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You in the mirror starin’ back at me
Oh, conscience let me be
To the pure, all things are pure
To those who’re defiled, unbelieving, nothing is pure
Their minds, their conscience defiled
They profess to know God
But deceive Him by deeds all the while

Where do I stand?
On the rock or in the sand?
Oh, Holy Spirit won’t You help me understand?

Holy Spirit, won’t You say a prayer for me?
With your groanings
My mind, my conscience defiled
Send the blood of the lamb don’t leave me in exile

What was that promise on the cross at Calvary?
Confess the Lord and the truth shall set you free (yeah)
Create in me a clean heart, O God
Renew a steadfast spirit whithin me
To my prayers you’ve always given heed

Blessed be thy God
Who never turned away from me
Hid his face from all my sin, forgot
Forgot my iniquity

(Go on and)
Raise your hands sing praises to the Lord
He is the King and He’ll reign forevermore
He died on the cross at Calvary
He died to save a wretch like me


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  1. Wow, there are no words….I just stand in awe of our Savior. Hope your have a super day! You need to put your laugh on a you tube….it’s contagious, I was just thinking about that 😉

  2. This was great! Who’s singing?

  3. It’s by Jennifer Knapp. Look her up on YouTube. There are a few more, but not a lot of her. Her favorite song that she sings is Faithful To Me. I love it! I wish I could find that online too b/c my cd that had that on it (from FOREVER ago) I lost years ago. I remember the song though, and I love it.

    Deb, if I knew how to put my laugh on youtube I totally would and have that be the first thing anyone heard when they clicked on my blog. It’d scare the pants off of them! HAHAHA!! 😉

  4. Your laugh is contagious! You are a very special young lady. just think Brandy – Christ died for us – wretched you and me – all of us.

  5. That is a beautiful song and clip Bran! 🙂

    I think there is a very important point that gets confused by many – right at the end; John 3:16

    specifically, that it is whoever believeth IN Him – not ON him.

    Semantics? I don’t think so in this case.

    True Believers are IN Christ – following Him Only, never any other (He and The Father Are One!)

    Many will believe ON him and cast out devils in his name and he will say ‘Begone! I never knew you’ (Matt 7:23)

    It is good for us that we understand this clearly.


  6. Papa… thank you. 😀 😳

    Love… I agree with you 100%! A lot people believe there was Jesus the man, but not everyone believes IN Jesus the Christ. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  7. I enjoyed the song Brandy. I really like the music and Jennifer Knapp sings with a great deal of passion.


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