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To tickle your funny bone….and because I am lazy

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I have no energy or complete thoughts right now that would be worth blogging about. It would be a majorly random post if I did blog. I am however LOVING reading up on everyone else’s blogs. One such blog was Miss Mandy’s. Her post talking about her love of the Friends episodes sent me into a tummy aching gut busting laugh session while I watched just about every youtube video having to do with Friends. My favorite is Ross and I have included a small montage here for your viewing pleasue. Also, the Leather Pants episode is by far one of my favorites.  So, thank you to my blogging friends who are giving me lots to read while I feel like writing nothing about anything. 😆 Oh, and to Mandy for the hilarious Friends chit chat. It couldn’t BE any funnier. 😉


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  1. Mmy pants are still going on okay – your a riot little one!

  2. and the funniest thing about it was that he smeared crap all over himself to try to get his pants up

  3. This whole Ross montage has me ROLLING with laughter. I love it. While the leather pants is my favorite, I do love when he tries to punch Joey. Also…. PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT! hahahahaha!!!

    Papa, if you’ve not seen these shows, you should ask Mandy if you can borrow her collection. haha!

  4. Friends is my all-time favorite sit-com!!! I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it! 😆

    CREEEEEEPY – but good! 😉

  5. Michelle, if we didn’t have much age difference I’d swear you were a long lost sister! 😆

    meet me and Tam at Love’s….we’re going to make sure he has 300 comments for when he wakes up. hahaha! 😆

  6. HAHAHA I absolutely loved FRIENDS. Last year I rented all the seasons and just had a FRIENDS marathon and it was just so much fun. I don’t think I had laughed like that in so long. My favorite part in this clip is between him and Joey after Emily’s born. When he’s tryna hit him and Joey dodges. HAHAHAHAHA. And the whole ” ” thing that Joey does. HILARIOUS!

    Thanks so much for posting this!

  7. **Meant to say “love” but I loved and still do love the show 😛

  8. gchyayles…. thanks for stopping by! You are fitting in nicely around here! 😀

    Yes I must agree….the part where Joey dodges Ross CRACKS ME UP!!! Friends is awesome. So funny! I have another funny clip up too. Thanks to Mandy I was browsing youtube for this friends clip with Ross and the leather pants. Now I’m addicted to finding the funniest episodes of my favorite shows. 😆

  9. My favorite is when Joey is telling Ross to punch him and then he ducks… and then Joey punches Ross in teh face to prove that anyone would duck, but not ROSS!!! LOL funny!

  10. ASPAF: And you would be??? 😉 You have no link to your name. 😦


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