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Out with Wordless Wednesday

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Okay, for the LIFE of me, I cannot get used to downloading a picture on wordpress. Brent was so kind as to tell me how, but I still don’t like it. At all.  I really miss how blogspot just does all the resizing for you. Yes, I am lazy. Or busy. Whatever. 😉 You will see on my blogroll at the top I have a new link for my pictures. “Hawkins Family Photo Log.” That is where they will be from now on, so no more wordless wednesday here, but I will update when I put new pictures up. 😉

For now, I’ll have to think of something new for wednesday. I really like “themes” to my days….kind of challenging too. It’s fun to think up stuff. So, give me some ideas. Has to start with a “W.” You know…… b/c it’s wednesday and all. 


 So, help a girl out. 😀  Pwetty Pwease!

P.S. This time change has really screwed me up. How about you?


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  1. how about Willing Wednesday or whacky Wednesday..hahahaha I will think about this today..I was never real fond of wordless wednesday..I have enjoyed Whatever Wednesday..

    my son last night..”mmmmmmeat mmmmmuffins” hahaha

  2. I like Darla’s “whacky Wednesday”. That pretty much is every day for me. 🙂

    Some others:

    Where are you going Wednesday.

    What will you be doing Wednesday.

    Who will you be seeing Wednesday.

    Who will you be making happy Wednesday.

    What are your children doing Wednesday.

    Where in your life are you Wednesday.

    What will you learn Wednesday.

  3. ahhhh Wednesdays…..

    How about Walkin’ right Wednesday, Wondering Wednesday, Watch Word Wednesday, Weary Wednesday, Well now Wednesday…LOL

    Yes this time change has taken it’s toll. I usually get up with my prayer partner on Wednesdays at 4:30 to pray…this morning we both realized it was actually 3:30 and broke out into hysterical laughter…little tired??? 🙂

    Bran, call me at work when you get a sec, I left my cell phone home with ur number.
    Loves ya!

  4. Ms Dang, we make some CUTE KIDS!!!!

    Wiggidy Wiggidy Wack Wednesday

  5. I love all these ideas!!! 😆 I’ve got a few brewin in my head too. 😉 I guess we’ll see what next wednesday brings!

    Deb, callin you in just a sec…

    T, We DO make some MS DANG cute kids!!! 😉 hahaha!

  6. Ed, you are a walking encyclopedia I think….between you history lessons and your wednesday list….you’re amazing! haha! 😉


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