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North Dakota is safe from global warming. I can assure you.

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So um, it is June right? It’s summer time, right? Usually by now people have a nice golden tone and are wearing strings of some sort for clothing, right?

Okay, well, NOT HERE. People! It is POURING down rain. Buckets. Like, you can’t see while you’re driving raining. Our windows are being bombarded with powerful rain. It is FREEZING out. The sky, it’s grey. Nasty ugly nasty grey. The trees are whipping around like crazy. My dog won’t poop or pee outside it’s so nasty. He’s tiny. 4 lbs. He would drown or get blown away. Poor thing.

I think I need a pocket full of sunshine today. πŸ˜†Β  But really, this weather makes me want to clean. Really really clean.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying some warm sunshine!!! I’ll be putting out my Christmas decorations b/c the weather is THAT bad. It HAS to be winter here. This is just insane!


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  1. Do like mama, sleep with a one piece full body Jammie suit on that zips up w/attached booties and hood and wear gloves. Sometimes at night I get confused – I am not sure if she is dressed for bed and is cold or if she is planning to go snow mobiling!

  2. The temps have been in the 90’s the last few days here in Connecticut.

    We did have some brief thunderstorms. I enjoy watching the wind and lightning.

    When you see and hear lightning do you unplug your computer and tv? I had an aunt, Aggie, who would literally dive across the room to unplug the tv when there was lighting.

  3. Hello Brandy,

    I just came across your other site that talked about the sweet potato allergy. I am searching because at 6 months old, my dd had what I thought was the flu. We actually took her to the ER because we couldn’t figure out what was happening. She was admitted for observation and was fine all evening. Two days later, after giving her sweet pot., the same thing happened. Again 5 days later. That is when it dawned on us it was apparently sweet potatos. My Dr. is going to do more research as well. I am not finding much but had found some of the same sites you located.

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless you!


    not that i’m DESPERATE or niffink!?


  5. eat ice cream shakes. it makes the world a better place.
    That, and replace your light bulbs w/ the indoor sunlamps…makes a difference, yes it does!!!

  6. global warming?????
    Global warming was falling in my lawn in the middle of April (read, snow in Oregon!)
    Darn media. :- )

  7. I would trade you some of that cold and rain…we have had minimal it dries up as soon as it hits the groung…and lasts 2 mnutes..and HOT!! upper 90’s with heat indexes up to 110 some days…yuk! love you and have been thinking and saying a prayer for you…i too want to see puppy pics…pwease bwandi!?

  8. Puppy pics are up!!! Just click on the link in the new post. Only a few pics of him though, more of the boys. πŸ˜‰

    Teresa, I would not be surprised if we see snow here soon. 😯 ugh. Sucks that we live in places with similar weather but so far apart. *sniff*

    Cathi, we have three of those lamps, but they are ugly. 😳 And my living room is pretty. πŸ˜† heehee I might have to whip them out though. Today is our only sunny day until next week and then it’s only ONE day next week. *sigh*

    Darla!!! OMGOSH!! What is up with your weather?? That is so hott. NO. THANKS. I agree. I would much rather have what we are having than what you are having. I hate heat. I don’t mind our weather but the poor boys hate it.

    Sassy, thanks for stopping by. I’m interested to know what you find out about your daughter. I’ll email you. πŸ˜‰

    LOVE! I just added some pics in a new post. Check’em out!

    Ed, you always have some interesting and funny stories about your Aunt Aggie! HA!! Actually, I had thought about unplugging all of my neighbors stuff b/c they are out of town….but unplug my computer?? Are you nuts?? πŸ˜† HAHA!!

    Papa, mama’s pajamas are making me giggle! HA!! heehee They sound comfy cozy! Do they have a hatch door in the back? πŸ˜‰ heehee

  9. Teresa, you’ll just LOVE the new pics I sent you. heeehee I picture you breaking out into hives just looking at them. HAHA!!!


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