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Dropping like flies

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Kiddos are sick. 😦

Tuesday O was fussy and cranky.

Wednesday morning around 6 he woke up with a VERY high fever. He was so hot, I couldn’t stand to hold him. The soles of his feet were burning up even. 😦 My poor baby. He was even twitching like Dylan used to do before his fever siezures. Made me worried and nervous.Β All day Wednesday I did nothing but sit on the couch and hold him. Seriously. That was it. My poor Dylan and Aidan….didn’t get much of a good mommy that day.

This morning, Aidan woke up coughing and HE was burning up too.Β  That was around 6 too. Prime time to wake up with a fever I guess.Β  πŸ˜•Β  I got him some medicine, laid him in our bed, fed O b/c he was up, and went back to bed for a bit. Aidan was fine this morning, riding his bike, playing outside, very active. Then, around lunch time he sort of dropped off. I got them in cozy jams for nap and let them sit on the couch with a movie (Fox and the Hound) for a bit.

I got O cleaned up from lunch and decided to trim his hair. I trimmed his EAR. I am in no way kidding. I completely cut the top of his ear almost clean off. 😯 It was awful. I say *almost* b/c I didn’t finish the cut once I realized what happened. So there was a huge chunk of skin hanging off the top of his ear. It was the bloodiest mess ever. I felt awful. If someone else had been home, I would have puked. I called Jake at work frantic b/c it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I thought he may need stitches. I couldn’t get Jake. I left a frantic messege with some guy and next thing I knew Jake was home. THANK YOU LORD!! In the meantime, O had calmed down and fallen asleep in my lap while I was squeezing his ear with a cold towel. I had to push the skin piece back down. 😦 It stopped bleeding. Jake saw it and said a bunch of not good stuff. Not mean or bad, just, he was really grossed out and worried. Pretty much he said everything I said when I did it. 😦 How did I do it you ask? He kept moving so I was balancing the outer edge of the scissors on his head behing his ear, and I was trying to be focused on NOT getting his ear thatΒ I didn’t really notice how it suddenly became too hard to close the scissors on his hair…. then the blood and screaming came. 😦  πŸ˜₯ It was awful. So anyway, we put neosporin and a band aid on it while he was asleep in my arms. When he woke he never knew it was there. I don’t know how we’re going to do it again tomorrow.

Aidan got worse the rest of the day. Poor guy. 😦 His temp has been a bit over 102 ON medication. 😦 Tylenol AND Ibuprofen. *sigh* O seems to be better with the fever though.

Oh, and tomorrow is the Big O’s birthday. One whole year old. What did he get from me? A mangled ear. *sigh* I feel bad for him. He gets a lame first birthday. No family. No big party. No special cake made by Grandma Joyce. No Grandma Val helping with decorations or food. Makes me sad. And I know he’ll never remember it, but I will. I will remember how D and A had HUGE first bday parties. And poor O, didn’t. And he is sick.

So, as you can imagine, things are hectic crazy and my house is a disaster b/c I have literally been sitting and holding babies for the past 3 days. But, I love taking care of them. So much. When a kid has a soaring fever and is hacking up nasty things, you tend to stay away. Not me. I’m right in their face, still giving them eskimo kisses and letting them eat off my spoon for some ice cream, or drink from my cup for some water. Praying I don’t get sick. πŸ˜‰


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  1. oh maaaaannnn…. sick kiddos?! sorry, friend!

    O’s first birthday might not have a memorable party attached to it, but you’ll never forget that you near peter-hacked his ear off.

    (that story made me cringe, by the way!)

  2. Hey friend! πŸ˜‰

    And yes, cringing here too. Everytime I look at his band-aid. And it’s pretty hard to put a band-aid on the top of an ear.

    Sick kiddos is SOOOOO fun. πŸ˜• But actually, sometimes I like it b/c the older two let me hold them all I want. Shhh, don’t tell. πŸ˜‰

    Dylan has managed to avoid it so far. Hopefully it stays that way. I don’t think I can do all three at once. 😯

  3. yeah. i don’t think there’s enough demand for them to make ear-shaped bandaids. which is a bummer for o.

    i’ll be praying that dylan stays healthy! and you too!

  4. IM SO SORRY. So sorry. Im tearing up reading about your day with Owen. I remember on K’s first birthday she fell down everyone of our stairs (17 to be exact) onto the hard wood floor below. I know how you are feeling right now, to an extent. Horribly guilty and sad. But I will say that it usually hurts us more than it hurts them.
    I wish I could be there for a party for baby O.
    I was looking at my calendar today thinking he is already a year old! I just can’t believe it. 7-11 his birthday is so easy to remember, just like the convenience store. ha ha.

    I’m sorry your babes are sick. Hang in there mama.


  5. oh… and why no party?

  6. Patti and I have had an agreement that really, I believe, is the secret behind 27+ years of marital bliss.

    Patti is responsible for all the blood. I am responsible for all the vomit.

    I don’t do blood. Makes me nauseous and light headed. Especially my own blood.

    Patti CANNOT do vomit. If she tries, it just backfires and she offers UP her own contribution.

    One time the dog hacked up something he found outside after coming back inside… yuck. Greg (our son of 8 years old at the time) puts his hand over his mouth and starts running down the hallway toward the bathroom. His plan fails miserably and he is spewing as he runs. It was like aliens. All of the walls. Dripping.

    Ex-frat boy/ex-farm boy me… I’m laughing. Puke doesn’t get to me.

    Patti puts her hand over her mouth and run out the front door and pukes on the front lawn.

    I laughing harder now.

    Until I realize I the only one left standing and I’ve got clean up duty.

    Thanks for reminding me of one of my family’s more memorable moments.

    Hey did I ever tell you about the time my mommy smashed my finger in the wood splitter?

    An’ I was just a baby of 20 years then.

  7. I love your daily descriptions of motherhood !! I hope we get to meet someday – if we do – I will pass on the haircut!

  8. I’m sorry it’s been such a rough few days. I will pray for the boys’ healing. As for O’s birthday; what a blessing of him turning 1! Don’t allow the devil to steal your joy in this celebration by guilt tripping you. You cut his ear by accident *ouch* yall can laugh about it at his HS graduation open house πŸ˜‰ In the meantime, praise God for him and his birthday. The joy you have in your hearts is the height of celebration! One year olds don’t really know much about birthdays and presents anyway hehe it’s more so the parents, grandparents that make a big deal out of it so rest assured that Owen is not mad at yall, I promise!

    Love you so much! Have a blessed day XOX


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