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Aaaaaaaaaaand, I’m back.

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Yeah, so, if you noticed, I was kind of avoiding my blog a bit. I REALLY didn’t feel like posting so I didn’t. I did feel like commenting elsewhere, so I did. It was nice. I think I might “break” more often.Β  Even though I wasn’t posting HERE, I was posting in my head. A lot. And it was annoying. I couldn’t turn it off. Dang blogging addiction!! 😯

So I never OFFICIALLY announced the whole new puppy thing. Peanut. The boys named him Peanut. I am less than thrilled with his name, but…it’s stuck. I tried to change it a few nights ago and felt guilty about it. I know… he doesn’t even know his name yet, but still I felt guilty. So, Peanut he is. This morning though a nickname of sorts just popped out of my mouth for him…. The Nut. I told the kids “I need to let The Nut out of his house first” and there it was. The Nut. Or… just Nut. We’ll see how this goes. I don’t like Peanut b/c when I’m in the yard “training” him, and he runs too far, I yell “PEA-NUT!” and it sounds really funny. Try it. Say “Peanut” really sternly. It comes out funny. Doesn’t roll off the tongue. Eh, the kids love his name so that’s all that matters anyway, right?

UPDATE: Jake is NOT going to 7 Level School now. I’m not positive on all the details of why he’s not going, I just know he’s not. So that is a relief for me. Although, getting it done and over with would have been nice too…. but this is okay. I wasn’t ready to do two weeks alone here just yet. I’m a wimp. I know. πŸ˜‰ I would never make it alone on a deployment. *KNOCK ON WOOD* That’s just sad.

Jake’s parents are coming in August! Yeah! So that makes our summer half way awesome…. the other half would be if the other grandparents could make it too….then it would be a summer complete with grandparents! We are excited to have them come and see the new digs. πŸ˜‰ Jake is even going to take leave when they come so we can get a camping trip in there too. Oh, my friend Toni is *thinking* about coming up as well. She says we are “penciled in” for July. πŸ˜† heehee I hope I don’t get erased! 😯

This morning we were playing games (O was still asleep) and one was Memory. I got it from Oriental Trading Company, it’s wooden squares that you put face down and have to flip them over two at a time to match them up. It comes in this cute carrying bag too that ties so it stays all put together. ANYWAY, I was getting really frustrated b/c Aidan was NOT getting the concept of the game at all. I mean, REALLY frustrated.Β  I don’t have patience for that sort of thing. Dylan totally got it and was doing really good. But Aidan, driving me nuts. So, I said “we’re DONE” and tried to put it away when it dawned on me (read: God tapped me on the shoulder), I was being unreasonable, not Aidan. So, we flipped them all over and just decided to match up all the animals that way. It was still a “matching game” that way and I also had them tell me which animal it was and what sound it made. So, it turned out good. I was glad I got a tap on the shoulder. πŸ˜‰

When we were putting the pieces away I had them make the animal sounds and Aidan had the pig, so I asked him what sound a pig made and he plugged his nose and snorted! HAHA!! I BURST out laughing b/c it was SO FUNNY.Β  It was just a funny moment. I loved it. Dylan makes this pig sound that sounds NOTHING like a pig and it’s my favorite…..b/c it’s so NOT a pig sound….but it’s the sound he made for a pig when he was a baby. heehee Aidan always tries to make a pig sound but never can figure it out….so he just plugged his nose! HAHA!! Ahhh, guess you had to be there. πŸ˜†

I was telling the boys about Peanuts appt with the Vet for this afternoon and how he has to get shots so he doesn’t get sick….kind of like the shots they got when they were babies. Dylan gets this ANNOYED look on his face and says “But I’m sick RIGHT NOW” and he said it so “matter-of-factly” and the look on his face was hilarious. HAHA!! Little stinker.

Last night putting Aidan to bed he whispered to me “I want to kiss you on the cheek” and he gave me the sweetest little peck on the cheek. I loved it. πŸ˜€ He’s also into “Butterfly Kisses” right now. heehee Too cute.

The other day I was explaining to them about Tornadoes and what to do if we hear the sirens and what not. They were a little confused about what it was so I showed them some video on YouTube. I was worried it would scare them, but it didn’t. Dylan was very intrigued by them and Aidan didn’t like it at first but then he kept asking to watch them. HA!! I didn’t want to watch anymore (b/c I’m the fraidy cat) so I said “Let’s watch something else” and I remembered that my sister in law showed Kambrie rollercoasters on YouTube so I found some of those for them to watch. They were SO FUNNY watching them. Aidan was saying “Dat not nice, dats mean” b/c people were screaming. Β HAHA!!! He warmed up to it finally. Now they keep asking but I’ve cut them off. πŸ˜†

The weather this week has been AWFUL!!!!! Rainy, cloudy, cold, windy….. not very good “outside” weather. I don’t mind it, b/c I like being inside, but the boys are restless and climbing the walls. Yesterday was an AWFUL day with them. I was at my wits end. Jake came home and I wanted to pull my hair out by that point! 😯 I said “I’m DONE” when he came in only to have him say he was going to the gym. UGH! Later that night though I took about an hour for myself and took a long bath and then a shower and used my new Arbonne Detox stuff. I smelled good when I was done. πŸ˜‰ Jake and all three boys and Peanut were outside making a fire in the fit pit. Jake was drying out some wood we bought this weekend…it was a little damp from the rain.

Something new we are going to start doing…… going to the gym everyday when Jake gets home. They have a family room there with all cardio machines and a play area for the kids. We will take turns doing weights and cardio so someone is always with the kids. The bummer about the family room is you have to watch your own kids. It’s not like a childcare set up….. you have to watch them while you work out and the only thing they offer in that room is cardio. Sooo, while one of us is doing cardio the other will be doing weights or whatever else in the other part of the gym, and then after about 30 minutes, we’ll switch again. I like this plan. I’m excited to get it going…..tomorrow. Today we have to go the vet when Jake gets home. πŸ˜‰

Okay, that’s all i have time for now…… tummies are growling and kids are begging for food! πŸ˜†


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  1. indianlakepapa

    I love how you bring us up to date! Miss you when you don’t blog!

    love you – peanut!

  2. Since I enjoyed reading the Peanut comic strip I like the name your boys gave the dog.

    I like reading your up dates. Kids, one minute they make you cry with joy and the next they drive you crazy. I can see there is never a dull moment in your life.

    It is great to see you guys do everything as a family, including working out. Although as much as your kids keep you running around I don’t know how you have any energy for a workout.

    It is also great to hear about all the company you will be having this summer. I hope your famliy can make it up before too long as well.

  3. !!!

    i wanna see the pea-nut! πŸ™‚



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