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Me So Sick

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*GAG* Sorry, I’m really sick. *GAG* And I keep having this *GAG* reflex going on due to medication *GAG* that I told the doctor I was allergic *GAG* to but he insisted I probably wasn’t *GAG* allergic to it.   🙄

Z-pack. Azythromycin. Makes my tummy curdle. I have a sinus infection. Maybe. Or not. Don’t know. This doctor, who was weird, said to me “sinus infections are rarely bacteria related so you don’t really NEED antibiotics for them.” Then he proceeded to poke and squeeze my face until I said “OW!” and then he said “well that seems to be tender there.”  There being right between the eyes and under my left eye. Then he sat down and said “well that sore spot right there seems show signs of something, not sure if it’s a sinus infection though. I don’t REALLY like to prescribe antibiotics so I always make sure there are other routes to take. But in this case, I guess I could give you one.”  HUH?!?!?!?! Did he just completely contradict himself???

Then he says “Are you allergic to anything?”  Me, “well yes, yes I am allergice to several things.” I list off everything I am allergic to, one being the Z-pack. I told him it made me vomit when I took it during a pregnancy, but before the pregnancy, it never had any side effects. Just that one time, but I haven’t taken it since then. What does he do?? Prescribe me the Z-pack and say “Well I think it just might have been the pregnancy that caused you to have a reaction to it before.” Really?! REALLY?! Huh.  😐

So now, here I sit, with a towel in my lap, feeling like COMPLETE CRUD and *GAGGING* my way through mommy duties. Oh yes, and Jake has to go to work tonight. Sweet. 

Pray for me. Please. Pretty pretty please.   😥


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  1. This probably won’t help very much – but i would think that your body is undergoing a pretty traumatic amount of stress right about now (and has for a while i’m thinking?) 🙂

    Hang in there Muffin! give your body time to adjust to ND and keep up the healthy eating and exercise and try to do whatever you can to get that sleep – i cannot say often enough how important that is to us.

    Will pray for all of the above – as He Will’s it.

    Should i feel a tad flattered by the new blog look? I had to to a double take when i could not find your beautiful blue eyes looking back at me! 😉

    I know it’s dumb to say – but rest up Bran, and get well soon 🙂


  2. Love, I’m doing some “blog maintenance” and I don’t know how yours ended up there… I think it happened when I was trying to see it with my custom header, only it didn’t upload my header. 😕 I’m waiting for the server maintenance to be done so I can fix it.

    I will for sure be getting some sleep. I am finally where I have Owen sleeping in his room the last two nights so I hope tonight goes as well… soon as he stops crying. 😦

    Yes, sleep is VERY important and I have not gotten enough of it lately. With Owen sleeping in his own bed permanently (I HOPE!) that will be changing. 😉

  3. LOVE! Nothing you say to me is dumb. 😀

    ♥ you!

  4. &hearts you right back 😀

    New ‘look’ – they are adorable, but i see now why you have your hands FULL 🙂

    Good job their Mom was brought up STRONG 🙂


  5. dang – ♥ you right back 😉


  6. Aren’t they ORNERY looking???? 😯 heehee

    My tum tum is settling down a bit. Whew. I was nervous there for a bit.

    I’m gonna reply to all of the answers on my Oprah post and then head to bed. Maybe…I hear a faint cry still in O’s room. *sigh*

  7. oh man… i’m sorry to hear you’re so sick… and that your medication made you even sicker. what’s up with that?! feel better QUICK!

  8. Thank you Father God for who you are. Thank you that you are a God of mercy; a God of grace; a God of unconditional love. Thank you for this beautiful day that you have made in all your glory. I pray that you would give us strength and joy to be glad and rejoice in it! Father I thank you for your healing stripes. Thank you that you have declared in your Word that you are the God that heals us. Father I lift up my sister Brandy to you for complete healing. Touch her Father in the name of Jesus. I come against any bacteria, any infection, any other form of infestation caused by the enemy and claim her strength and healing in the name of Jesus! Father I pray that during this process of healing you would allow her the sweet rest you promise in your Word. Send angels to step in and carry some of the burden while she recovers. Touch her children Father that they may have first and foremost peace concerning their mother being sick but also touch them Father that they make the burden easier on her while she recovers. Touch her husband Father that he may show support and encouragement to his wife during this time. Bless him in his efforts to aid her recovery for your Word declares Lord that two are better than one. Bless their marriage Father and their daily routine of being parents.
    Thank you Father that your Word declares that where two or more are gathered in your name surely you are present and we know that in this little blog world of ours, many are gathere in your name so we welcome your presence and thank you for Brandy’s healing. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

    ~LOVE YOU~

  9. AH! Yayles, you are too precious for words. I am so humbled by your friendship. 🙂 Thank You. You bless my heart. ♥

    Alece, kinda stinks when meds that make you better have to make you worse first.

    Good News today though…. My head is relieved of all pain so that is GREAT and I am up and around today. 😀 I made it through the night with a towel by my side. 😆 It has moved to my chest but I’m feeling so much better besides that. AND, I got some good sleep last night…thank you God for helping baby Owent to sleep! 😀 Baby O did wake up with a cough of sorts though, but I’m sure with some cool air he’ll be good as new. 😉


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