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Not much going on here. Still a bit sick, but for the most part feeling better. The cough seems to be hanging on the worst for all of us. The kiddos still have a nasty runny nose, but luckily the color has changed. YUM. Don’t you just LOVE knowing that? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† Poor Jake is just now getting the brunt of it. 😦 He can’t see a doctor here anymore either b/c he got put back on PRP (personal reliability program) so he can ONLY seeΒ a military doctor now. He goes to McChord tomorrow to take his Technical Sergeant test so he will see a doctor while he is there. Pretty sure his is now a sinus infection. 😦 Poor guy. I feel bad for him. Especially since we are busy cleaning this weekend. No rest for the weary.

Last night Dylan went home with my aunt and uncle and Aidan was going to stay at my moms so we only would have had Owen. We decided to go out to dinner so I called my mom to see if her and Aidan wanted to go. So, we all went out. It was kind of nice just hanging out with my mom and my little fam. πŸ™‚ I did miss Dylan though, but I knew he was having fun at my aunt and uncles since McKenna (my niece) went too. πŸ˜‰ We went really early so we had the rest of the night to come home and relax and finish up some stuff. We still have quite the list today though to do. I am glad we are getting a lot done. It feels good to not have to worry about it, as long as we can keep it maintained and not accumulate more stuff before we move.

One thing I noticed yesterday, Owen does NOT like when his brothers are gone. AT ALL. He cried all day and was fussy and to be honest, a tad annoying. πŸ˜† haha! He just wanted attention, poor guy. When Aidan came home (we decided to just bring him home afterall) Owen was as happy as could be!! He LOVES his big brothers. πŸ˜€

My internet is wonky too. We use ClearWire, you just plug it into the wall and you get a wireless connection, and I let my aunt take it for a few days. She’s visiting and staying with my grandma (around the corner πŸ˜† ) and doesn’t have internet over there. Anyway, she has our clearwire so I’ve been w/o internet. I just find a hotspot in our house every once in a while and it is VERY short lived, so I’ve just been checking stuff when I can. To be honest, it’s been kinda nice. Although I do miss checking everything at once and leaving a complete comment. haha! This has been the longest connection I’ve had in days! (knock on wood!)

Β Off to tackle our long list!

-finish laundry

-finish organizing kitchen


-Owen’s room


-groceries (maybe)

-living room




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  1. I think I now love the word WONKY!!! Sorry your life is in such a termoil…. 😦 Hubby and I were there last night…I have obsession now with Saturdays trying to meet you!!! I’m prayin for your fam, this stuff is horrible! God is bigger! Love ya and hope to meet ya soon! ME

  2. Thanks Deb! πŸ˜‰

    Awww I am sorry I missed you at church! 😦 I need to figure something out b/c I don’t want to take the kids back and put them in class b/c I do NOT want to risk them getting sick again before we leave. Dylan is my sickie. Always has been. Aidan not so much. Owen, we’re still figuring him out. haha! πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

    We will meet soon, even if it’s right before I leave! haha! πŸ˜‰


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