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So I’ve not been spending a lot of time thinking about posting or wanting to post. I’ve actually been spending a lot time at Love’s, Mandy’s, Tam’s, and Michelle’s and it’s been pretty fun. πŸ˜‰ You should really check them out. πŸ˜€

Tomorrow (friday) we are going to look at aΒ Cockapoopoo at a breeders house about 45 minutes outside of Minot. Kind of excited, but nervous about getting a dog. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a dog, but we know we really want one too. Jake said tonight “do we REALLY want to do this?” and I said “well do you think you will ever NOT wantΒ a dog or stop talking about wanting a dog?” And that wasn’t specific to him, that’s both of us I was talking about. It’s a big undertaking, but we’ve missed having a dog.

Tammy and Mandy have done a HILARIOUS video for Blogging Etiquette that you should check out if you haven’t already. Seriously funny. You can see it HERE or HERE.

Jake goes back to work, official work, on Monday. I guess that is when “real life” will begin. Meaning, he won’t be home to hang out during the day. *sigh* Oh well, it had to end sometime right??

I have been having the WORST dreams lately. Absolutely awful dreams. The kind where you wake up sick to your stomach and MAD and sad and almost crying. I hate those kind of dreams. They ruin my whole day. Like this morning, I woke up COMPLETELY thinking my dream last night was real, and I was so upset and it made me grumpy for my whole day. It’s emotionally draining when you have such awful dreams like that. This happens every once in awhile where I dream like this for a period of time. I don’t know why, but I would like it to stop.

Owen has become an even BIGGER night owl than before, if that’s possible. The kid is sucking the life out of me. Also, he is more clingy than ever before and I can’t figure out why. I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it b/c it’s getting old really fast. πŸ˜† I can’t even walk up the stairs w/o him freaking out.

OH! Speaking of stairs, he KNOWS when the gate has been left unlatched and he boogies to those stairs so fast! He can make it up them so fast too. He gets to the landing before the next set of stairs and I catch him and he gets all giggly and smiles and claps his hands while he bounces up and down. He loves it. Little stink. Soooo, now I’ve started letting him climb the stairs as long as I am right behind it. He thinks it’s so fun.

The boys and I went to the library twice this week. Once with all five of us, the second time just me and the older two. They LOVE IT. They have never been to a library before and they are just SO EXCITED about it. And it has really affected them when it comes to reading too. Now Dylan is practically BEGGING us to read to him. πŸ˜€ I love it. πŸ˜€ I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there this summer, as it is only a 15 minute walk at most.

We found a park that is only three blocks from our house. I am so excited about that b/c I won’t need the truck during the day like I had thought I would. We can just walk to that park when Jake is at work instead of the one that is almost 2 miles away. So with that and the library being so close we should be able to keep busy during the day while Jake is at work.

I’ve gotten some decorating done around here. Not a lot, but some. Everything is unpacked besides TONS of boxes of books. I am waiting to get some bookshelves for all of them before I unpack them. I have so many books it’s ridiculous, more than I thought I had. 😳 I don’t want them laying all over here like they were at our house before.

I’m back to cooking too so that is good. πŸ˜€ The boys keep asking for Meat Muffins. HAHA! πŸ˜† They love those things! The other day when I made them I didn’t use my muffin tin, I just balled them up and made meat balls out of them. I like that better b/c it made more that way and the boys loved the balls. haha!

Okay, that’s enough random for now. Besides, O is up…..again….. *sigh*


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  1. the cockapoopoo cracks me up!!!!!!

    i think you should name him Brownie – even if he’s not. πŸ˜‰

  2. I hope Owen settles down soon. Those nightmares will hopefully start going away once your life also gets a little more settled.

    The Cockapoopoo’s does look like a great family pet. Being a non-shedding dog will make it easier on you. Maybe Owen will get more attached to the dog and be less clingy on you.

    It is very exciting to hear that your children enjoy reading. Being within walking distance of a park and a library is a big plus. Maybe you can relax some while watching your kids play in the park.

    I never used the local library until I retired. I spend every Monday their now. All those books and magazines to read for free. Can’t beat those prices.

    Have a great weekend and I hope you will get more rest and sleep soon.

