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I hate when I keep a running post in my head for days and can bring it up at random, but then I get here and see this blank space and suddenly my own mind goes blank. 😯 It’s like I can’t organize the thoughts all of a sudden. They’re all jumbled and I think “where to begin? where to begin?”

The kids have been really quite funny lately. For instance, Aidan’s favorite thing to say is “ever.” He tacks “ever” onto everything!

“Mommy, I towl Peanut dat he can’t do dat ever ever again. Ever.”

“No baby Owen. You can’t hit Peanut ever. Ever.”

“Mommy, we shoont do dat EVVVER ever.”

He also likes to remember a “wong wong time ago.”

“Mommy, a wong wong wong wong wong wong wong wong time ago, I was a baby. And you fed me.”

One night I was sitting and talking to Dylan and Aidan was talking but I could NOT figure out what he kept saying over and over again. FINALLY he stopped and then said “I was a baby.” I figured out that he was say “wong wong wong” OVER and OVER again for over a minute easily! HAHA!! πŸ˜† So funny!

Aidan and I have this new thing we’ve been doing at night before bed. We do butterfly kisses with each eye, then an eskimo kiss with our noses and then I say “now how about an Aidan kiss?” and he gives me aΒ big fierce kiss. πŸ˜€ It’s our nightly ritual now and he can’t sleep without it. When Jake puts him to bed he cries until I come up there and do our little kisses routine. Then, he’s fine. πŸ˜†

He’s getting better with Peanut too. I’m glad. He still has his moments, but I’m seeing more soft moments between him and Peanut too. He likes to just sit next to him and lay his hand on Peanuts back. It’s very sweet. I wish those were the ONLY kind of moments he had with Peanut, but he still antagonizes him quite a bit.Β  πŸ˜• Peanut is getting pretty good at defending himself though. heehee He growls at them and then does this pitiful bark that just makes you laugh. It makes Aidan scream like a little girl though. Peanut has backed him into a corner a few times and Jake and I just laugh at the site of a teeny tiny dog getting Aidan backed into a corner! πŸ˜†Β 

Now Dylan, he is getting too smart for his own good. 😯 HA!! The other day, he got a psank (as he pronounces it) and he said “Mommy, you’re psank didn’t hurt AT ALL.”Β  You can imagine what came next. πŸ˜‰

He’s been in timeout a lot lately. Thank you “Jon and Kate plus 8” for that refresher course. By the way, she (Kate) is my new hero, but more about that later. Anyway, I put X’s on the floor for each of the boys, in different spots. So now they know where to go for timeout and I don’t have to direct them or say “no, you can’t sit where YOU want to sit you have to sit HERE.” Now there’s an X that marks the spot so there’s no negotiating. Yeah, he’s been sitting on that X a lot the last few days for ARGUING. Oh that kid can argue till the cows come home!! And we don’t have cows. πŸ˜• Jake came home and wanted to know why I had duct taped X’s on the floors. HAHA!! Oh, and when Dylan says X it sounds a lot like ass. πŸ˜† Sorry, but it does. How did I find that out? He was told to go sit on his X and he said “I’m not gonna sit on my ass!” and I, after almost fainting said “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?!” and he said it again and it took me a minute to realize he said X. 😯 Well, so for arguing, his timeout got doubled. Doubling timeouts seems to be working with him. He HATES sitting there for that long. πŸ˜†

Today for snack they were eating prunes (which they LOVE) and Dylan said “Hey mommy, 3Β + 1 is 4!” and he was so proud. So was I!! I said “GREAT JOB BUDDY!!” Then I said “what is 4 + 1?” and he just stared at me and then said “5!” YEAH!!!!! I was super happy! So, that sparked a little math session right there and was adding one to everything. The only time he stumbled a bit was on 5 + 1. He thought it was 7. πŸ˜† I told him “buddy, do you know that you just did math? you added!” and he smiled so BIG! πŸ˜€ It was precious. Then we called my mom so he could tell her and he was so proud. Then we tried calling Jake’s mom but I couldn’t get her on either phone. Bummer. 😦

Owen has learned how to climb off of the couch on his own. That makes me REALLY happy! He learned doing it on the fatsak and then just kind of took it to the couch. He’s so cute when he does it too. It’s like he knows he’s accomplished something. He’s still not walking yet. He doesn’t even want to stand on his own much. He does once in a while, but gets shaky really fast. Jake is a little bothered that he isn’t walking yet b/c the other two were walking by now. Oh well, no rush. πŸ˜‰ He’s the last one anyway.

