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NMFAPIMWLC, shopping, and teeth!!

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So this begins MY third week on the NMFAPIMWLC. I think I’m about a week behind everyone?? But that’s okay, right? 😉

Unlike some others, I’m mainly focusing on how I feel physically and mentally.  My weight doesn’t concern me as much as how I feel physically does. So, my observations this week? I feel better, despite being sick. Sounds odd I know. But really, I am not DRAGGING all day like I was before. I felt like I was moving through molasses most days. Plus I feel more motivated to do stuff around here too. I just FEEL better overall. Which is good since I needed to feel better to battle this crappy cold/stomach bug I’ve got.  My weight hovers around 145/150 and I’m okay with that. I’m not overweight, but I could stand to tone up a bit. Jake is going to start going to the gym this week and I asked him to check out the family work out room and see if I would be able to do some weight lifting with the kids in there. I can do cardio at home, but I’d like to do weights at the gym. My eating this week was much better. I watched my portion sizes, snacked on fruits and veggies, and only ate out once. 😀 BUT, that has been cancelled out by eating out all weekend.  😳  Even still, I have done considerable well with my portions and choices. One thing I need to keep an eye on and make sure I do better….DRINK MORE WATER.  Sounds so easy but it is so hard when you are busy putting the needs of three little boys ahead of your own all day.  😕  So my goal this week: Keep up with the better food choices and portions and drink more water. Oh yeah, and try to incorporate some more excericise into my routine. 😉

TEETH!!! WE HAVE TEETH!!! Baby O has two bottom teeth coming up and the same time! I am SO EXCITED! He is nearly 11 months old and only just now getting teeth. My other two had several teeth by the time they were 6 months so for Owen to go this long was just strange for me. This kid is getting quite the personality. I love it. 😀  ♥  He is starting to communicate pretty well with us, considering he doesn’t know how to use words yet. 😉 I love seeing his little facial expressions…and it’s interesting seeing his face when he KNOWS he’s been “caught” doing something. heehee It’s so funny.

The boys did AWESOME today at Tasha’s house. 😀 I was so happy. I was anxious the whole time we were gone, but they did so good and when it came time to pick them up they didn’t want to leave!! 😯  That is always a good sign. 🙂  Tomorrow Tasha’s older daughter (14) is coming over to sit with the boys for about 30 minutes until Jake gets home. I am leaving to go with my neighbor to get her hair done but Jake gets home 30 minutes after I have to leave. So that will work out good. I’m going with my neighbor b/c 1) I want to check out the salon and 2) she wants my haircut. 😉 HA!! That makes me blush.  😳  After that I am going with her to another Arbonne party so that will be fun to meet more people.

Jake and I really enjoyed our afternoon together today. After the movie went went checked out a couple stores. We each got a new pair of shoes. I got a really cute pair for this summer, which I would show you via a link but I just checked and their page is down. Irritating. They are REALLY cute.  😆  I also got some wallflowers at Bath and Body so now I’m sitting in a yummy smelling living room. 😉

Tonight we went out to dinner to a chinese buffet/mongolian restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of chinese buffet AT ALL, but this was pretty good considering it was buffet.  After that we went to…where else…walmart. 😆  I had to get some curtains for the living room. My window scarves weren’t cutting it in this living room. I also picked out some paint samples to decide on. I’m so excited to paint! 😀 It’s going to be so homey in here when we are done with it. I got some other household accessories too but nothing blogworthy. 😆 In fact I’m probably the only one who thinks this is blogworthy as it is! 😆 Well, my mother in law is happy with the blog too….especially when it has tidbits about the boys. 😉


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  1. what scent are your wallflowers?

  2. oooh I got two of the Enchanted Orchid, one Coconut Lime Verbena (I have this in the foam soap too and I ♥ it) and Lilac Blossom


  3. mmm… coconut lime verbena is one of my all-time favorite smells. i have the body spray, lotion, and foam soap back home in SA.

  4. it is WONDERFULLY delicious! 😉 I love it.

  5. Yea for Baby O having teeth!! He’s like Gabe. Took him awhile! But he did OK w/o them. ha ha.

    Glad everything went OK with teh boys at your friends house. Did they drop any F bombs yet??
    ha ha

  6. Hey Brandi,
    Just stopping in to cheer you on in your nmghehgiwc thing! 🙂 I love how we all doing different stuff but altogether. I love reading your comments on InWorship’s blog. You are so cute!

  7. Yo!

    Sounds like you are doing good. That makes me smile 🙂

    Hey look, my emoticon worked…

  8. “Hey look, my emoticon worked…”

    HAHAHAHA!!! 😆

    Mine too!! 😯


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