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A blog I read regularly, Bring The Rain, is in need of some serious prayer. For some reason I feel very led to repost this here in hopes that more will pray. I am just in tears over what this family has gone through. Please, go, pray, pray some more. And if you’re like me, cry a little.


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  1. We need to share in each others time of sorrow and be a prayer support!

  2. Brandy,

    Thanks so much for sharing this need.
    That blog is deeply impacting, and the story about the pitcher profound.

    It’s so hard to understand why God would allow some things to happen, especially to one extended family, and so close together.

    I have no doubts though that He will receive great glory through their brokenness, and as that powerful pitcher illustration depicted, He will ‘shine brightly through’ the gaps.

    Nicole (formerly of Selah) has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard!

    And if we had had a son, we were going to name him Luke too.

    Praying for them too because of you,

  3. What a heart breaking story. They will be in my prayers.

  4. I just left a message on their blog and I am praying for God to continue to comfort them as He promises to do in His Word.

    *hugs* to you for your compassionate heart

  5. am still at Brent and tammy’s – will check this out after 🙂


  6. Brandy,

    You’ve probably been keeping up on ‘Bring the Rain’s blog, but I wanted to direct any others there who may not have visited again since your post.

    The entry today was heartbreaking yet inspiring at the same time. Truly any who have experienced ‘loss’ of any kind will be deeply impacted by what has been written there.

    It is in the ‘mourning’ that joy will eventually come, and we can all cling to that hope with them, however we are able to identify with their pain.


  7. confession: i lurk there. and a layer of my heart is peeled back with every reading…

  8. Mandy, same here. 😦 It’s weird how you can carry around an ache in your heart for people you don’t even know.

  9. Okay Brandy – I got sucked in to reading her blog and now it’s on my favorites and I can’t believe how much my heart is breaking for their family. I also checked on Mia a lot more than normal after reading of their most recent loss. 😦 Thank you for sharing that. She has an incredible way of writing that shows her ability to be transparent in all of her heartache.


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