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I spoke too soon and now I’m eating my words with my foot in my mouth.

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So we discovered last night that someone stole Jake’s pellet rifle out of the garage. All of his “big guns” are in a locked gun cabinet in our room in the far back of our walk in closet, so they are safe. But his pellet rifle was in the garage in the back corner and it was standing up but Jake had draped his coveralls over it and tucked them around it and stuck it in with some other stuff, totally hidden. Well, someone had the stones to walk into our garage WHILE WE WERE HOME and take it. I mean seriously! We have never left the garage open when we weren’t home, so it had to be WHILE we were home. And the crappy thing is that during the day I like to crack the garage door….it has an automatic opener on it so I just open it like 1-2 feet for ventilation, b/c our garbage is in there and so is the diaper pail. So it could have been during the day when we are home. And I go out there a LOT during the day to throw diapers away. What would “they” have done had I walked in on them in our garage holding one of our guns??????   I mean, granted it shouldn’t have been in the garage at all (that is another complaint entirely) but still…. someone either had to slide under a partially opened garage door or ran in quick when Jake was mowing the yard the other day. We know it happened at some point in the last couple of days b/c when Jake was in the garage a few days ago was when he covered it up with his coveralls.

I know that in a post I did last week I said I felt entirely safe on base, and I still do, but I am just SO ANNOYED that someone did that. I couldn’t care less about the gun. I mean, I do care, but I’m not all upset about the loss of a pellet rifle, y/k? I’m more mad that someone had the nerve to do it in the first place. And WHO wouldn’t see someone walking down the street with a big ol gun?! That is kinda why I think it might be the neighbor kids b/c they are always hanging out in our driveway (shared double driveway) and it could have been a quick hide for them. We are going to go over there tonight and just let them know we had something stolen and ask them to ask their kids if they saw anyone besides us come out of our garage since they are out there a lot. Hopefully, if they saw someone (or know anything else) they will tell us.

Security Forces said there isn’t much they can do b/c it was a crime of opportunity and we shouldn’t have given them the opportunity.  😕  That is annoying. I understand it, but it’s still annoying. I guess b/c I don’t feel like we GAVE an opportunity. I could see if we were GONE and left the door open and it happened…well then bad on us for being stupid. But we have never done that. I’m so annoyed……mostly about them having the nerve to do it while we were home.

And we’re on base for cying out loud!!! ANd yes T, I hear you I hear you I hear you. I HEAR YOU.  😆  Being on base isn’t a guarantee of anything, but for those who’ve lived on a base, you know it’s a different community and stuff like this just isn’t as much of a worry….or SHOULDN’T be anyway.  😐

Okay, there. I ranted. I vented. I’m done.


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  1. that kind of “personal space violation” would make me feel uneasy as well.

    i’ve got a pouty lip for you right now.

  2. Brandy, my guess is that you are right it was kid(s) who stole Jake’s pallet rifle. I think kids are the same every where. That it happened during the day while you were home is the most upsetting thing.

  3. Alece, thank you hon for the pouty lip. 😉 heehee

    ED!!!! HEY!! How was your time with the cats? 😉 heehee YES! I am very bothered that it happened while we were home. There is no other time it could have happened. 😕 Frustrating for sure.

  4. sometimes just ranting and venting is enough…always amazes me how good I feel after a rant! 🙂

  5. Gotta love the Security Forces ‘consideration’ huh?

    Is that the kind of society we have spent the last 400 years creating? Someone robs us and it’s our fault for giving them an ‘opportunity’???

    If i want to leave my house/car/garage doors windows open and or unlocked that is MY RIGHT.

    Anyone who breaks the law by taking advantage of this is BREAKING THE LAW!

    Since when did law enforcement officers’ roles include berating us for giving burglars ‘opportunity’? and leaving it in the ‘too hard for poor, overworked us’ basket.

    I could rant for hours on this subject – can’t you tell? 🙂

    I HOPE it is kids learning and trying to ‘push’ what their boundaries are – cos id’ hate to think an adult from base could sink that low!

    Were there other things in the garage that could have been stolen and easily hidden on the person? Power tools eg.?

    Sounds like your idea about asking your neighbour for their help is a good choice! I hope it sorts things out for you both and Jake gets his pwecious gun back! 😉

    Sweet Dreams, Bran ♥


  6. A crime of opportunity??
    OH THAT’S RICH!!!!!
    I JUST LOVE the Government. My tax dollars VERY HARD at work.

    *rolling eyes*

  7. Yes, that whole “crime of opportunity” crud is very annoying.

    Love, I am SO with you on this one. Gone are they days of leaving your doors unlocked…even just to go check the mail!!

    The other stuff in the garage, well as far as we can tell there wasn’t anything else missing, BUT, we also don’t have everything organized in there yet either. So really, who knows, but nothing obvious like the gun. 😐

  8. Teresa, I knew you’d love this one. 😕 har har huh?

  9. Brandi…yes! A rant is always so relieving! 😆

  10. ((checking something))

  11. Looks like it is working fine 🙂

  12. Not on here…I’m still the monster??? Are you seeing me?

  13. OH. Nevermind. I got it. 😐 heehee 😉

  14. But seriously, it’s not doing my (real) face.

  15. I see you just find. Your newer avatar is up.

  16. That is SO WEIRD b/c I still see the monster dude. ODD. huh.

  17. Did you refresh the page?

  18. Well crap.

    Why did I have to refresh when I’ve come back to this page several different times from other blogs??? I’m so confused. Good grief.

    yes, now I see it. 😆

  19. and no, I’m not logged in….oh wait, crap, I am logged in b/c I just posted something…. well, I guess I’ll figure it out tomorrow then. HA!

  20. Refresh is your friend 🙂

    When you come back to a page it remembers what it looked like before you came back. Some things don’t change. When you refresh it resets the memory and makes it look to see if anything has changed.

  21. oooooooh! HAHA!!

    I never knew that. huh.

    Thanks B! 😉

  22. We all need ‘refreshing’ – or the ‘old’ us can come back – one piece at a time. 😉

    B is SO helpful!

    No more bad hair day Brandy??? Awwww (Tee-hee)


  23. ♥ you Love!!

    My lids are heavy though so I must be going. *sigh*

    I miss the days of late night chats. 😉

    Love yew!

  24. Would be cool 8) to have another not-so-late- night chat! – i have not tried out my chat room yet!

    Hope you are getting better sleep and the boys are co-operating in that too?

    Have a Great Day tomorrow cutie 🙂


  25. Little One – never thought you would rant! You seem so calm – just like mama! I hate to have my “security” screwed with – I am a nice guy, but mess with my sense of security and I don’t let it go. Not a good issue to have to deal with. Now you have to look over your shoulder. Bummer!

  26. What would “they” have done had I walked in on them in our garage holding one of our guns??????

    Well, speaking hypothetically, would you be packing a loaded diaper at the time?

    btw, I like the new avatar pic. You look like a colon-D.

    And I don’t know about kids… my money is on Kay. Opportunity, motive… hmmm.


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