  3. Hey, Brandy!! Are you snowed in? A blogger-friend in South Dakota can’t get out from the blizzard. Did y’all get it too?

    Owen sounds like he’s having a bit of separation anxiety due to the move…he’ll calm down as soon as things start feeling more like home…

    You’re very fortunate to have a park and library within walking distance…expecially with the weather, hopefully, warming up…

    What are these meat muffins your guys like? Mine love sausage balls (raw sausage + bisquick + cheddar cheese + a bit of onion).

    A dog…they’re so wonderful!! I had a cockapoo as a kid, never heard of a cockapoopoo…

    Have a wonderful weekend!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Little One – don’t panic yet – Life will settle down when the boys start high school!

  5. Awwww I’m sorry you’ve been having such rough dreams. I dream a lot too and it took me some time to distinguish between what was from God and what was just plain subconscious thoughts/fears [enemy]. I will pray for your release for God promises to give sweet rest to those He loves and to watch over them as they sleep [He never slumbers]. Praying that God’s sweet rest would fall afresh on you and that you would dwell in the peace and joy He has gifted you with. Amen!

  6. Papa! 😯 You’re scarin’ me! πŸ˜† Love you and want to try to hook up with an IM chat here soon. πŸ˜‰

    Michelle, I posted about the famous Meat Muffins awhile back. I will send you the link via email later tonight…. dinner is in the oven now so I’m being quick. πŸ˜‰

    Ed! I love learning more and more about you. I think that’s great you spend MOndays at the library. I would LOVE to spend some time at the library without the boys actually. I love books. I love to collect books. I love to buy books. haha! I am so glad they like the library too. πŸ˜€ Makes my heart happy!

    Mandy, Jake vetoed Brownie. 😦 Sawreee. I honestly told him too and said “UH…NO” 😦 He wants stupid names so this should be fun. haha!

    gchyayles, thank you for your prayers. πŸ˜€ I slept pretty well last night but I know myself and I know this cycle. It’s usually when I am stressed out or worried….which I am. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  7. Brandy – if you see my IM lit up and want to chat please drop a line – do not hesitate. The kids will settle down – the quicker you and Jake adjust in. Try to get the kids in a routine in the evening as much as you can. Be sure to pray with them – make it a fun time!

  8. Once I had a dream that Brent cheated on me and i caught him red handed. I was pissed (sorry) for about 3 days. Now Bran, you know me, I rarely get mad – I’m easy going – but this dream set me off and it was sooo real! In fact. I feel like yelling at him again πŸ‘Ώ

    No. Not really. But it is bizarre the effect dreams can have on us!

    Ya know…Papa’s right – the boys we’ll asking for your car keys in no time. Kass will be driving mine next year 😦

    You are SUCH a great Mommy Bwannnndeeeee. I am so incredibly proud of you and the woman you have become. i feel like a proud mama πŸ˜€

    I love you!


    I dreamt that Jake wanted a divorce b/c he was bored and said that for years he had fought the urge to be with other women but over the last year he couldn’t help himself. I was completely panicking about being a single mom, and how I was going to take care of them and how now I couldn’t homeschool them if I was a single mom, and then in my dream I pleaded and begged him to stay married just so the boys could be supported and I could still take care of them but that I would give him total freedom, if only I could take care of the boys. It was SO BAD! I woke up so angry and mad at him. Another thing, he said he wanted someone YOUNGER. YOUNGER! I coudn’t believe this dream. It was INSANE. 😯

    Okay that was probably unneccessary but oh well. πŸ˜† haha!

  10. WHY?!?! Are some of our “pic” areas all geometric shapes???

  11. What is that avatar, Brandy?? I want to see your beautiful face!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bwandee IS computer generated after all!

  13. I wasn’t logged in. Sawreee! πŸ˜‰

  14. Wishing you SWEET Dreams Bran, Just had to say ‘G’Night’ before i rush off – will catch up SOON

    Oh – those other kind of dreams – often they are our subconscious’s way of trying to tell us something important and often they are NOT what they ‘seem’ try looking at them in another way in the light of day – maybe talk with someone you trust over them and see if there is a good reason behind them (Daniel was quite good at dream interpretation.)

    Love you


  15. I am a big believer in dreams trying to tell you something Love. Really, I am. πŸ˜‰


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