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Ranting….it calms the frustrations

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So, I must first say, I am following Darla’s lead and doing my first ever RANT post. haha! I love a good rant. I’m actually kind of a ranting person by nature, although it’s usually driven by low blood sugar and an empty stomach…..or a need for caffiene. haha! πŸ˜†

  • the nasty pungent smell that makes it’s way down to the base on a windy day, in which case would be everyday here in Minot. πŸ˜‰ (btw, that smell, it’s from a sewege plant up the highway a ways and only smells in the spring when it’s thawing out from the winter. Lovely. πŸ˜• )
  • when my kids ask us something LITERALLY 100 times in a day. “Are we really going to the park like you said?” “YES! Like I said 99 other times today, we are REALLY going to the park!” ……. ten minutes later “We are still going to the park later aren’t we mommy?” *sigh* πŸ˜†
  • when Owen REFUSES to go to sleep and INSISTS on playing and cooing and laughing in a way that only a gorgeous baby can….. in a way that you almost can’t refuse. πŸ˜‰ I said almost. πŸ˜†
  • Walmart associates who take it as a personal offense when you return something that didn’t work out for you (rug πŸ˜† )
  • when someone has been asking for pictures and you send them only to find out they haven’t even looked at them yet. πŸ˜† haha (I must clarify, I actually find this funny in an annoying way. Make sense? Good)
  • moochers….. specifically moochers who don’t KNOW they are mooching. Worst kind.
  • OH! People who ride motorcycles w/o ANY kind of protection on at all. Makes my skin crawl. πŸ˜• We’ve seen a LOT of that here. Gives me chills.
  • The most annoying thing I saw this week….. parents that were pushing their BABY (little little baby) in a stroller with the baby still in the carseat so it was facing them, it was just attached to the stroller, and they were smoking and the smoke was LITERALLY blowing in the baby’s face. 😦  You may want to smoke, but I’m fairly sure your newborn baby doesn’t.
  • I especially love when I take my morning to sleep in (we alternate sometimes) and I get up after Jake and the boys have been up a while only to find that no diapers have been changed and no one has been fed. This also happens when I am getting ready to go somewhere. It’s like time stands still until I arrive. Their bladders however, don’t. πŸ˜‰Β  When I bring this to Jake’s attention, he looks like someone just shook him awake from a coma and starts to nervously giggle. πŸ˜†
  • And my number ONE rant right now….. that we know EXACTLY where our furniture is and we can’t get it yet. πŸ˜† We literally drive RIGHT BY IT everytime we go into town, but we still have to wait to get it. Stinks. I told Jake I want to break into the place, find my couches, and just sit. πŸ˜† haha!

*DEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BREATH* Okay I feel better now. πŸ˜‰ Those weren’t so bad. They were mostly those funny annoyances. I can laugh at almost all of those rants, almost. Give or take a few. πŸ˜‰ I can laugh, b/c laughing is sometimes all you can do when you’re frustrated.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa! πŸ˜†Β Β Β  πŸ˜†Β Β Β  πŸ˜†


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  1. rant #2…. I can help you with this one. Maybe. Kambrie does this to me too. It might work for Dylan but not Aidan b/c he is smaller. I say to Kambrie “If you ask me that one more time, we will NOT be doing that do you understand?” “yes mommy” and I dont hear another word out of her about it. IT WORKS it really does.

    Oh but she does find ways around it that are HILARIOUS. For instance the other day she kept asking me to play this game with her. I had to get something done and kept telling her I would when I was finished. She asked and asked. Finally I told her “if you ask me that again, you will be choosing for me not to play that game with you today”. So it works like a charm, she doesn’t say another word.
    So I get all done with whatever it was I was doing and I tell her Im done. She says “so mommy, what do you think we should do?” ha ha ha!!! I said “gee, I dont know, maybe play that game?” SHE BREAKS OUT IN THIS HUGE SMILE AND SAYS ‘yes mommy, yes mommy” ha ha! She was waiting for ME to talk about the game. There was NO WAY she was going to get that taken from her. ha ha! Crazy kid.

    TRY IT!!!

  2. A good rant always makes me feel better, why carry it around with you πŸ™‚

    and i did look at the pics…and one is more than precious…a dancing son in tshirt…woooohooooo, he will get you for that one some day! πŸ˜†

  3. Maybe we will wait awhile before we come to visit! Maybe right after the first boy’s married!


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