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A kid on the mend, and an anniversary to remember.

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Well the doctor wasn’t much help AT ALL yesterday. In fact it was a big waste of time….well, maybe not. It ruled out that he wasn’t DYING.    🙄   The doctor checked him out and told Jake that it was just a touch of nauseau.  😯 REALLY? JUST A TOUCH?! 🙄 He gave Jake a recipe for “Coke Syrup” which was a can of regular coke with four tablespoons of sugar, heated until the fizz is gone, then 1 teaspoon of it every ten minutes for an hour. And then clear liquids in the same dose after that. The coke syrup was just to calm his upset stomach I guess. He only got two doses of that b/c he fell asleep and he was keeping water down pretty good so I didn’t bother with it after that. And seriously, ADDING sugar to soda for a sick kid? 😕 So anyway, he sipped on water and some very diluted apple juice last night and had two crackers and then went to bed around 11. He slept very well through the night and woke up wanting to eat. I let him have some peanut butter toast and water and half a banana. He ate all that and seemed fine. He went outside with Dylan for a few minutes but then came back in and sat on the couch with a movie. He may be keeping the food and water down, but he is still very weak. He can’t really go up the stairs all the well yet. He had me carry him up for naptime. And earlier when he tried to go downstairs to the play room he really was unsteady. Poor kid, hasn’t had a full meal since Saturday morning. I am sure his little body is just so tired and weak. 😦 I am so glad and thankful though that he is seeming better today. Thank you God! And thank you to everyone who continued to pray for him. 😉 Now my biggest prayer is that the rest of us don’t get it. 😀 Amen!

Oh, something funny that made me think “yep, he’s feeling better” was that he no longer wants loves or cuddles. HAHA!! The whole time he was on the couch these past two days he wanted me near him at all times, if not laying with him or holding him. This morning I tried to sit close to him and hold him and he pulled back and said “No Mommy” which is completely typical for him. 😆 HA! Mr. Independant! I never thought I’d like to hear “No Mommy” as much as I did this morning. It made me laugh really, b/c that was the first glimpse of normal Aidan. 😀 He did however want me to lay with him and read him a book at naptime, which I always love.   ♥ 

OH!! Also, today is our Anniversary. *sigh* Seven years. It doesn’t seem like it at all. It has gone so fast. But on the other hand, so much has happened in seven years. Seven years and three kids later and here we are. 😀 I can honestly say I have loved it, not every minute of it, but overall I have loved it. I can’t wait to see where we are in seven more years. 😉 How are we commemorating this anniversary???? Probably with take out from the bowling alley and watching some tv while wrangling the kids into bed. 😉 Last year we went for an entire week to the coast and camped in our trailer. Ahhh that was a great week. 😀 We came home a day early though b/c of the weather and b/c we were…..bored. 😆 HAHA! We had done all there was to do and we were missing the kids. Here is a picture of us from then.

And then here’s me with the big preggo belly I had! 😯


yes I was “large and in charge” 😆 HA!! Okay now after looking back through all of those pictures to find these I want to cut my hair again. 😕 Stop me. Please. 😆

Okay, that’s about all the lovey-dovey-ness I can muster today. Which wasn’t much. 😕 😆 All the kiddos are now napping…. YAHOO! So I am going to go do something by myself. Hmmm, maybe take a shower? 😆


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  1. Happy Anniversary Brandi! May God continue to bless your union and help you both grow in love and in truth. Praise God for Aidan’s healing!!!! Love you hon XOX

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Stay away from that 7 year itch. ha ha ha!! J/K I always joked with Nate about it during our 7 year. Luckily I quit scratching. ha ha ha!!!

    But seriously, happy anniversary!!!!

    And about the hair… when I saw that picture I thought “wow, her hair looks SO MUCH BETTER NOW” so dont cut it OK??? :- )

    And, I am very glad to hear that Mr Aidan is feeling better. That is great news.

  3. Congratulations on your seventh anniversary Brandy. I did not realize that was the bowling alley take out anniversary? 🙂 Any anniversary spent with your loved ones is a great day.

    I am very happy to see Aiden is getting better, even if his recovery is slower than what you want to see. I am beginning to wonder about this doctor of yours. Does he have an actual medical degree on his wall?

    Short hair is a lot easier to take care of and as busy as you are it might make sense to cut your. It does come down to how will you feel when you look at your self in the mirror. 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    So…Ummm…did he remember this one?

  5. happy anniversary!

    what’s your hair look like now???

  6. (Alece…shhh, I’m not really “here” but I’ll post a picture tomorrow 😉 )

  7. Hey Bran! happiest of anniversaries!!!!! What did you do to your hair????lol

    I’m so sorry you’ve had sick kiddo…..I’ll be praying for all of ya! Turn the computer off for a week????? Is that like blog fasting??? Hmmmmm…. Love you! 😉

  8. (yay – can’t wait to see it.

    and … wait a minute…. are you really blog fasting??? GASP!)

  9. I’m always late!!

    Happy Belated Anniversary 😀

    Your pregnant pic is so cute, was that just last year?

    I love big bellies and I can not lie… 😯


  10. Yes Michelle that was me last year at this time!! 😯 I get HUUUUUUUGE when I am pregnant. 😉 That was only about 6/7 months pregnant there too. 😳


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