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Because I forget so quickly….

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I totally forgot yesterday to mention a tidbit about Aidan. I seem to be getting a lot of material from him lately. πŸ˜‰

He fell on the concrete, bonked his head right at his hair line, AND chipped his eye tooth. 😯 Thank goodness for baby teeth!Β  He and I were outside since he was the only one up from nap, and we were picking up the backyard and I sent him inside to throw something away. He went up the ONE step and tried to open the door and his hand slipped and he stumbled backward. I guess he landed on his foot wrong b/c he just went STRAIGHT over and hit the concrete HEAD FIRST. *shiver* The sound that makes when head hits concrete makes my bones ache! I quickly scooped him up and came inside and tried to calm him down. He just had a little scratch on his forehead, nothing else, but he was still hysterical. So to distract him I took him with me to check the mail. He kept SPITTING on me while we were walking (I was carrying him) and I said “What are you doing?! Stop spitting on me!” and he said “I have somefing in ma mouf.” Well when we got back to our house, he said “oh! Here it is” and showed me something white that looked like a rock. 😯 UMMM yeah, it was a piece of his tooth! I came in and started examining his mouth and found that his eye tooth had a piece from the tip MISSING. I could NOT believe it! He says it doesn’t hurt at all so that is good. I was panicked for a minute though thinking “should I call a dentist? Should I save the piece so they can put it back on?” πŸ˜† Yeah, I had no idea. He seems fine though, so that’s good. πŸ˜€

Today while they were playing outside, I was down in their play room cleaning up. The bottom of the windows in the play room stop at the top of the grass, so if you are outside you can look right down into the playroom and if you’re in the playroom you can see straight out into the yard. Well I had one window open and Dylan kept coming over talking to me. At one point he said “This dump truck has 8,000 horsepower to it! It is a MONSTER TRUCK!” and then Aidan would GROWL and say he was a monster truck. HAHA!!! πŸ˜† Dylan kept coming back and telling me how much “horsepower” his dump truck had. heehee They watch this one video they have about trucks. One part is all about Semi Trucks the other is about Monster Trucks. They sing this songΒ that goesΒ “What’s scary and fun and weighs more than one ton? It’s a Mighty Mega Monster Truck!!” and the boys LOVE to walk around singing that. It’s so funny what they have learned about trucks from those videos. Cracks me up. πŸ˜† Boys.

Okay, that’s all. I just knew I’d forget if I waited too long. HA!!


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  1. ok. i’m no mama, but i thought i could keep up with this post.

    but you lost me at first mention of an “eye tooth”.
    um? what is that? do i have one????

  2. The vampire lookin’ tooth. πŸ˜‰ The pointy ones up top. Third over from your front top teeth. I’m not sure on the actual name of that tooth, but I’ve always heard it called the “eye tooth.” πŸ˜†

  3. Wow. I lost you two sentences in! 😯 HA!!

  4. I think your “eye teeth” are called the canine teeth by dentist. Yes we humans have canine teeth, especially those who come out during the full moon, and their hair is “perfect”.


  5. CANINES!! That’s right!!! πŸ˜†

    Ed, should we be scared of you when it’s a full moon? πŸ˜‰

  6. OW!! I don’t miss the accidents. But you know, they get scarier once they learn to drive.

    No, I will not be a nanny…not THAT nostalgic! πŸ˜†

    Sure don’t blame you for needing the break. I had a teenage homeschooler come over once a week so I could have one morning “off”. What a joke!!! Are we ever off the clock? πŸ™„

  7. I thought they were doggie teeth? ha ha!

    Poor Aidan!!!!! sniff.

  8. Yes, poor Aidan. 😦 You can TOTALLY tell his tooth is jacked too. I tried to take a pic but it didn’t turn out well. I’m going to try again though b/c really, ya gotta see this! πŸ˜†

  9. Michelle, NO we NEVER really are off the clock. THat is one thing I was telling my mom (who suggested I hire this girl) that even if there WAS someone here, I can’t hide from the kids. They’d KNOW I was here doing stuff and it would just be that much MORE work to keep them in their playroom with her or to keep explaining to them how I’m not *really* here. We try that sometimes when Jake is home “pretend I’m not here” but it never works. EVER. *sigh*

    You would love my playroom how I set it up tonight. I have one whole “educational corner” with stuff I ordered from Oriental Trading Company from their teacher stuff. I was thinking of you today when Dylan was doing more “math” and tonight when I was hanging stuff up. ♥

  10. Sounds great!! I bet they love their educational corner!

    I remember trying to find places to go so I could have some “me” time…it became a hassle to have to leave every week just to have time alone. I’m a homebody.

    Remember “The Elijah Company” – great resource!

    Oh…the memories…you’re blessed, Bran Muffin!


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