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Okay all, we need a rally here.

 Jake just got a phone call. His cousin Ben (26) was just killed tonight in a freak accident. I don’t know the details exactly, but from what Jake told me, Ben and his wife (married around 2 years, if that) were in a hail storm and got out of the car and another car came towards them, Ben pushed his wife out of the way and he got hit instead and died. That is all I know for now. Jake is torn, as is the whole family.

Please keep Ben’s family in your prayers. I will update as I know more.


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  1. Oh my – Tragedy can strike quickly! Prayers are already at the Fathers feet! I don’t live in fear of tragedy striking but I do try to live a life that if tragedy strikes all is well between me, God & family.

  2. ‘Praying for you both and all involved also.
    There’s never a good time for things like this to happen, but I know you must be especially in need of intercession now with everything else going on in your lives ={.

    Always remember Jesus interceeds as well(Heb. 7:25), and if the prayers of the “righteous are powerful and effective”(James 5:16) think how unstoppable HIS must be!

    Praying for His peace and comfort for you all,

  3. I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy. A young person gone before they have a chance to fulfill their dreams.

    Life can come at us so quickly. Ben was a hero in saving the life of his wife.

    Family and faith is what will get you all through this crisis.

  4. Brandy I am so sorry!

    lease let Jake know we are praying.

    Where are they at?

  5. Ben and his wife lived in Newberg I guess and that is where the accident happened. I got more details from his mom….

    I guess they got in an accident and slid down an embankment, crawled to the top, only to have a car coming straight at them. Ben pushed Rachel out of the way and back down the embankment, but he did not make it. 😦 He didn’t die instantly either. 😦

    So far we don’t know whether a funeral will be here or up there…. our day to leave now will pushed back as well b/c we would like to make the funeral depending on when/where it’s at.

    Jake is driving to McChord today and is still pretty shaken up. He didn’t want to go but he had to.

    Thank you for all of the prayers and comments. 😉 Love you all.

  6. I still can’t believe it. :- (

  7. OK we are starting to piece some of this together.

    I talked to Barry this AM, cause he said his ex wifes 23 yr old son Darren died in Newberg last night. I was talking to him directly when he said all this and I had never heard of Darren. so we prayed and then hung up. Then i go to my office and read this and thought it was odd that this happened to 2 different people.

    I understand now that Barry was just in shock and not giving me good info.

    I knew Ben really well. Did a bunch of recording for him. This is a big bummer. I didn’t realize that Jake was related.

  8. Wow, Brent I didn’t know you even knew him. 😦

    Everyone is just still really shocked, as you can tell from T’s comment as well. (LYS T)

    The memorial service is going to be Thursday at 2pm at George Fox. I’m not going, but Jake is already going to be up that way anyway, so he is just going to delay coming home until Thursday that way he can go.

    Ben’s dad was Jake’s dad’s brother. Ben’s dad committed suicide when Jake was 8 or 9, so the family has already been hit hard before, and now this…. 😦

  9. It is shocking enough when people pass unexpectedly, but then when they are this young.

    It is sad, but Ben was a great kid that left some amazing memories. Everyone needs to celebrate that.

  10. Praying for you and Jake, and Jakes that is hard! Love you Redheaded Brandy girl!


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