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So today we finished up getting the house ready for the movers/packers tomorrow (or today, considering it’s almost 1am). I was feeling really sad as I went from room to room to make sure I didn’t leave anything undone. I layed on the fatsakΒ in the boys room and just looked around feeling all nostalgic. Jake found me in there and apparently I looked like I was going to cry b/c he started making fun of me. πŸ˜‰

We finished making our family in this house. Dylan was younger than Owen when we moved in here. We had Aidan and Owen here.Β  We have lived in this house longer than we lived in our house in Missouri, and this house has many more memories thanks to the kids. I was feeling so sad thinking about leaving it behind, even though renting has been a huge headache thanks to our horrible landlord who I am happy to get out from under. 😯 That is probably the most exciting part about this whole thing. Anyway, as I was sitting there feeling all sad, I realized that as sad as it is to leave this house behind and all the memories in it, I am taking the people who made those memories along with me. We will still be a family in North Dakota. We will make new memories. A house is notΒ my home, the people in it are my home. Wherever they are, will be my home. I need to remember that as the hard part of this process begins. It’s hard saying goodbye to our stuff too, trusting my stuff to complete strangers. That is hard. And yes, I know it’s “just stuff” but at some point, your household goods become a part of the family I think. I really do. They are a part of the memories. I’m not talking about the couch or entertainment center or television. Mostly for me, it’s the dressers, the beds, the clothes, the toys…that kind of stuff. I don’t know why but I love furniture like beds and dressers. All of our bedroom furniture has a story behind it…..of course EVERYTHING does, but pretty much everything was given to us as a gift or was handed down. I LOVE handed down furniture. It has “history” and meaning. Our bed, a California King, one we could NEVER afford on our own. My aunt and uncle gave that to us “just because.” I was so grateful for that bed!! I love a big bed. πŸ˜€ Our big dresser with the huge three way mirror, that was my moms. She’s had it for as long as I can remember and it’s beautiful. She just GAVE it us. Granted we swapped ours for hers, but we clearly got the better deal. I love that dresser. I remember when I was little thinking “I want a dresser like this when I get big” and thinking it was so beautiful. I love it. Aidan’s crib, the same aunt and uncle that gave us our bed gave us that crib too. It was Dylans crib first. They had bought it brand new to keep at their house for their grandson. He only used it a handful of times before he outgrew it. So, they gave it to us. I love that crib. Owen will move into it too when we get Aidan a twin bed. Dylan’s bed, it used to be my bed. It’s an old trundle bed and I absolutely love it. Before me it was my grandma’s. That is why I love it. The boys’ dressers… used to be my sisters and one used to be Jake’s when he was a BABY. Jake refinished/repainted them to match the colors in their room. Dark blue/light blue. I want to find some red knobs for it eventually. My dresser, well, it’s always been my dresser since I was little. And it’s beautiful as well. Owen’s crib, my granny bought that for us when I was pregnant with Aidan. It has teeth marks on the ends where Aidan bit it. Haha, that makes me laugh right now considering he is STILL a biter. πŸ˜† I love his teeth marks on it. Right now Owen uses it but he will eventually go into Aidans crib since it is sturdier and plus I like the idea of all three of them using the same crib at some point in time.

The other furniture in our house, I am in no way attached to. It’s weird, b/c that is all stuff that we bought on our own, with our money, but I don’t feel attached to it at all. If I lost it all tomorrow I’d be fine. But touch any of our bedroom furniture, and I’d cry horribly. I’m such a sucker. πŸ˜‰

Well friends, tomorrow the movers come at 8 a.m. That gives me a little over 6 hours to sleep, get ready, get the boys ready and fed, and get over to our house to supervise. *yawn* It’s gonna be a long day.


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  1. Its 4:30am in Oregon as I write this. As you all sleep I and perhaps others are praying for you. Sleep tight little one – you are starting a new adventure. Make good memories – Jake, take good care of her and the little ones, you are their “hero” through this adventure.

  2. Thanks Papa! πŸ˜€ This just made me BEAM!!!!

    I was actually awake at 4:30 too….Owen was up for an hour and a half with a coughing fit. 😦 He’s cheery now though. πŸ˜‰

    Love you! πŸ˜€ I’ll update later tonight about our first day with the movers.

  3. Man Im gonna miss you!


  4. I’m thankful you can ‘take us with you too’ via cyberspace =).

    I first remember meeting you at a youth thing at someone’s house when Daniel was staying with us (summer of ’98). It seems we haven’t had much interaction since (disadvantages of a big church I guess), but I’m glad to get to know you better here.

    And even more glad it doesn’t have to stop because you’re moving several states away!

    You’ll be in my prayers as well, as I look forward to hearing from you after you’ve settled in to your new ‘home’ (yes, it definitely is the ‘family’ that makes it so, and I’ll be praying as well for that much needed ‘church family’ soon too =)!


  5. I think I’m gonna cry. 😦

    Love my bloggy friends, and my real life friends. πŸ˜‰

    Just here for a few until my cousin comes back to watch them. Half of our house is packed up already….more than half I think. When I got over there a little after 9, they already had half the kitchen packed and Dylan’s room done and they had only been there 45 minutes!!! 😯

  6. Brandy, Have a safe trip. Since you are traveling with kids I know you will be making frequent stops. πŸ™‚

    I look forward to hearing in your blog about about the new memories you will be making in your new home.

    Cyber hugs.

  7. Ed, we don’t leave until the 6/7 of April still. πŸ˜‰ We’re at my granny’s now (she lives around the corner) and then we’ll go over and stay with his parents a few days before we leave. I’m glad for a few days of nothing to do once we get the house done, that way if we can manage, we can say goodbye to friends and extended family.

    I am excited to keep up with everyone here though…ya’ll are like my home away from home. πŸ˜€

    (((hugs))) back at ya! πŸ˜‰

  8. ughhhhhhhhh Im gonna cry!! And I dont even live by you. This sucks!! I dont want you so far away!! Please dont go! Wont you reconsider???

    hee hee. As if that were possible.

    I wish you lived by me.

  9. Brandy, know that your in our prayers constantly. I’m glad we’re only a keypad away…and thanks for being you. Safe trip and blessing to you!

  10. Man, I’m sad too…we just met… 😦 I’ll never forget you falling in church! ;)You had to see it from my angle…little head bobbing down the aisle…a yelp…little head disappears…Tam and Brent trying to contain laughter on stage…little head gets up and moves quickly to her seat…YUP! I’ll never forget it! πŸ˜†

    Well, the Lord is with you. May this week be filled with loads of memories, not too many tears (YA RIGHT, I know I’ve been there) and lots of stories of the journey to come. Minot isn’t a bad place at all…Lord, let, it be Spring and warm when they get there! πŸ˜‰

  11. Praying for you. This would all be hard for me too, and especially the things that have sentimental value to me, and would seem worthless to someone else…I cried when I painted over the grow chart on the wall..the kids were happy, but I have the memory of each mark and their little happy faces as they were sooo excited to have if!

  12. Another day gone by – You WILL survive this adventure! Love you and praying for you. No flu yet? Maybe you will survive that kiss of death! :o)


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