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Worship Wednesday

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I absolutely love this song. I think just about everyone can find some way to relate to it. I love it.

You have to listen to the whole song to really appreciate it. For me, it just really spoke to my heart about God and what he can do even with our worst circumstances. I love God! Really, if you let yourself really think about it, it is so overwhelming how good he really is. Enjoy!


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  1. Excellent song! One word! HOPE !

  2. Yes, there is always Hope, no matter the pain (Heb. 12:2,3) because ours is in HIM !

    No matter how long the winter, spring is just around the corner (literally tomorrow =).

    Thanks for sharing that encouragement!


  3. I wont do it, I wont listen to that song again and let you make me cry like you did last time :- )


  4. I don’t blame you T. Especially today.((hugs)) It is an amazing song though!

  5. That was a very moving and beatiful song.

    I like the following lines:

    “My dreams ran like sand through the fists that I made”

    “and see how you’ve brought beauty from ashes and made me as gold purified through these flames”.

    Hope is the fuel that keeps us going when our world seems full of nothing but pain.

  6. I love Super Chic!!! I like to get my rock on with them!! I also love that HE us beauty from ashes..developes a stronger character from our pain and we come closer and get to know HIM in those times. Love you Bran (mycyber daughter)


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