed by living on base, it’s probably best, just look for ways to get to town and enjoy it.

    Living in town would allow your to assimilate but, then Jake would have to drive that big truck back and forth every day! I’m sure you can imagine what that would cost you. You mentioned camping, I would guess that means you have a camper to pull which necessitates the big truck. But, it still sucks down the gas as a daily driver right. But, probably cheaper than buying, and insuring, maintaining and feeding gas to a second car.

    The park by the zoo is Roosevelt park. It is the largest park in our park system. The have a miniature railroad and a large swimming pool there as well. They just rebuilt the bath house and I think they still use the water slide. (It’s been up for a while.) A better water park is attached to the Sleep Inn, at the Dakota Square Mall. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to use it but there is a fee.

    Who is your vet? He (or she) might be talking about Strawberry Lake. It is a nice little lake that is primarily a recreational lake( boating, Jet Skis, and some fishing) that is surrounded by cabins. They is a nice little public beach there though. Strawberry Lake is quite a ways from Base, I’m guessing about 50 miles or more.

    For more information about Minot and the surrounding area, visit or call the Minot Convention and Visitor’s Center, the Minot Park District, and the Minot Public Library. They might even mail you information to look at. The Library has a great referral service. Here are their websites :

    Have you heard about the ND State Fair? It starts Friday, Huge Parade Saturday Morning. Parade starts at 9:15 AM and lasts about three hours. Go to “” for a schedule and details. Lots of free kids activities plenty to do for kids of all ages. Daily admission is $7.oo for adults kids under 7 are free.

    Church, well that’s out of my league. I’ve had a number of bad experiences with “organized religion” I usually only end up in a church during “marryings and buryings” I have a close frieind who is a minister and I go to her when I feel the need. Other than that I go direct to the “Big Guy” myself. I’m sure there are plenty of great churches out there, but you know the old “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. ” line. Well that’s how I feel about so called “organized” religion. Again, The Library can get you a list of all Minot Churches, and from there you can ask around.

    Well like I said, this kind of activitiy can really consume a lot of time. And so it has. Good luck to you and your family. Give our town the chance it deserves. I’m sure if you do, you too will discover why this is called the “Magic City”

  16. KDS!!! SO SORRY!! You got stuck in my spam folder and I didn’t even know it until I checked it today. BOO!

    WOW you have some GREAT information. I am just thrilled at everything you had to say. Brought a smile to my face. 🙂 Thank you so much.

    I am really excited to hear about the parade for the Fair. I had no idea there was a parade. The kids will love that.

    You should consider being a spokesperson for Minot! 😆 Anyone would love it by reading what you have to say. That makes it nice, hearing all the positives instead of all the bad things people have to say. I just usually roll my eyes at people who speak negatively about it. NOT the way to welcome newcomers. 😉 I have a feeling they wouldn’t like to live ANYWHERE. HA!!

    That is neat that there used to be a bus service into town. Wow, that would be nice and useful! And like you say, with all the new airmen coming, they might want to think about something like that again.

    Activist? Not really. I don’t have the time!! haha! Too many kids. 😉

    Thank you for taking all this time to fill me in on things around town. It has been very helpful to me. I’m excited to check out eveything you’ve mentioned!

  17. For a Church, try Glenburn Bapitist. That’s where my Minister Friend is and it’s not too far from the Base, only 10 miles.



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