I’m convinced Owen thinks he’s a dog. HA!! He will NOT leave Peanut’s food and water bowls alone. At all!! I smack his hand and it doesn’t phase him. I remove him, he goes right back. The only thing is to put Peanut’s food up and out of the way but then he can’t get to it. I’ll need to figure out a better eating schedule for Peanut. Maybe before Owen gets up and then again at naptime and then one last time before bed. He eats a few times a day but MINIMAL amounts each time. This dog eats like a bird! 😯

Our weather has been really nice the last several days. It’s a welcome change from the two weeks of rain we had! The boys have been outside a LOT and even got sunburns on their necks. Of course Dylan’s has turned to a tan already. Aidan has a TON more freckles acrossed his nose and under his eyes. Oh I just LOVE his freckles. They make me smile. He is changing so much and starting to really fill out in his face. πŸ˜€ I love it. We played with water balloons yesterday and Monday. All 5 of us were out there having a water fight on Monday. Dylan got VERY upset when Jake and I were “fighting” over a cup of water and then Jake picked me up and carried me over to the hose. Dylan kept screaming “STOP IT!! STOP IT!!” HAHA!! πŸ˜† He later told me “You guys ruined all the fun.” Oh my!! heehee

We reserved a camp site for the end of this month. We are going the 30th through the 3rd of July. I really wanted to be back for the 4th b/c they usually do fireworks on base and I want to see them. You aren’t allowed to DO fireworks ON base of your own so I don’t know what we will do this year. Jake is really bummed. His two favorite holidays are the 4th of July and Christmas. πŸ˜† He LOVES fireworks!! Me, not so much. I can live without doing our own.

Not much else to report I don’t think. We’re pretty boring around here. πŸ˜† I say that a lot I think. HA!! It’s just the same ‘ol same ‘ol everyday of stuff with the kids and sometimes Jake and I get a night in there to hang out. HA!! We’ve been hanging out at night after the kids go to bed so that’s been nice. And we’re both trying to stay away from the computer and tv while the kids are up. We need to focus more on them and less on ourselves and our agenda. πŸ˜‰ Like right now, they’re napping. ALL three of them!! YESSSSSSS!!! heehee

Speaking of napping….I think I might squeeze one in there. πŸ˜‰


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  1. Hi Brandi,
    Now email me so that I can get you more baby Mark pics! haha
    Love you guys, hope everything is going good in Minot!


  2. Brandy, your day sounds like anything but boring. Three children can be a handful. Your nighttime ritual with Aiden is the kind of thing that makes it all worth while. At least I hope it does. πŸ™‚

    I does sound like Owen and Peanut are in some kind of competition. I did eat dog biscuits sometimes when I was young, but never dog food in a bowl. πŸ™‚

    It is great to see how well Dylan is doing with math, and family water fights are always fun.

  3. I am like ED. I ate dog biscuits too, but I was older. I did it with my aunt. We fully knew what we were doing. ewwww!

    I agree, your days are nothing but boring. Believe me, I have been with you for days on end. ha ha ha!!!

    Too funny about the water fight. hee hee. Kids always get upset when they think mom and dad are fighting. It’s sort of cute.

    I TOLD you that you would love Jon and Kate Plus 8. She is what keeps me going some days. If she can do it I KNOW I can do it. ha ha!! Isn’t she evil though?? She is so mean to her husband!! I mean she slaps him ALL of the time in the face. Eesh!!!

  4. i’m overwhelmed w/ my little life of stegall + slice…I’m so not ready for a “boring” life like yours! good glory, girlfriend!!!! You have more going on in a few days than I have the past 3 months w/ grad school, teaching, interning, and researching combined!!!!

  5. T? Do you have a nice wet nose and a glossy coatnow?? πŸ˜‰

    Hey Bwan- Muffin! sowwe have not dropped by lately!

