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Small kids, big words

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Changing Aidan’s diaper this morning:

Dylan: Aidan you smell HORRIBLE!

Aidan: Dywan, that’s fer-dik-you-wus!




Me: Aidan, go help pick up the cushions and put them away. MARCH.

Dylan starts marching down the hallway.

Aidan: haha! Wook! Dywan’s marchin FOR me!


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  1. Nothing like open communication! Mama says I still talk like that – especially when she says; March!

  2. For my son it is breakfax instead of breakfast. It is always cute.

  3. aww the things that come out of the mouths of kiddos

  4. How did those three boys do today ? Any special memories today? I remember my son’s first beer – age 2 !! At my high school reunion! He found it and had foam around the mouth saying: “pop!” Mama wasn’t so cool!

  5. Brandy I am glad to see your children can put a smile on your face. Just remember that it’s the children of today that will be writing the dictionaries of the future, so expect to see “fer-dik-you-wus” become part of our vocabulary at some time in the future.

    I use to call eggs that weren’t scrambled “gucky” eggs. One time my grandmother told me to stop laying about the house and “march” outside and get some the fresh air. That’s exactly what I did. I starting marching back and forth in front of the house. I was a very willful child, but I always obeyed my grandmother.

    Another time she got tired of my pestering her while she was cooking. She told me I should go out and “help” my grandfather who was planting peas in the garden. So I followed behind him and every time he put a seed in the ground I picked it back up.

    Even to today if one of my friends needs help fixing something I am the last person they will call. 🙂

  6. Brandy, where are you?? are you sick?? wondering where my friend with the gorgeous eyes is..missing you

  7. You are missed! Hope you don’t have that nasty flu!


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