    Sounds like your days are FULL girl!. full of lots of love especially πŸ™‚

    The thing with your comments on my blog – you have changed your comment name somehow ( wasn’t it Bwan before?) and your email and URL are now in block capitals whereas before they were not ( when i get e-mail notification of your commenting on my blog!

    Like i said though my blog ‘knows’ the new you now so that should not happen agin… but if it does i’ll soon sort it out πŸ™‚

    Love Ya


  6. You make me nostalgic for those days!!

    That’s all Math needs to be for the first few years – eventually I wrote down what we were saying to get them used to the symbols – just a few problems (10) – They’re all Math geniuses today…homeschooling is such fun when the teaching happens alongside everyday life!

    “Memories…light the corners of my mind…” πŸ˜‰

    Love you, Bran Muffin!!

  7. SEAN: email sent! πŸ˜€

    ED: Those kisses at night DO make it all worth it. It’s the sweetest thing ever. I love it at night before bed when they are sweet b/c to me that is the REAL them. πŸ˜€ I love it. ♥

    TERESA: Well, I guess our days aren’t lacking in stuff going on….but they seem boring sometimes. I’m thinking of doing a post of what I ACTUALLY do during the day. It’s amazing how little I get done but yet I’m constantly busy. πŸ˜• And I laughed really loud when you said you’ve been with me days on end. I instantly heard “SHHHH! Be quiet!” HAHA!!!
    And yes, I am IN LOVE with Jon and Kate plus 8. And no I don’t think she is evil! HA!! I really REALLY like her. They are a lot like Jake and I are when no one is around. But I don’t slap him. πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, it’s my new favorite show.

    CATHI: When I read “interning” I thought it said “interneting’ HAHA!!! πŸ˜† And I love when you say “good glory!” heehee Makes me laugh. How about we trade for a week? huh? huh? Ya wanna?

    LOVE! Even though you’ve not dropped by we still get our chat on! πŸ˜‰ That’s all that matters really. Okay, well maybe not, I still like to see your face here. ♥ I understand know what you are saying. I accidentally typed in all my info with caps lock on, and then I didn’t change it b/c I figured it didn’t matter….but it does! That must be why on my normal route I have to await moderation when I never did before?? πŸ˜• huh. Verrrry Verrry Innnterrrresting. ♥ you!

    MICHELLE: I’ll hire you to be my nanny? How about that? Then you can quench that nostalgia! HA!!! Seriously though, I’m contemplating having a girl come over a couple days a week for a few hours just to give me time to get stuff done without having to make the 1,000th snack/meal of the day in the middle of cleaning! HA!! Dylan is doing really good with adding 1 to everything. It seems really basic to us, but it’s actually a huge thing for his age and I am loving it. πŸ˜€ He’s such a smart little bugger!

  8. Love.. too funny! You found me out. ha ha.

    Brandy.. seriously?? You like her?I think she is awful! Did you see the one where she started screaming at him in the middle of Toys R Us? She is so rude to him. ack! Poor Jon. ha ha

  9. “interneting”…girlfriend, you got it bad! πŸ˜‰

  10. T, seriously! I LOVE HER! haha!! I would scream at him too to be honest. πŸ˜† He’s not assertive enough. But in the clips where they are sitting in the big chair together discussing the show, I love them both. They are so funny. And I love how REAL they are. They don’t put on fake smiles. If they’re pissed or fighting, it shows, and that makes me laugh. B/c really, that is TOTALLY how life is here…. just not to the degree of 8 kids…. obviously. πŸ˜† HA!!

    Cathi, I DO have it bad! 😯 I have four different posts running through my head right now. Two of which contain pictures. I hope I remember them. πŸ˜†

  11. Well I guess it could be that way. I just feel she is disrespectful of him. He is a bit emasculated on the show. Poor guy.

  12. two posts going through your head containing pictures…if that was taken literally…boy, that would hurt.
    but hey, it’s biblical to get the post out of your eye before you comment on the post in someone else’s….right! So all we’re doing here is being obedient!!! πŸ™‚

  13. Cathi!! HAHAHAHAH!! That is hilarious! heehee so funny! πŸ˜†

    T, yeah, I can see where she is disrespectful sometimes, but really, that dude is SOOO passive and quiet. He is totally like Jake. πŸ˜† HA!!

  14. i miss you. you should know that.

    (and kate is my hero too!)


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